Aby-a-Day – 15 Februari: I’ve got you covered (Hipstamatic Monday)

So this happened yesterday.


I opened the bedroom door after feeding Izaak and Dashiell their evening meal to find them sleeping together on our bed like this.


Zak was so cute, snuggled in underneath Dash’s cone.


Singapuras love to be underneath blankets, and I guess Dash’s cone is close enough.

Aby-a-Day – 11 Januari: Serious cuddle puddle (Hipstamatic Monday)

The other evening there was a pretty serious cuddle puddle going on at the end of the sofa involving Dashiell, Izaak and Lorelai. The whole his was pretty adorable.


But the absolute cutest thing was Dash’s leg over Zak’s back.


I mean, isn’t it just the sweetest thing?


At least, it is until you realise that Dash was probably sleeping on the bed all by himself until Zak wormed his way in there.


Rory joined them afterwards.


However it happened, it still makes for some super cute photos.


All right, Rory…you can go back to sleep now.

Aby-a-Day – 21 September 2020: Logan and Jacoby (Monday Memory)

Facebook reminded me that, three years ago, Logan really wanted to be friends with Jacoby.


And also this exchange with Stellan: “Aha… you’ve been seduced over to the darkside,” he said.
“Well, I don’t think I’d go that far,” I said. “I’ve definitely been seduced over to the sepia side, though.” I still use that one.


Logan used to do this thing we called the “Singa bum bump.” Izaak does it once in a while, but it was Logan’s signature move.


He’d walk past Jake, just brushing his pelt…


…and then turn his butt and bump Jake with it. Sort of like a head bonk, with the other end.


It was really cute to watch.


Jake was rather unimpressed.



I love the expressions on his face in these photos. They were taken two iPhones ago, and they aren’t the best quality, but they really show how much Logan liked Jake.



Singas do that, though. As I showed over the weekend, when they decide they want to be your friend…that’s it.


Resistance is futile.

Aby-a-Day – 6 Augusti 2020: The One With the Nap Partners (Thursday Things)

It’s always interesting to me to see how the cats pair up when they takes naps.


Sometimes, it’s Lorelai and Alfred.


Sometimes, it’s Izaak and Dashiell.


And sometimes its Freddy and Zak.


What? Sometimes, you’re on the pillow…and sometimes, you are the pillow.

Aby-a-Day – 29 Mars 2020: Izaak and Angel outside (Cinema Sunday)

It seems like an odd pairing, but when we go outside, Izaak and Angel pair up together.


It’s actually pretty adorable, because they generally weigh almost exactly the same, around 3.4kg (7.5lbs), which makes them roughly the same size. Alfred and Dashiell are the big boys, and Lorelai is our tiny little girl.


You can see how much bigger Dash is compared to the two of them.


But look how cute this is! They’re almost holding tails!

Here’s a video of the two of them. It’s accidentally slow motion, but you can see how they make a sweet, if strange, couple.

Aby-a-Day – 19 Januari 2020: Where the Boys Are (Swedish Sunday)

In my last post, I wrote about how all our cats interact, and all the different alliances they form with each other cat. Yesterday, it was our two girls; today it’s the boys’ turn.


It is not at all unusual to see the three boys, Dashiell, Izaak, and Alfred, together in a sort of pack.


They seem to gravitate to the same napping spots.


I usually wake up to all three of them in bed with me. Zak is usually under the covers, Dash is against my right side, and Freddy is either on my chest or under my right arm, next to Dash.


And then, Zak and Dash have a special bond…after all, Zak was Dash’s first friend.

Aby-a-Day – 18 Januari 2020: Girls! Girls! Girls! (Swedish Saturday)

I have said, for many years, that cats work better in pairs. I am now kind of eating those words, since we have had five cats for a few years, now, and it’s a wonderful dynamic.


They fall into some natural pairings: the two girls (Angel and Lorelai), the two (soon to be three) show cats (Izaak and Rory, plus Dashiell), the older two (used to be Jacoby and Angel; now it’s Angel and Alfred), the two neutered boys (Dash and Freddy), the two unneutered cats (Rory and Zak), the two youngsters (Rory and Dash), the two Americans (Angel and Dash), the two Swedes (Rory and Freddy)…it’s kind of fascinating to see how they align each other.


Angel was always bullied by Tessie, and Kylie would join in when she heard Angel scream at Tessie. She was always a bit nervous around Pyret, but since Pyret has left us and Angel became the senior female, she’s really come into her own.


Feeding five cats is tricky, but luckily, we have a lot of rooms. Freddy eats on his own, because he eats wicked fast and he’ll eat everyone’s food given half a chance. Dash and Zak eat together (in the winter, anyway) because Zak won’t steal Dash’s food, and Dash is preoccupied with his own bowl.


