Aby-a-Day – We have a winner! (Fashion Friday)

There were a few entries in the “What should Jake Wear?” contest. I have to admit, many of the suggested outfits were awesome…so awesome, in fact, that Jacoby already has them!


Bluemoonalone commented, “I would like to see him dressed as a Biker with a leather jacket, little boots and a Biker hat..He would be so cool..”


Maaike thought he would look “dapper” in something our friend Julie made (and Toki modeled)…but of course, Jake already has a top hat she made!


Lori said, “I could also see Jake as a doctor complete with white jacket, stethoscope, prescription pad, and so forth. ‘Tell me where it hurts!'” And Brenda wanted to see Jake as Peter Pan…but ever since Peter Pan was portrayed on Once Upon a Time, well…Pan scares me!

Kim suggested a red onesie…which Jake doesn’t already have, but she already ordered – and received – one of their Aby shirts! So, who wins the Abyssinian Cat Star T-Shirt from Poutine Press?


Saritarian commented, “Since Jake is a stoic leader whose curiosity for the world knows no bounds, I would love to see him dressed up as George Washington in Leutze’s painting ‘Washington Crossing the Delaware.’ I *know* he could pull it off perfectly!” And that not only cracked me up (literally, I started giggling out loud when I read it), but I had to see what it looked like, so…congratulations, Saritarian! Shoot me an email and I’ll get you hooked up with Simon and Sarah.

Remember to enter the “What Should Jake Wear?” contest to win an Aby T-shirt from Poutine Press!

Don’t forget to enter the contest to win an Abyssinian Cat Star T-shirt from Poutine Press! You have until this Wednesday, and so far, there’s only one entry, so it’s still anyone’s game!


As for what Jacoby should wear, well…Watching Frozen, it struck me how much like Jake the hero Saami character, Kristoff, is…so I sketched him dressed in Kristoff’s costume.

(The name Jouko comes from the Finngenerator, which tells you your Finnish name; it’s short for Joukahainen, who is the rival of Väinämöinen in the Kalevala.)

Aby-a-Day – March 21: What Should Jacoby Wear? – A Contest! (Fashion Friday)

Here is Jacoby modelling his new braided leather tag collar with the gold metallic knots and his Arja’s Art Finnish harness made of soft metallic copper leather.




Don’t they look well together, Jake asks.

Remember my post last week about Poutine Press’ fabulous Aby T-shirt? Well, Simon and Sarah have graciously offered to send an Aby Star T-shirt to one lucky reader!

They’re shipping first from Montreal, and then from Boston, so they’ll take a week or two, but if you are the winner you can select your size, so that’s worth the wait! All you have do to win this amazing shirt is…(drumroll please)…describe an outfit you would like to see Jake wear someday. Illustrations are welcome. The outfit that amuses and inspires me the most will win!

Deadline for entries is next Wednesday, March 26. Good luck and have fun!

Aby-a-Day – January 13: Sunday surprise!

Just before Christmas, our friend Sparkle had a Fancy Feast totebag giveaway…and we won one of them!


Since this happened over the holidays, of course I completely forgot about it. Then, today, we were notified that we’d received a package and I was mystified as to what it could be – it was like getting a mystery box in the mail! And, since it was sent directly from Purina rather than from Sparkle, I didn’t remember what it was until I actually opened it, so it was a real surprise!


Jacoby, of course, claimed it immediately. So I took him for a little ride in it. It’s just his size!


He had to show me how similar his profile is to Sparkle’s.


Jake carefully examined every inch of the bag, including the handles…


…until he heard someone in the kitchen with food and suddenly needed to be somewhere else.


Kylie, on the other hand, preferred the other side of the bag, with the face of the Fancy Feast cat printed on it.


I can’t imagine why.

Earlier this week, our friend Selina gave us an honourable mention for the “Next Big Thing” award.

According to the rules, I’m supposed to thank Selina (Thank you!), and nominate 5 other kitty blogs I think are deserving. I can’t think of just five…so I’ll table that for the moment.

However, the recipient of this award is also meant to talk about an unfinished project, and I do want to do that. I know my story of Romeo and Jacoby only got half-written during NaNoWriMo, and I haven’t forgotten it. I just need to think about it and decide where I want it to go. But rest assured, I haven’t abandoned it. It’s just simmering on my brain’s back burner.

Thank you, Sparkle! And thank you, Selena!

The Book of the Cat

I was given a copy of The Book of the Cat (edited by Michael Wright and Sally Walters) for my 17th birthday, and it was one of the best birthday gifts I have ever gotten.

Originally published in 1980 and currently out of print, even 30 years later it’s still one of the most informative and useful cat books I own. I actually searched for years to find a hardcover copy, and I refer to this book frequently.


This book is one of my biggest influences. It features breed paintings by Peter Warner that are among the best I’ve ever seen. One of his illustrations of a Siamese was the genesis of my first tattoo, of my Siamese Harri.


It also has a copy of this photo, the first I ever saw of all four Aby colours (red/sorrel, fawn, ruddy/usual and blue) in one single litter. The first book I saw this photo in was a Christmas gift in 1974, and that was when I fell in love with blue Abys.


And this photograph I have just always, always loved. The obvious affection between this Aby and his person has always made me so happy.

The point of this post is that I happened upon a spare copy of this wonderful, beloved book a few days ago. It’s a paperback edition, printed in the UK, in almost perfect condition – the cover’s got a bit of a ding, but all the pages are there and the binding is like new. And I love this book so much, I want to share it with the world.

However, I only have one spare copy. So I can only share it with one of you. Leave a comment on this post by Sunday, March 4, at 3am Eastern time (midnight for you west-coasters), and I’ll randomly select one lucky reader to win!

Calendar Giveaway Update

Just a reminder about my calendar giveaway; I haven’t forgotten…I just needed to devise a way to let Jacoby randomly choose the calendar winner. And I wanted to give everyone plenty of time to comment on that post and get into the running.

So, if you want a chance to win your very own 2012 calendar starring Jake, Angel, Kylie and Tessie, please comment on the post referred to above. I’ll close it out tonight at 3am Tuesday, December 20 (Midnight for you west coasters), and then Jake will choose the lucky winner, who will be announced on Wednesday, December 21.

This should be interesting…

Aby-a-Day – June 19: Daily Abyssinian iPhone cases FREE to good homes!

It’s a very long story as to why I have these, but I have not one but two (2) Case-Mate Tough Cases with Gun-Hee, Angel and Jacoby on the green tiki background you see on this very blog. Still wondering why I have two extra cases? Let’s just say that Case-Mate takes customer satisfaction on its custon cases very seriously.


These are seriously great cases for iPhones. The cases I have will only work on AT&T or international iPhone 4s (no idea why the Verizon phones won’t fit), but I can tell you, this case will protect your iPhone. I accidentally dropped my phone a couple of feet onto the sidewalk, and not only was my iPhone 100% fine, the case was barely damaged. It got a tiny bit scuffed on one corner, but it took me a whole day to find it!

I just want to share them with you, because they’re so incredible and because I have two extra cases and only one iPhone. So, comment on this post if you want one, and tell me the funniest cat story you’ve ever experienced. Make me laugh! I’ll pay postage – anywhere on Earth – so if you have an iPhone and want an Aby case, go for it. I’ll pick the winners after midnight Thursday, 24 June.


Jake wishes to remind you that he will be helping me select the winners. The cases are just like the one on my iPhone in this photo, but the rubber inner bumper is black, not bright green.


He also offered to demonstrate how great the case protects your iPhone when it crashes to the floor from a height…that’s okay, Jake, I think they get it!