Aby-a-Day – June 8: Checking out the Cat Style Lounge at Blog Paws (Miniature Monday)

If you saw Summer’s blog post last week, you saw her photos at the Hauspanther Cat Style Lounge.


Well, since I wasn’t able to bring Jacoby with me, I had to visit the Hauspanther lounge with Jake’s mini-me.


But I think he enjoyed it at least as much as the real Jake would have.


The first stop were the Pet Tree Houses with leaves.




I absolutely love these trees. I wish I could fit one in my apartment. Especially with the autumn foliage. Besides looking pretty, they also are very well built.



Next we played with the Jackson Galaxy Cat Crawl.



And then we checked out the Jackson Galaxy Comfy Cocoon.



CatastrophiCreations, an Etsy store, makes some awesome cat climbers, like this amazing Indiana Jones rope bridge…


…and this system of wall furniture that can be adapted and customised to your cats and your walls.


Next we checked out the ökocat litter display…but the resident flat cat didn’t seem to approve. I’m just glad that Rufus wasn’t there. That cat creeps me out (even if he does look a bit like an Aby).


This Vesper Tower cubby had such a fluffy lining!



The Vesper V-Cube is really elegant too.


I really loved My Katio which can hold a litter box or just be a little mini-porch for kitties. I just don’t think my building would allow them since we have central air conditioning rather than window-mounted AC.


I can’t for the life of me remember who made this cat tree. I can’t find it on Hauspanther’s style guide. It was awesome, though.



I really liked the Cattino cat-shaped, all-in-one cat centre. It has a bed and a scratcher in one compact, cat-shaped package!



The PurrfecTower trees were amazing. I could totally see one of these in my apartment.



Finally we checked out the CatIt Wellness Center


Mini-Jake seemed to really enjoy it. I may need to get one for big Jake!



When we were done playing with all the toys, we hung out at the Hauspanther craft table.


There were little cardboard cat toys scattered everywhere.


We even got to meet the lovely and amazing Kate Benjamin! I was flattered that she had heard of me!


Finally, just for fun, here’s me with mini-Jake. My dress is from Modcloth and I just adore it.

But you can see I really missed having Jake with me. He would have loved all this.

Aby-a-Day – May 28: Meeting an old friend

Guess who I met today?


None other than our friend Summer and her human!


It seems like we’ve known each other for years – and we have, online – but this was the first time we’ve met in person.


Summer is every bit as wonderful as she seems to be from her blog. She really reminds me of Jacoby. Look at her smile!


Her feet are really floofy, though, compared to Jake.


So is her tail!


She was so happy to be here with her human and all her adoring fans.




We had some fun with a feather at the Hauspanther craft table tonight.


I really wished I had been able to brink Jake. I wish they could have met. The best I was able to do was this.


Which of course is nothing like the same thing thing at all.

Vote for Jacoby to be featured in Moderncat Magazine!

Please, please, please vote for Jacoby to win a professional photo shoot and a two-page spread in an upcoming issue of Modern Cat magazine!


Don’t hold back! The cat receiving the most votes in Moderncat’s Star Cat competition will appear in a two-page feature in an upcoming issue of Moderncat magazine and will take part in a photo shoot orchestrated by Moderncat. The contest closes on 21 January, 2014, and here’s the best part: You can vote for each cat once every 12 hours! According to the rules, votes made from computers on a shared internet connection are counted as a single vote (i.e one vote per office/home per 12 hours).

Let’s get our Jake into a magazine! Vote, please!

As seen on Hauspanther: Aby Paradise in San Diego

Earlier this week, Hauspanther shared a marvelously catified loft apartment. It’s a wonder example of what you can do with shelves and catwalks, even in a small space (this apartment is only 650 square feet)!

Of course, Hauspanther posts about catified living spaces all the time…but this time, the cats who get to play with all these fantastic furnishings are Abys! Someday, we’re going to catify our apartment for the cats…

Aby-a-Day – April 26: National Hairball Awareness Day (Fashion Friday)


Today is National Hairball Awareness Day!


