Aby-a-Day – 6 June: Wordless Wednesday (“We’re not supposed to be friends, you and me. We’re meant to be enemies. Did you know that?”)



















Aby-a-Day – 16 May: Wordless Wednesday (When Lorelai met Bruno)





Aby-a-Day – Day 195 of 365

One thing I really love about my vet’s office is the fond memories I have of the first time I took Jacoby in for a visit. It was only his fourth day with us, and everything was new and interesting to him. It was also the very first time he met a dog, and he was fearless and curious. Granted, the dog was almost the same size as he was…but somehow I knew it would lead to something big.

jake 019

They were right around the same age, too.

jake 004

I have a sneaking suspicion that Jake is now larger than that dog is now. But he never outgrew that initial kittenish bravery when it comes to canines and, almost a year later, he still isn’t bothered by dogs as long as they don’t bark in his face.


I couldn’t let him out of his carrier to really meet the dog, because I had three other cats to wrangle. It’s too bad; it would have been interesting to see him interact with a dog who I know lives with a cat.


That’s her, the calico in the green carrier in the background.

Aby-a-Day – Day 29 of 365

Right off the bat, I have to apologise for the quality of today’s photos. All I had time to use was my phone’s camera, and I didn’t want to miss getting any photos of this. I am so proud of Jacoby! When I got home, two of my nearest neighbours (next door and across the hall) were coming back from walking their dogs (Tank, a brindle and white English Bulldog, Kona, a black and white French Bulldog, and Sadie, a black brown and white Bassett Hound). As usual, Jake wanted to come play in the hallway when I opened the door, and I saw the two Bullies charging up the hallway. “All right, Jakey, come see your friends.

He made a beeline for Tank, who’s about the same age as Jake, but massive. I was amazed – Jake walked right up to Tank and headbutted him in the jowls! I was stunned. I said, “I wish I had a camera,” and then realised I had my iPhone in my hand.


I’m so glad I remembered it! Look at Jacoby’s body language…tail up, ears forward. These dogs may all be bigger than Jake, but he knows them, and he’s unfazed.

Here’s Jake touching noses with Kona while Tank tries to reach him; this is as close as I got to a repeat performance of the headbutt.

Just when I couldn’t feel any more proud of my little boy…he flopped over and started rolling on his back! Now, that’s a cat who’s not intimidated by dogs!

I felt so…serendipitous. I mean, it was just in yesterday’s post that I mentioned Jacoby not being as fearful of dogs as his brother Gun-Hee was. Today, he goes and proves it!

KMD strikes again!

I just got this voicemail:
“Okay, so I’m in the living room, checking my email, and for like, an hour, I didn’t know where Gun-Hee and Tessie were because I didn’t see them. Then, I start hearing meows and scratchings, and I’m like, what the hell is going on? So I try to look for them in the bedroom, and they had some project going underneath the desk. What they had done was, Gun-Hee had gotten one of the fish filters and ripped it apart, and the charcoal inside was all over the place and Tessie was batting it around! The filter was completely empty and I spent like 20 minutes vacuuming it all up. Bad kitties!”

I called back to get the full story, because the filters are assemble-yourself ones and I make a few ahead and keep them in a cheap “tupperware” take-out container with a cracked lid for ventilation. Evidently, Gun-Hee had chewed his way through the lid to get the filter! While I was on the phone, it was discovered that he’d also knocked over the pitcher of extra fishtank water. Not only that, he’d also worked open the feeding door on the top of the tank and had been sticking his hands in.

(In relaying the story to my stepmom, she asked, “‘Hands?’ You mean, paws?” And I said, “No, with Gun-Hee, they’re really more like little hands, the way he uses them.”)

It’s funny, though, because he really hasn’t paid much attention to the fish since February…but apparently he’s rediscovered them!

Something fishy…

The other day, I found this packet of fish food that Gun-Hee decided to teethe on…

What impresses me the most about this is the way he chewed out around the outline of the fish on the package.

But apart from trying to eat their food, Gun-Hee is fascinated with the fish…