That leaves the two girls to eat together. And they do eat very nicely together. They are very companionable, sometimes switching bowls, but there is never an argument over dinner. Angel still doesn’t really cuddle or sleep with anyone (unless Zak insists), but she does seem to have forged a friendship with Rory.

Aby-a-Day – 2 April: Birthday pub quiz sketches (Cartoon Tuesday)

A couple of weeks ago, we did the pub quiz again. It was our friend Roger’s birthday, so I did a birthday-themes sketch with Lorelai.


I also did one with her beloved red dot as well.


And, of course I wanted to practice Izaak, too. It wasn’t our best night, but we had a really good time.

Aby-a-Day – 31 May: Birthday memories (Cartoon Tuesday)

Tomorrow is my birthday…again. And as my personal New Year’s Day, I’ve always reveled in it.



Dressing cats since 1981…oh, yes. Actually, this was only a couple of months before I got my first all-mine, raised from scratch, leash-trained, bike-riding, boykitten Sgt. Pepper, a chocolate Siamese and white (what now would be a Snowshoe) who was also my first real CFA show cat (HHP, of course). Mary and I were both into cats and the Beatles (clearly).

(Pepper was named because Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band was originally released on my birthday in 1967, and as such was my favourite album.)


And cameras. I’m not sure who these cats are (her name seems to have been Betsy), but I think they may have been Mary’s cats.

This fascinates me…I drew these 35 years ago, almost to the day. My basic style really hasn’t changed all that much, has it?

Aby-a-Day – November 23: Cat scratch fever (Miniature Monday)

A regular feature at almost every New England cat show is Arubacat‘s vendor’s booth. Arty is a great guy, and I’ve come to rely on him for so many things…I end up needing to buy something he has at every show.

NEMObjdIMG_0533 1

Of course, he was at the NEMO show. So mini-Jacoby and I went to check out the goods.

NEMObjdIMG_0534 1

These little barrel scratchers are awesome. Tessie won one at the Seacoast show in 2007 when she was Best Household Pet and it still gets daily use.

NEMObjdIMG_0518 1

Arty has cat trees in all shapes, sizes and colours…including patterns!

NEMObjdIMG_0537 1

But he has more than just cat trees. I get my chamois and bay rum to groom Jake from him, as well as various other grooming supplies. He also has treats, toys and other accessories. And it’s amazing…he shleps all this stuff all over New England nearly every weekend.

NEMObjdIMG_0538 1

I don’t know what we’d do without Arty. But I’m glad we have him. Thanks, Arty!

Abys are Everywhere – Kara the Aby who loved a bunny

Found this adorable story via the Abyssinian Cat Club on Facebook:

Rescue Cat Finds Friendship With Rescue Rabbit

“When Kara a rescue Abyssinian cat met Melba an unwanted rabbit who had had a hard time finding a permanent home, the cat took to the rabbit and offered some love and snuggles. It was then, they became each other’s best friend.
“They both came unwanted from previous owners. The rabbit had been adopted and returned multiple times; she wasn’t litter box trained so that could have been related. Within a week she was trained.

The Aby had open sores from scratching due to food allergies that her previous owner didn’t brother to deal with. The matter was quickly addressed,” said Liz H.
“During the early months of 2011 out of the corner of my eye I started to see Kara and Melba with their heads nestled together but as soon as I would turn my head to look, they’d move away from each other. It kept happening and they were very guarded about letting me observe them.

Photo by Liz H.

One day after seeing them together one second and apart the next, I sat down and had a talk with them and told them I knew they were friends and that it was okay. I’m sure they didn’t understand a word I said and it was probably just a coincidence that they slowly started being more open about their friendship,” Liz added.
They were both older adoptions and adopted separately. When they found each other, it didn’t matter what they are, friendship has no boundaries.”

Photo by Liz H.

Sadly, Kara passed away on 29 July 2013. She was 11 years old, and her friend Melba was there at the end.

Photo by Liz H.

Melba misses Kara…but at least she has other Abys, like Rudy, who also love to cuddle with her!

Photo by Liz H.

(There are many, many more photos of Melba with her Aby friends Kara, Rudy and Sunny – and other cats and bunnies, too – on Liz H’s Flickr.)

Aby-a-Day – July 19: Jacoby and Kylie (Friday Flashback)

We’ve seen how Jacoby interacted with both Angel and Tessie when he was a kitten; now it’s Kylie’s turn.


This is about a week after Jake joined us. They were already friends.


Kylie was actually the first cat to fully embrace Jake.


But they’ve never had the “cuddly” relationship that Jake and Tessie have had.


They’ve always been more like “work friends” than actual friends, if that makes any sense.


They both love to go out to the park on their leashes.


Because of Kylie’s Maine Coon heritage, they’re close to the same size, but Jake outweighs Kylie by a good kilogram.


They like to run in the hallway together, too.


