Aby-a-Day – 28 Januari 2020: This Cat is Assembled INCORRECTLY (Cartoon Tuesday)

There is a fun group on Facebook called “This cat is assembled INCORRECTLY.” When I discovered them a month or so ago, their group banner was similar to the cartoon above with the IKEA logo…except with a photograph pasted in. I knew I could do better…so, voilà! I made them this.

Okay, maybe the cat isn’t an Aby…or maybe it is.

EDIT: OMG the group was featured in an online article, and my banner is one of the illustrations!!

I Can Has Cheezburger Shirt of the Week looks…suspiciously Aby-Like!

Check it out: I Can Has Cheezburger creates their own LOLcat T-shirts. Every Monday, they send out an email announcing the new designs. The catch is, they’re only available for a limited time, usually just a week.

This week, they’re offering the Kit-TIE shirt:

Now, doesn’t that look like an Aby? White chin, dark tipped tail…

It’s available in Unisex and Women’s sizes, and there’s also a version with a black cat on it in pink for women and dark grey for men (aka “Unisex”).

Like I said, these are only for sale for a short time, so if you’re interested, you’ve got to move quickly! Only $15, shipping in the US included, and they also ship to Canada as well as internationally.