And Hauspanther, along with FURminator (the official sponsor of National Hairball Awareness Day, naturally) are here to help you celebrate!


You can download a cat moustache template PDF and create your own cat moustache.


Of course, you know I could not resist this. I printed out the ‘stache backs on cardstock, glued them to a couple of chopsticks and then stuck on some of Jacoby’s and Angel’s FURminations.


Doesn’t Jake look dashing?


Of course, when doesn’t Jake look dashing, right?


Angel was less amused.


She’s a bit of a tomboy; I thought she’d have fun with a moustache for a day.


Guess she’s more of a girl than I gave her credit for.


Don’t forget to check out FURminator’s Moustache Cats Gallery on Facebook, too!

Aby-a-Day – February 17: Strollercat makes a splash at the Somerville CopyCat Festival

Well…today was the Big Day! The Somerville Copy Cat Festival pulled off two shows with nary a hitch.



Well…except for the weather. It was snowing pretty good this morning.


Actually, it was snowing really good this morning.



Jacoby, however, was awesome! I am so proud of him. It was a really long day – we were there from noon til almost 8pm! But it was a lot of fun.


To start things off, Jef Czekaj read his book “Cat Secrets.”


Jake watched over his book sales table while he was up on stage.


We got to meet another famous local cat, too – Famous Seamus!


Seamus is a huge cat. He has extra toes on all his feet, too.


I was amazed at how well he and Jake got along. Granted, we didn’t let them get too close to each other, but still.


The main part of the festival, of course, was the cat videos. They were shown in two parts, local videos and then international ones (including Henri le Chat Noir and Maru).


Jake actually watched the videos quite intently.

(This is the video he’s watching in the photo…)


It was super cute.

There was also a slideshow of local cats…and I was amazed to see a photo of Sierra Stinkface! The cat world is small, indeed. It was a really great day. I met some awesome people (including Case and Emily from Ferocious Friends, some of the most awesome wand toys I’ve seen in a while) and had some amazing conversations today.

Interestingly enough, there was also another cat festival today – the Gato Fest in Mexico City! I guess February 17 is a good day to be a cat!

Other People’s Abys: Designer Pet Products’ Blue Aby on Moderncat

Yesterday, Moderncat featured a wonderful new modern cat tree and climbing shelves. Not only are the new furniture designs absolutely beautiful and attractive to both human and feline, but they feature a charmingly goofy blue Abyssinian spokesmodel!

Made by Designer Pet Products, manufacturer of the Designer CatBox Enclosure (which also features the same blue Aby demonstrator), the new tree and shelves come in a black or a white finish and are available from Designer Pet Products’ website as well as from Amazon.

Just look at this Aby! I’ll bet money he’s a boy…he just reminds me so much of Jacoby, hamming it up.

Other People’s Abys – Aby sighting on Etsy via Moderncat!

Moderncat posted about some amazing placemats available on Etsy. Guess what I immediately noticed?


Oh, yeah. That aqua design called “Curious Cat” is definitely an Abyssinian.

Check out the Animals in Color Etsy shop for more gorgeous cat designs!

Other People’s Abys: Kitticraft’s South African Abys on Moderncat

This is awesome.

Yesterday, Moderncat featured some amazing new cat furniture from a company in South Africa. But even more interesting than the furniture (which is amazing…but only shipping to South Africa for the time being) is the furniture’s models, Moon and Kiara.

From the Kitticraft website: “Back in September 2011 we arranged to adopt a (yet to be born) Abyssinian kitten and as any reputable breeder will insist, the kittens were only allowed to move to their new homes after they had reached the crucial age of 12 weeks. That put the adoption time around late December 2011. As we all know, there is nothing that makes time move slower than having to wait a long time for that very special something or someone…

We had to do something to make time move faster, after all we still had another 3 months to get through, but what could possibly make 3 months pass quicker?

It started with kitten proofing the house, slowly, we had to pace ourselves, but predictably with all the excitement, kitten proofing was complete in a matter of hours. So the next logical thing to do was equip our future child with everything she would possibly need…

…There was only one solution, if we were to get modern sophisticated furniture, worthy of a sophisticated baby, we had to make it ourselves.

