Aby-a-Day – 13 April: Baby Logan (Friday Flashback)

We just spent a couple of weeks talking about Freddy before he came to live with us…so now it’s Logan’s turn. Logan was an adorable kitten. Aby kittens always look like miniature adults…Singa kittens just look…like this:


Cute…but different. And even at seven weeks, the Singapura Stink-Eye™


He was such a cute kitten.


Logan and his sister Iris at 11 weeks old.


Logan playing with his mother Naina’s tail.


You can see why Lisa named him Vide…Pussywillow in Swedish. My little pussywillow…

Aby-a-Day – April 28: Jake the therapy cat

It’s been a while since Jacoby and I have done any Pet Partners visits, and that’s mainly due to my having surgery last August. But that doesn’t mean Jake isn’t therapeutic!


I stayed home sick one day this week with an attack of vertigo, and when I woke up from a nap, this was the first thing I saw.


Jake had cuddled up against my stomach to help me feel better! I had to carefully reach for my iPhone to get a photo without disturbing him, so this is a very close close-up shot!


To orient yourself in the photo, the burgundy and blue-and-white-flowered comforters are to the left. I’m on top of the comforters, and the black at the upper right is what would be my lap if I were sitting up.


The one thing I wish I’d been able to capture is the cute little stretch/hugging his back legs thing he did when I woke up and petted him.

Six months ago today…

Gun-Hee was born six months ago today, on September 16, 2006. Three months ago today, on December 16, I took Gun-Hee home for the first time.

Here he is earlier tonight, a big six-month-old boy.