Aby-a-Day – 8 Augusti: Two words you never want to hear at a cat show: “Cat out!” (Thursday Things)

Especially when it’s your cat.

Sunday at the show, after Izaak had been judged and we were waiting for the Nominations, Lorelai was called up for her Nomination at the same time. So Björn had Rory and I had Zak. Then I dropped my phone and it came out of its case. I needed two hands to put it back in, so I handed Zak over to Björn. Then Zak started to cough up a hairball.

I raced over to the Secretary’s table and grabbed a piece of scratch paper, and got Zak to puke on it. Björn was right next to us, so I asked him to grab Zak whilst I dealt with the barf. In the time between me letting him go and Björn grabbing him…


…he decided this space under the folded-up bleachers (the show hall’s day job is a basketball arena). And he. Would not. Come. OUT. When he doesn’t want to be caught, he is a master. They announced that a cat was loose and to close all the doors, but I was like, “Yeah, no. The doors are the least of our worries!” He’s roaming around underneath the bleachers, and he’s up for Nomination like NOW


Finally, a woman with Siamese working the Secretary’s table called to me. She saw Zak in the corner, near her stroller. They asked me if I had any food that would lure him out. I said, “No…he won’t eat anything but raw and chicken necks. Does anyone have a raw chicken neck?” Yeah, nobody did. I had grabbed Chirpy Mouse and Zak’s favourite wand toy (a fishing lure blue crab I picked up in Baltimore), so we tried those. Chirpy Mouse had no effect, but Blue Crab got his attention. I almost grabbed him…but then he backed away. He wandered around a little more, and then came back to that corner, and, with the help of Blue Crab, I was able to grab him. The judge he was up for Nomination with, Glenn Sjöbom, asked me if I was okay and patted me on the back, telling me not to worry and not feel like I needed to rush. When he actually got nominated, I held him up, and, during the applause, I said to him, “You. Do. NOT. Deserve. This!”

I repeated that when he was declared Best In Show.

I don’t have any photos of the actual events…I was too busy trying to catch the little asshole.

But here’s the punchline to the whole escapade: Just after it happened my friend Kinsey posted on Facebook that Zak’s brother, Paolo had escaped that morning and led her on a merry chase around the neighbourhood before she managed to catch him again. He wears a tracker on his collar that she can track on her mobile.

One of her friends commented that it could only happen to Kinsey, and I chimed in, “Nope, not just Kinsey. Today at the cat show, Izaak, Paolo and Keiko’s younger brother, escaped and went exploring under the bleachers!”. To which Kinsey explained, “Must be in their genes. Paolo did that at a cat show once and I was on my hands and knees under the benches trying to get him.”


They ARE full brothers, perhaps not littermate brothers, but brothers nonetheless. Kinsey’s always posting about Paolo’s adventures…and by the smug, “sorry, not sorry” look on Zak’s face, I suspect I will be, too.

Aby-a-Day – 23 January: Would I lie to you, baby?

Cats lie.

Cats lie if it suits their purposes.

When Alfred and Logan were kittens, they got a mid-meal snack. One day, when I was in Swedish language class and Björn was home, I wanted to let him know they’d already had their snack for the day. I messaged him, “I already fed the kittens a snack, so don’t believe Logan’s lies.”

Inspired by that, I drew this:


It says, “No…mamma has not given us food…”

Aby-a-Day – July 18: “Cross” (Saturday Photo Hunt)

This week’s Photo Hunt subject is “Cross.”


When we went to the vet for everyone’s annual check-up, the Abys wandered about the exam room while Tessie and Kylie stayed in their rolling carrier.



Kylie, especially, seemed to prefer it in there.


As shy as Angel can be…in true Aby fashion, she’d still rather be exploring and not in a carrier!


However, at one point, Jacoby came and sat down right on top of Kylie and Tessie’s carrier…which does not have a rigid or reinforced top. And as you saw on Thursday, Jake weighs a good 10lbs plus.


I guess you could say Kylie and Tessie – especially Tessie – were a bit cross about him sitting on top of them!

Aby-a-Day – March 17: “St Patrick – one of the few saints whose feast day presents the opportunity to get determinedly whacked” (Cartoon Tuesday)

This cartoon was actually a lot funnier when I thought of it two weeks ago before the snow started melting. Still, despite last week’s meltdown, there were still some significant snow piles on the ground, the parade route was shortened because of the snow we’ve had, and it did actually snow later in the afternoon on parade day Sunday.


So, maybe it’s not as funny as it might have been, but it’s still funny. It’s funny because it’s true.

Also, the interesting thing about snow piles is, when they melt, they kind of shrink. So they’re still there, they just become shorter and shorter.

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Aby-a-Day – September 16: “Buttered up” (Cartoon Tuesday)

There are so many funny memories of Gun-Hee…including the time he stole butter.


Today would have been his 8th birthday.

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Aby-a-Day – September 2: “Waste not, want not” (Cartoon Tuesday)

It’s amazing how fast Jacoby can jump up on the counter between the time I open the can and the time I dump the food in the dish. I haven’t actually dumped it on his head…yet…but I’ve come close.


This is the first cartoon I drew entirely with my Wacom Intuos tablet. No paper at all. It’s not easy though; this cartoon was simple, but it seemed to take three times as long to finish as doing it the old-fashioned, paper and ink and scan way. I really want to use this thing, but it feels so clumsy. I’m not sure the drawing looks as good as it would have if I’d drawn it on paper, either, but the outlines are definitely cleaner than a scan would be. What do you think?

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Aby-a-Day – August 5: “Every Bite You Take” (Cartoon Tuesday)

This week’s cartoon was inspired by a photo and a caption that Mike Ruemmler posted on the Abyssinian Cat Club Facebook page. The combination of his photo and the lyrics he provided was just too much to resist…


“Every bite you take, every meal you make, if you broil a steak, anything you bake, we’ll be watching you…. Oh can’t you see? That ham belongs to me. Oh how my poor heart breaks with every bite you take…”

If eating with Abys had a theme song, this would be it.

This is also the first cartoon I drew using my new Wacom Intuos tablet. It’s not easy though; this cartoon was simple, so I did about half of it the old way, and half with the tablet. It’s a learning process, but I do like drawing without paper. Also, just for fun, the font I used is called “Glutton Man.”

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