Aby-a-Day – 9 Januari 2020: “Chips. All day. Every day.” (Thursday Things)

Once in a while, Björn and I have chips whilst we watch TV. And…sometimes one gets dropped.


Lorelai found it first, and of course she tried to eat it.


Pretty sure that it was a salt-vinegar chip. Cats are not big fans of vinegar.


Izaak, our famously picky, raw-meat-only eater, didn’t even try to eat it. He just played with it…until I picked it up before it got stepped on.

Aby-a-Day – 20 Maj: It’s not as easy to make a 29 second video of a cat running down a hill as it looks…(Movie Monday)

So I am pretty proud of my Little House on the Prairie spoof with Izaak running down the hill that I posted yesterday. Mainly because it looks so perfect…but it wasn’t as easy as it looked.

Someone on Facebook asked me why I put Zak in Slo-Mo. Well…the reason is…he runs too fast when he gets going. This is the first part of what I ended up using…a whopping five seconds.

Here’s the ending bit. Don’t blink or you’ll miss it. So yeah, you can see why it was slowed down.

But it really took a lot more work than it looked. We had Lorelai and Alfred out there, too…my original thought was to have Rory and Zak running together down the hill. That just didn’t work out. Here are all the takes we did…with the original sound.

Aby-a-Day – 1 Februari: Speedy Snowcat

It’s been snowing off and on since last weekend.


As I have posted before, Lorelai loves snow.


Yesterday, it was a little bit warmer than most days, so I let her out for a little run. The minute she was out the door, she had launched herself into the snow.


It was deeper than she is tall, but she didn’t mind.







If anything, she reveled in it. She dug holes, ran around like a crazy thing, and generally had a blast.


I have to apologise for the darkness…it was close to sunset when she went out.



She’s such a little thing, and her coat isn’t very heavy, but she doesn’t seem to mind the cold at all if it means she can be outside. I have a coat for her, but I doubt she would wear it.



Rory wasn’t the only one who went outside. Alfred and Jacoby went outside as well. They mostly stayed on the cellar windowsills and the mostly snowless front step, just like last time.




Maybe I should have named her Elsa instead of Lorelai, since the cold never seems to bother her…



She just loves to explore outside no matter what the weather.


But somehow snow seems to be particularly exciting.


Maybe it’s the fact that all the things she usually sees outside are covered up. She also loves to play in and underneath our comforters, so she has a fondness for things under covers.


More snow has been falling all day today, so I hope to take her out again tomorrow.