They do sleep together, but they don’t cuddle when they do it.


Jake and Kylie tend to sleep beside each other instead.


(As opposed to how Jake cuddles with Tessie.)


Jake and Kylie also have always shared an avid interest in treats.


And, since they are the two kitties who have their birthdays in April (Jake’s is April 14 and Kylie’s is April 24), they do tend to photobomb each other’s birthday pictures.


This is one thing that hasn’t changed over the past four years, either!

Aby-a-Day – March 7: Friends and Family at the TICA show

We had a wonderful surprise at the TICA show in Providence last weekend…we ran into our friend Matthew from the Mansfield show last August!


Jacoby remembered him, too.


Sadly, we didn’t see him until the very end of the second day, as we were packing up to go home.


Still, it was awesome to see him again!



We also met this red Abyssinian named Eastwick Deja Reve of Khamsin. His father is Anubis Lew Zealand – Cousin Taz’s brother!


What’s interesting is that his mother is from Finbheara – Finbheara Be Witched of Eastwick. I have been doing some sleuthing and I suspect that Angel may be from Finbheara and Abytopia.


And it was a strange thing, because Deja Reve is a two-eyed boy, and Angel is a one-eyed girl…but his face really reminded me of Angel’s.


This is an extreme zoom-and-crop, and it’s pretty grainy as a result, but doesn’t he look a bit like Angel in this photo? It definitely gives my theory that her mother is a Finbheara cat a little more credence!


Last but not least, I have a couple more photos of our friend Sparkle’s relative”Bones” (aka RW, NW SGCA Front Range Leonard H McCoy)!


His grandmother is Sparkle’s mother – Tajhara Tina Turner! They live on opposite ends of the country, but they’re only a generation apart. Isn’t that amazing?

Aby-a-Day – August 31: When Jacoby Met Angel (Friday Flashback)

August is the month I met my husband, our anniversary is in August and we got Jacoby in August, and it’s Tessie’s birthday month. For some reason, though, August always makes me think of when Jake and Angel first met.


Angel really adored Jake when he first arrived.


Jake loved her at first sight.


I mean, she doesn’t really ever sleep with anycat. But she did with Kitten!Jake.


That’s why it’s so distressing that she hisses at him now anytime he comes near her.


Maybe someday they’ll be cuddle buddies like this again.

Aby-a-Day – July 28 – Jacoby and Coco’s DAY OF FUN*

We played tourist yesterday, Jacoby and I, and went to historic Faneuil Hall. We had lunch with my friend Karen (who we stayed with for the Concord, NH show in May) and some of our coworkers from China. While we were there, we availed ourselves of some of the touristy fun that locals never do…


…like getting a caricature done! (HUGE thanks to Karen for taking the “behind the scenes” photos with my iPhone!)


I went up to the sketch artist, Madman With a Marker Chris Vlahakis and asked him, “Do you do cats?” “Do I do cats? he retorted.


So we sat down. This was Marker Madman Chris’ first “catacature,” and he was worried about not having pastels, but I reassured him that I could always come back.


And I will! Because now I really want to get one of both of us.


I love the back of my catacature, too. Chris wasn’t kidding when he said Jake was his first feline subject. I love that I have a little rough draft on the back of my awesome drawing!

(Also, just in case you’re reading the title and thinking “Where is that FROM”…)

Aby-a-Day – January 20: Jake + Angel = BFFs 4-Eva! (Friday Flashback)

Jacoby and Angel have always been the best of friends.


Oh, yes.


Always, always, always. Right from day one.


Definitely love at first sight.


I mean…






…isn’t it just so obvious?

Aby-a-Day – January 5: Well, it IS an election year…

When I saw Angel and Tessie sharing a cat bed, I knew instantly that it would be my Wordless Wednesday photo.


Mainly because, when I saw the two of them together, I was literally speechless.


This isn’t something they ever DO. You know. Cuddle. Angel and Tessie don’t cuddle.


Even more mystifying, they crammed into that very old (mid-1990’s) Siamese print cat bed, when the cozier, plusher, and larger new leopard-print bed was right there next to them!

Aby-a-Day – April 8: Flashback Friday – Jake and Tessie

Look how small Jacoby was compared to Tessie!


He’s so much bigger now than she is, even lying down. This photo was taken February 21, 2010.


Here’s a more recent one (taken Christmas 2010) for comparison.


Even now, Jake always comes to Tess when he wants a little mothering.

Aby-a-Day – Day 296 of 365

Here’s another photo of Jacoby and Tessie together. You can tell that Tessie was in the basket first, and then Jake came over to lie down with her.

jaketess 011

Evidently, there was no room inside the basket, so Jake opted for the adjacent windowsill, which is less comfortable, but more sunny.

jaketess 010

“Um…do you mind? You’re blocking my light!”