Aby-a-Day – 23 Februari: 어떻게 헤어질까 (Not Cartoon Tuesday)

We’re skipping Cartoon Tuesday this week because I just got the most awesome movie today. How to Break Up With My Cat is a lovely Korean movie that stars an Abyssinian. It’s a romance between a travel magazine writer who owns an eight year old Abyssinian and a sushi chef in training…who can talk to cats and see their souls. I don’t want to give too much away because when I watched it I didn’t know anything about it besides it starred and Aby, and discovering what was going on was magical.

This is the inside of the DVD. I love it so much. The main cat star is a ruddy Aby, but the film also featured a bohemian white Scottish Fold and a blue Aby boy kitten. It is a very satisfying movie for Aby people.

Here’s the trailer…if you love Abys, you need to see this.

Abys are Everywhere: Oops!

I was in Koreatown on 32nd Street, NYC this weekend and after a wonderful dinner at Shilla we stopped in for dessert (bingsoo – Korean shaved ice) at a little Korean bakery called Tous Les Jours. What has this to do with Abyssinians? You might well ask…

The bakery is a hip, happening place, with a big screen on the back where they show the latest K-Pop videos. I look up, and I see G.NA‘s latest hit, Oops, and…a cat. But not just any cat, of course. A pretty blue Aby!

Apparently, the cat is actually G.NA? But it also shows a Korean cat guy loving on his kitty, which you gotta love. Maybe he’s loving on his little Aby BFF a little too much, though…If you’re interested in the lyrics, translations abound online.

Still…random Aby sightings never fail to make my day!