And so KittiCraft was born…

The 3 months passed (not as quickly as we would have liked), but on the 9th of December 2011, we went to collect our baby Blue Abyssinian kitten, who we named Moon. But wait there’s more! Moon had a Ruddy half-sister 10 days older, who was just too adorable to leave behind, so Kiara came home with us on the same day.”


“Moon and Kiara are now the official KittiCraft Beta Testers, stringently testing each and every design to make sure that its acceptable. Follow their daily antics on their very own Twitter accounts at @MoonKittiCraft and @KiaraKittiCraft”

How cute are they?

Aby-a-Day – December 27: The Cat-a-Pole

Once of the Abys’ favourite gifts was the Cat-a-Pole.


As you could probably imagine.


I read about this fabulous new toy from Moderncat, and I have to say, it was an awesome recommendation.


It has a “mouse-bird” lure and is designed to move randomly and unpredictably. It also has a “covered” string set-up that keeps it from getting tangled. It also seems to keep the cats – well, at least the Abys – from getting distracted by the string the toy is tied to. They only play with the “Mouse-Bird,” not the string.


The tangle-free architecture also means that you can tie the Cat-a-Pole to a chair leg or a lamp while you aren’t home and the cats can play with it unsupervised. They can’t choke on it or get entangled.


I have a feeling that’s going to make it a big hit.


I just hope I can MacGyver a way to attach it that is smarter than the average Aby…

Other People’s Abys: Abyssinian cat getting annoyed by his toy

This video really made me laugh, and it was really cool to see The Cat’s Trapeze (which I’ve really only seen on Moderncat) in action:

We may have to get one of these!

I missed my calling, Toki Poki trading cards, and “of course it’s an Aby”…

Lots of fun in my email lately!

Jacoby’s breeder, Sherry, sent me a link to this video with the subject line “There’s an Aby in this video.” And, oh, is there ever!

It’s a testimonial for Cat-Man-Doo Bonito Flakes (which, by the way, are awesome), and it starts out a bit slow, but wait until Pheobe appears around 0:51; you’ll see why she wanted me to see this!

Then, this morning, I got an email from Catster telling me that I could have gotten my Masters degree in LOLcats. Oh, had I only known. I guess I truly missed my calling.

But it wasn’t so much the article that caught my attention as it was the way the email presented it:


Why, look! A blue Aby wearing a mortarboard!

Then I got an update from Moderncat about Toki Poki trading cards. Of course, the name Toki caught my eye immediately. I plan on making some trading cards for all the kitties (I think Kylie would be particularly adorable on the Pretty in Pink cards) as soon as I can decide which photos to use. There aren’t any Abyssinian members, yet…

I have also been horribly remiss in not posting about these Abyssinian Knob Nots available through Etsy or on KnobNots’ website.


You may notice that the standing-up-and-knocking-all-the-letters-down Aby looks just a tiny bit familiar. Well…that’s because he is; Jake was the model! Who better to be the poster cat for mischief?


And, finally, remember when I posted in May about Animal Planet’s Too Cute Kittens show featuring the Aby kitten Tiny Dancer? Well good news: the DVD will be released on October 4 and is available for pre-order now! I know my husband will be happy that we can finally delete it off of our DVR box.

A lot of Aby news for a Wordless Wednesday, eh?

Fashion Friday Bonus: Toki on Moderncat, and a dressy girl Aby

Jake’s cousin Toki and his human Julie’s Etsy shop CatAtelier were featured on Moderncat this past Wednesday! So nice to see a familiar face 🙂

And, in the comments of that post, I was alerted to another fashion-forward Abyssinian on Etsy:


I don’t know her name, but isn’t she lovely? And couldn’t you just see them all at a dance?


Toki and Jake would fight over the pretty girl, wouldn’t they? Although I am told that “Toki would never wear the strawberry beret to a dance/ball! Since Jake has the elegant black tux and top hat, Toki would wear.. a deep grey suit with a silver and blue paisley cravat and midnight blue waistcoat.”