Aby-a-Day – 18 Januari 2020: Girls! Girls! Girls! (Swedish Saturday)

I have said, for many years, that cats work better in pairs. I am now kind of eating those words, since we have had five cats for a few years, now, and it’s a wonderful dynamic.


They fall into some natural pairings: the two girls (Angel and Lorelai), the two (soon to be three) show cats (Izaak and Rory, plus Dashiell), the older two (used to be Jacoby and Angel; now it’s Angel and Alfred), the two neutered boys (Dash and Freddy), the two unneutered cats (Rory and Zak), the two youngsters (Rory and Dash), the two Americans (Angel and Dash), the two Swedes (Rory and Freddy)…it’s kind of fascinating to see how they align each other.


Angel was always bullied by Tessie, and Kylie would join in when she heard Angel scream at Tessie. She was always a bit nervous around Pyret, but since Pyret has left us and Angel became the senior female, she’s really come into her own.


Feeding five cats is tricky, but luckily, we have a lot of rooms. Freddy eats on his own, because he eats wicked fast and he’ll eat everyone’s food given half a chance. Dash and Zak eat together (in the winter, anyway) because Zak won’t steal Dash’s food, and Dash is preoccupied with his own bowl.


That leaves the two girls to eat together. And they do eat very nicely together. They are very companionable, sometimes switching bowls, but there is never an argument over dinner. Angel still doesn’t really cuddle or sleep with anyone (unless Zak insists), but she does seem to have forged a friendship with Rory.

Not so smooth tranistion…

The other day, I sent my husband the following email:
How was the baby this morning? I forgot to tell you she comes running up to the door when I get home…and then when I open the bedroom door, she RUNS back and jumps on the bed and hides behind the comforter…so cutey!

He responded with the following:
I found Kylie tip-toeing stalking towards the baby in the bed while I was brushing my teeth. I spanked Kylie lightly and she ran away sulking, really timid even when I made treat-shaking noises. Eventually, she came out slowly from under chairs and ate the treats very quietly. Hope she’s learning.

She’s not though. Tonight, I had the bedroom door open (we’ve been keeping them apart while we’re at work) and Angel…it was so sad! She ran up to Kylie all, “hey, hiya!” and Kylie responded with flat ears, hissing and hitting Angel with her paws! I yelled at her, and when I gave Angel her canned food, Kylie didn’t get any…but it’s looking like Kylie (who was the first to accept Gun-Hee) is the stopping point, not Tessie.

It breaks my heart though. Angel wants to be friends but the “mean girls” won’t let her in…