Abys in Need: Update on Fatima and her kittens

Here’s an update on the lovely Fatima and her kittens, who were in a shelter in Atlanta, GA. The good news is they’re out of the shelter thanks to the efforts of Jacquelyn Babush, and the little family is being fostered at Susan Graham’s house!

Susan thinks Fatima is half Aby and half Bengal. She used to breed Bengals and Fatima has that look about her in addition to her obvious Abyssinian heritage. She looks like an Aby but has spots on her belly and stripes on her legs.

The five kittens, whose eyes have just opened, are 100% adorable!

And Fatima is such a good and patient mother. Check out this video of her nursing her brood:

Susan is fostering the family through FurKids, and they will be tested for FeLV/FIV next week. FurKids is Georgia’s largest no-kill shelter, specialising in cats but also rescuing and fostering dogs.

Susan writes: Many people have now come forward to ask to take one of the kittens home with them, and they will make sure everyone is taken care of on the list. The kittens and their mama can go to their new homes as soon as they are spayed and neutered. I’m going to try to get that done in about 8 weeks (at 10 weeks old) so they can go earlier to their new homes.

Fatima is a very calm, affectionate girl who is in excellent health, about 11 months old. She is also in need of a good home in about 2 months from now.”

If you’re interested in adopting Fatima or one of her adorable kittens, you can fill out a FurKids adoption application or just send them an email at adopt@furkids.org.

Update on the Aussie brothers Odin and Loki

This is not an April Fool’s joke…just look at our friends from Oz!

Phyll writes “The boys are now vaccinated and have a good bill of health. Odin is now 3.13kg which is a 150 gm increase and Loki is 4.something kg (sorry can’t recall actual weight) but vet is happy with them. Both need to gain a little bit more but nearly at their correct weight. Eye socket on Odin is great and Loki had a complete check out, ears included. Lot of wax build up in ears, but appeared mite free. Will be a long time before I clean them though. Temperatures on both are fine. I am now sporting several war wounds and have blood on my carpet and shirt, pee on my bed and four very stressed cats, one stressed daughter and one stressed me. Household is now calming down and relaxing. Thank god it is all over, I am enjoying a wine and then on to preparing the boys meal and then cook ours. Of course humans come last! <3"

Don’t they look spectacular!?

Update: Playful rescue Abys in NSW, Australia

Phyll, the woman who adopted the two rescued Aby brothers in Australia, posted a new video of them playing (yes, playing!) this weekend on the Facebook Aby group.

Odin and Loki (they have names, now, too!) seem to be having a lot of fun with this donut toy. Poor lads, it looks as though they haven’t had much play in their lives.

They are also so polite when they play! They take turns and everything. I’m sure that will change as they become more settled. And according to Phyll, they do seem to actually be brothers: “The vet puts them at the same age, and given the mutilations to their ears, and the fact they were found together and are inseparable, would have to say they are brothers. But, their coats are so different. Odin has a beautiful soft, silky coat which is improving all the time and Odin’s coat is quite course but also getting more of a shine to it. If not full brothers, they are definitely brothers from different mothers :-)”

Oh, if only this pair could talk and tell us what they’ve been through!

Happy Ending! QT from Chicago is now home in WI!

You must remember Poor QT in Chicago whose human died.

Well guess what! QT has a home in Wisconsin with Abyfriend Paula!

As she posted to the Abyssinian Cat Club on Facebook:

“I was picked to adopt him from a home in Chicago where his owner had passed away. My husband passed away in October this year and our boy, Bowzer, went over the rainbow bridge in June. I’m pleased as punch to adopt this lovely boy and happy to say his older “sister”, Zoe (age 5) has decided to give it a try.”

Yay! I’m so happy that this young man has a new family for Christmas!

Happy Ending! Ronica has found a home!

I’m sure you all remember the urgent post last week about poor Ronica, the Aby who was slated to be euthanised if she didn’t get adopted within 24 hours.

Well, I am VERY happy to report that Ronica was rescued! Thanks to the Aby Rescue Network on Facebook, Ronica has a home in Maine.

She is very thin and she has a URI…but as you can see, she already has a new comfy bed and was very content with it..just look at her smile! I am so happy to be able to pass this good news along!

Another happy ending for a rescue Aby!

When I first posted about her a month ago, Zoey didn’t even have a name. She was just a 2 year old ruddy girl in a shelter with “neurological problems.”

But just look at her now! She was adopted over the weekend by Abyfriend Solange and she’s settling into her new home quite nicely, thank you. Just look at this video of her:

As one person on the Facebook Abyssinian Cat Club said, “It sounds like the previous owners had neurological issues.”

A Happy Ending and 2 More Abys in Need in OH & FL

I love happy endings! Remember last week’s post about three Abys who needed homes, including Old Man in TN? Well, he’s been taken in by a member of the Aby Club on Facebook!

Mimi Cat writes: “Turns out Old Man is only 4 and quite healthy despite being an outdoor, declawed cat. Now that I’ve gotten the chance to really get a look at him, he is covered with small grey scars all over his skin. A sure sign of many fights. He is now named Colorado – I’m calling him Colorado since that is as far as his Avid chip traces him. He’s walking around, following me, asking to walk thru the door, etc. Eating well, purring, and kissing…enjoying good quality food and kitty TV, as his window looks down on my mountain spring…you can just imagine all the action going on down there in the deep woods! He will be rehomed.”

Here’s how Old Man, aka Colorado, looks today. Quite the improvement! But, he’s only 4!? Same age as Jacoby! I can’t imagine losing an Aby and not moving heaven and earth to find him…

But with the happy comes some sadness. Elsa may have been born free, but now she needs a home. This striking red girl is currently in a shelter in Columbus, OH: “Hello, I am Elsa, a senior Abyssinian looking for my last, loving home. My last family had to move and they couldn’t take me with them. What is good about me, is that being a senior, I will mostly just sleep and be a calm, loving companion. If you are interested in adopting me, please email ccrescue614@yahoo.com for an adoption application.”

Poor girl! Hopefully she’ll find herself in a home soon, too.

And then there’s poor Moufassa, in a shelter in West Palm Beach, Florida. Not a lot of information on this guy at all…but look at his face. He looks completely bewildered at being in a shelter. I wonder if his human died? Moufassa’s ID number at the shelter is A1431094 and if you can help him, contact Palm Beach County Animal Care & Control at 561-233-1200.