Lost Aby: Kyro in Vancouver

Abyfriend Katscan posted this on Facebook:

In case you can’t read the photo, it says: “We’ve recently moved into the area and the cat got out. He is an indoor cat, and does not know the neighbourhood.

Appearance: Abyssinian (brown/red ticked fur), small and male. He is 3 years old.

PLEASE call/text if you see him! We miss him very much and are very worried about him! Last seen on August 3rd in Kerrisdale @ 45th and Balsam.

Margaret MacAulay
Email: philandmarg@shaw.ca
Phone: 604-264-0454/604-209-7688″

Found Sorrel/Red Boy in Surrey, UK

Someone in Britain is surely missing this handsome man! And just look at that tail! That’s not Photoshopped!

“He is around 12 – 18 months old, a neutered sorrel male, not microchipped and had no other means of identification. He turned up in a back garden around the middle of June, in Camberley, Surrey.

We brought him into foster care at the beginning of July and have named him Lisso. We have had him vet checked, he is in excellent health and has been well cared for. He is very affectionate, definitely a “people” cat…He plays well with the cats in the foster home, except for another young male who he terrorises!

As you can see from the photo he has a extremely long tail, which he seems unaware of, in that if he walks along a shelf, everything will be knocked to the floor by his tail!

If anyone does recognise him, we would be extremely grateful for any information regarding his background and original home. We will be rehoming him, but will be listing him with the Abyssinian Cat Club rather than using our normal methods. We are always careful with rehoming pedigrees, as they can fall into the wrong hands so easily,.

If anyone needs to contact me, it would be better to use my personal mobile no 07785 724194.

If you need any further info, please let me know.

Kind regards
Clare Burch
Operations Director”

I know I have some readers in the UK, and every little bit helps. I think this boy just decided to have an adventure and went on walkabout, but his humans are probably besides themselves with worry.

I’m not certain of the rescue he’s with, but I suspect he may be with Camberley & District Cats Protection; I don’t have an email, so if you think you know where he belongs, it’s probably best to phone the number above. I hope he finds his way home soon!

Abys in Need – Ramsey is LOST in Southern California

This is, I think, every cat owner’s worst nightmare. Ramsey, a handsome 2-year-old red/sorrel Aby, got lost while his family stopped off on a roadtrip vacation.

Here’s the story from Ramsey’s human, Matt Moghaddam, written on Friday:

“This is a distress call for our lost 2 year old Aby, Ramsey. He leapt out of our RV window this morning at 7:00am while [we were] making a pit stop or coffee in Olancha, CA. He ran into a bushy field and we have not seen him since. We have abandoned our road trip to Lake Tahoe and have been searching everywhere all day. My family is devastated. He is an amazing kitty, and we are determined to keep searching for him.”

For those in California, the point of loss is between Lone Pine and Ridgcrest, east of Visalia and west of Death Valley, right off Hwy 395. Ramsey is microchipped and is usually friendly, but immediately after he escaped he was chased by barking dogs.

An update was circulated yesterday:

Matt tried calling Indio County Animal Control to borrow humane traps and were told that, because of the holiday weekend, Animal Control couldn’t help them until Tuesday morning!!!

This cat has been on his own for over 24 hours now and his family is desperate and dedicated to find this cat! Matt told me they just found some fresh cat scat so they believe he’s still alive and close by. The family is in their RV without electricity, water or hookups trying to find their cat.

This second update was sent out yesterday:

First, thanks to the outpouring of support, advice, and real help. Charlie Wight was the first to arrive on the scene to lend a humane trap to Matt. There were others, but I don’t have their names.

No sighting of Ramsey at all, unfortunately. When he escaped by jumping out of the RV window, he was immediately barked at and chased by some dogs. That must have disoriented him.

Anyway Matt’s family was on the road and at a coffeeshop for a pit stop when this happened – in a small town called Olancha, between Lone Pine and Ridgecrest (For those who are not local, that’s east of Visalia and somewhere west of Death Valley).

Matt and family stayed two extra nights at that spot to look for Ramsey. The second night (Saturday night), they set up traps with scented clothing strips, chicken and sardine (Ramsey’s favorite foods) and water. But none of the traps was touched. The human scent in the clothing probably deterred the wildlife from robbing the traps.

The location is near bushy fields. The family has outworn their stay at the coffee shop’s parking area and has headed home to Orange County. But Matt will be back almost immediately, armed with flyers,to post and place in mailboxes. Anybody who lives close enough to help with flyer distribution, or help in any other way, please contact Matt Moghaddam directly at (949) 527-1394 or Mattin90@gmail.com or Mattin90@chartpac.com

Regular status updates are also available on Facebook

I can’t imagine how worried Matt and his family must be! I know firsthand that even when you do everything right (harness, microchip), accidents can happen. I just hope Ramsey is found alive and well. I am not super-familiar with that area, but I’ve been through that way a few times, and it’s a very dangerous place for a small animal: not only do coyotes, cougars and hawks live there, but there are also dogs and that highway to contend with. Hopefully we’ll hear some good news tomorrow, when the county animal control reopens. If I get any more updates, I’ll be sure to post them.

Abys in Need: Lost Fawn Boy near Toronto, Ontario

Deborah Feltham of Glendoveer Abyssinians posted a message to the Facebook Abyssinian Cat Club on Monday:

Is there anyone on this list who has lost a ruddy Aby in the last few months (probably). I have just been notified of one who was found living in a feral colony, and the astute rescue worker trapped him and turned him in to a vet here. He is middle age and is suffering from his recent outside living but probably was well cared for prior. He is safe and being cared for but whomever owns him will have to prove ownership and care of his present health care before the vet in charge will release him. He is in NO danger of euthanasia unless his medical problems cannot be corrected!! Please contact me ASAP if you know anything about this Aby.


She updated the group last night:

Update on the Aby found in the feral colony. He is NOT a ruddy as you can see 🙂 He is a fawn. We visited him today at the vet clinic. He is very affectionate and sweet. About 7 years old. DECLAWED!! I am not sure where he originated from as there are only a couple of breeders here in Ontario. Heather & I breed only red and ruddy, and I breed only ruddy. It appears that he will be ok but his mouth is very bad. He is a BIG Aby with a ton of coat.

We are still looking for his proper owner first. Judging from his condition, allowing that he has been outside for at least a couple of weeks, he was definitely well cared for prior. The owner may be frantic! We have already found another person whose blue Aby got out and has not been seen since early March, so we will check all we can first. Then, there is a possibility of adopting him out, but the vet who is caring for him is very attached to him herself. Let’s consider his owner first though, because even though he is declawed, there is no reason to feel that they did it, or what the circumstances were (they may be sick over this). They could well be someone who got him after he was already declawed also. His personality and condition despite his experience says that someone loved him. She also mentioned that he is not microchipped.

So if you know anyone in the Toronto area who may have lost a non-microchipped, declawed, older adult fawn Abyssinian…point them towards this post, or to the Abyssinian Cat Club on Facebook

Aby-a-Day – Day 143 of 365

In honour of Lost’s final episode, I give you these Lost LOLcats I made a few years ago, starring Gun-Hee:


I already miss them both.