Aby-a-Day – 13 May: Lorelai’s mother Kajza (Happy Aby Holidays)

While Sweden won’t celebrate Mother’s Day for another two weeks, today is Mother’s Day in North America, and since that’s where my mom is, today’s the day I think of.


But my mom isn’t an Abyssinian (or a Singapura), so here is Lorelai’s mother, S*Primuz-Zezam Kajza.


She is a very lovely blue Aby.


Her half-sister (Rory’s aunt) was entered in the show, but Kajza was in the motorhome with Rory and her sister, Maya.



Kajza was there to say goodbye to her two daughters.


They were too busy playing to pay much attention to Mom, though.


I wonder if Kajza misses her girls. I would say that Rory misses her mom…


but, you know…she really doesn’t seem to miss her old life at all! She assimilated so quickly it’s like once she got into the carrier, she never looked back.

Aby-a-Day – 5 May: “Life is short. Talk fast.”

Today’s post is going to be short and quick, because it’s been a very long day, spent mostly either on trains or walking. But today we added S*Backilandets Mercedes von Ekorntorp, better known as Lorelai (Rory for short). This is Lorelai and her sister, Maya. Annnnddd…yeah, I may or may not have picked the two of them up, kind of made them dance, and sang the the “Sisters” song from White Christmas.

I have a lot of photos of Rory’s trip home and first encounter with the boys, but for now, these will have to do.


Angel was unimpressed. Curious, but unimpressed.



Alfred was so interested in Rory. He loved her at first sight.



Freddy really misses his little buddy Logan. He is head over heels in love with his new little sister. He’s going to be a great big brother.


Jacoby…well, he’ll warm to her. Eventually. I hope.


But they are actually related! On her father's grandmother's side, she and Jake are related through Instincts Klein Bonaire. And she and Freddy are related by at least Purrsynian's Jambe Finite, and probably closer…but I haven't had time to research it. And then if Angel's breeder and sister are who I think they are, Angel is related to everyone, distantly, too. We really are one big happy family.

Aby-a-Day – May 21: Milestones and Mutuality

Yesterday was the 10th anniversary of Tessie flying from Portland, OR to Boston to come live with us.


She still doesn’t like Angel…but lately they’ve been tolerating each other pretty well.


Angel still doesn’t really trust her, though. But in an odd way, Tessie is probably her closest friend. At least, I see her in proximity to Tessie a lot more than I see her with Jacoby or Kylie.


Kylie and Tessie are probably the closest of the lot.


Jake likes all the girls, but he gravitates towards humans (me, specifically). The girls like to be around Jake when he’s sleepy…when he’s in a playful mood, not so much.


Angel tends to be a loner, although she likes other cats and wants to be friends, she’s somewhat socially inept.

Aby-a-Day – October 10: Angel’s adoption (Friday Flashback)

Six years ago, October 10 was a Friday, too. And that’s the day I went to pick up Angel.



When I first met her, she was being sequestered in an upstairs bedroom. Seems the resident senior Aby didn’t like her and was kind of bullying her.


She did have a friend in the bedroom, though: a fawn boy called Valentino.


They got along really well, and Tino was an absolute sweetheart. He was already spoken for, but I wanted to bring him home, too.


I had to go to Northern California to get Angel, which worked out well since I grew up there and my mom still lives there. Angel and I spent the weekend in Davis before going back to Boston. She hid a little when she first got to my mom’s house…


…but she got over her initial shyness pretty quickly!


To get home, we had to fly cross-country. This was the potty break in Denver…she didn’t need to go.


As brave as she was at my mom’s…it took Angel a little while to get used to living with Tessie…


…actually, six years later, that’s still something of a work in progress…

Aby-a-Day – October 11: 5 years with Angel (Friday Flashback)

Five years ago this weekend, I flew out to California and picked up a little red Aby named Angel.


She was shy, even then.


But she loved to play!





It just took a little string to coax her out from under the bed.


After I picked her up, we stayed with my mom for a couple of days.


Angel was very brave at my mom’s house!


She climbed up to the very top of the floor-to-ceiling cat tree.



And when she got to the top, she just kept going!


She really loved exploring my mom’s house.


Then when she got to Boston, Angel met Tessie…after five years, they’re still pretty much “frenemies.” Maybe after five more years..?

Aby-a-Day – August 1: Happy Gotcha Day, Jacoby!

Four years ago today I was given the greatest gift…


The gift of Jacoby!


He settled right in, too.


Although, not everyone was thrilled at his arrival…


And he really hasn’t changed much in four years, either.

jake 030

He still watches TV in the bedroom with me…


He still goes for walks on the Harborwalk…


He still rides the T…


And he still likes plastic bags!


What can I say? He’s my best friend. Every so often, we’re blessed with a special kitty soulmate. I’ve been lucky: I’ve had four: Sgt. Pepper, the Snowshoe I had through high school and college; Harri, the Siamese who was with me from 9 weeks til he was 15 and during that time moved from California to Atlanta to Boston…then I had Jake’s brother Gun-Hee, and now I have Jake.


Jake’s truly the gift that keeps on giving.