Aby-a-Day – 30 Mars: Happy Birthday to my sister, Karen! (Cartoon Tuesday)

My sister’s birthday is tomorrow. I got her a card, but things being what they are, I didn’t mail it in time. So, I reckoned I’d just sent it to her electronically. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I always draw a little cartoon in the cards I send people. But if I’m Messaging my sister her card, what’s the best way to add my traditional drawing?

KB Birthday Sketch

With Procreate and Photoshop, of course! And this card drawing is better than most, because I was actually able to do a sketch beforehand. Usually, I just freehand the drawing in ink.

KB Birthday Ink

This is the ink version, done in Procreate.

KB Birthday

If you’re interested, you can watch the Procreate time-lapse video of the sketch and ink on Flickr. Click the image to view the video in another tab.

KB Birthday Card Inside

And here is the inside of the card that my sister will get tomorrow. The Swedish translates to: “If you were a cat, you’d be turning a hundred and eleventy-twelve years! Congratulations on your Birthday!”

Is it an Aby? Somali edition: Holiday money card

You know me, I’m always on the lookout for greeting cards with Abyssinians – or Somalis – on them.

I found this one last week at Target. I think it’s a Somali…but what do you think? The colour on the cat is pretty desaturated, so that makes it harder to tell…

Abys are Everywhere! Happy Halloween!

You know me…I am ALWAYS on the lookout for greeting cards starring Abys. So imagine my squeeful delight when I found this little cutie:

Isn’t he adorable!? This is the inside:

But that’s not all! Today a friend shared this article about dressing up your cat for Halloween, and look who the headliner was!

That little guy gets around, eh?

Aby-a-Day – July 3: Fireworks for my father

I’ve always thought of July 4th as my dad’s birthday first, and then the holiday with fireworks. The card I sent him this year had one kitten hurling itself at another kitten, arms outstretched, so on the inside I drew this:


Jacoby would totally do that.

I really should get some rubber stamps made…

I had the cats sign my husband’s birthday card using a brown pigment ink stamp pad I got at Paper Source. Kylie and Tessie still have ink on their paws, despite my trying to clean them. I suppose it was rather breedist of me to use Aby-friendly brown ink, wasn’t it?


Can you tell whose paw is whose? It seems super obvious to me…

(In case you were wondering, here’s the outside; it’s a Hallmark Micheal Scott birthWHOLEday card!)

Other people’s Abys – Recycled Aby greetings

This completely cracked me up when I found it. Back in March, I posted my collection of Abyssinian greeting cards. One of the cards I featured pictures a rather phlegmatic little ruddy kitten:

So the last time I was at CVS, I checked out this year’s crop of Halloween cards and I found this…

It’s the same Aby kitten! He’s just got vampire fangs and a cape drawn on. The text of the card is the same, too, except with “halloween” in the place of “birthday.”

Although, I suppose it worked, didn’t it? I bought the same card again!

Other People’s Abys – Hallmark Moment Abyssinians

One of the fun things about being an Aby person is you don’t see Abys everywhere the way you do Siamese, tabbies, tuxedo kitties and all-white cats. When you see an Aby on a package, as a stuffed animal, on a T-shirt, or in a movie, it’s kind of a big deal. Who’m I kidding? It’s pretty awesome.

So of course, I collect Aby things, and one of my collections is greeting cards. Most of these I just buy when I see them, but I’ve been given a couple of them here and there – before I had any Abys of my own!

This one is my newest; it’s one of those cards with sound inside. The sound really hasn’t got anything to do with the picture on the outside, but…it’s an Aby with a can opener, and that’s good enough for me!

More Abyssinian greeting cards I’ve found…