Aby-a-Day – 9 March: Happy first birthday, Logan!

Today is Logan’s first birthday!


I made Logan the same cat food cake that I made Alfred for his birthday last month, except this time I added Swedish caviar to the corners.


Never having had a birthday cake, Logan was a little intimidated by the flame on the candle at first.



He quickly overcame his initial fears.


We have a show at the end of the month, so I had to be careful he didn’t singe any whiskers in his enthusiasm.


I gave him a little bit, even though it wasn’t mealtime.


He enjoyed it thoroughly.


After the cake came his present. I got him a Little Live Pets Ladybug with Baby.


They’re kind of like Hexbugs but shinier and cuter.


Of course he liked it! What cat wouldn’t?

Aby-a-Day – 4 February: Happy first birthday, Alfred!

Today is Alfred’s first birthday!


I made him a special cat food cake with a sparkly #1 candle.


I like using Poesie Venison and Cranberry in jelly because, hey, it’s venison! And also the little heart shaped solid lumps of cat food make really cute little cakes.


In winter, we use our balcony as an extended refrigerator. So I put the cake out there. And I shut the door. But somehow…when I went to show it to Björn, all I found was an empty plate! I have no idea how they got the door opened or who ate Freddy’s cake!


Luckily, because Logan’s birthday is next month and then Jacoby’s is in April, so I had some backup Poesie hearts, so he will still get a cake. Or a second cake. I really don’t know. But I wish I could find the sparkly #1 candle. I hope whoever ate the cake didn’t eat the candle, too!*


Freddy still got his cake, though.


Once the candle was blown out, Freddy was all over his cake.


For his birthday, Freddy got a brand new beefy chew stick.


Jake was curious about it.


I guess it looked like a tasty snack.


“That’s it? You just chew on it? I don’t get it…Kids these days!”

* See comments for the answer to what happened to that candle.

Aby-a-Day – October 31: A master at work (Hipstamatic Monday)

Meg had Chanan photograph her red girl, GRC Anubis Kuki Airani, at the show, and I was lucky enough to be around to watch him work.


Knowing I’d want to make a post about meeting the famous Chanan in person as soon as I could, I took photos of their session with my Hipstamatic.


It was really great to meet Richard, and he has some amazing stories to tell.


He seems to not only love his work, but he obviously has a lot of fun doing it.


He’s a one-man show, using only a hand-held Canon DSLR in one hand and a long wand cat toy in the other.


He has a large collection of long dowels with different types of toys on the end; he said that there’s always a tip that some cat will go for.


You have to be really alert while watching him ply a cat with one of the sticks; when he flicks the stick back, anyone in the “danger zone” is at risk of being clobbered in the face.


The man is a serious cat whisperer. That was the best thing about watching him work.


He works in a semi-enclosed space, and the cats could easily jump off the table and escape under the curtain or through the open side…but they don’t.


Jacoby was really cranky this weekend (a male cat peed somewhere in the show hall and it set him off), but Richard managed to calm him down, and he got some amazing shots.


He even took a couple of me and Jake together in costume, and yes, my inner 7th grader was flailing around in a major squee the whole time I was posing. I mean, not only was I having one of my cats photographed by Chanan…but he was photographing me, too!


You may notice that Richard wears knee pads while he’s working.


Those aren’t to save his knees, he explained.


He wears them, he said, because his wife was tired of him coming home with holes in the knees of his pants. “She said, ‘you’re not a six year old! You shouldn’t be wearing out the knees of your pants like that!'” he told me.


I only wish I had not been so shy the first day of the show; I didn’t approach him til towards the end of the first day.


He was also set up at the opposite end of the show hall from where we were benched, so it was hard to spend a lot of time watching and talking to him while he worked.


But you know how when you meet someone you’re a fan of, and you’re a little afraid they won’t live up to this image you’ve created of them in your head?


Well, that didn’t happen here, and I think that’s the best part of the weekend, to be honest.


Incidentally, this Sunday’s New York Times Magazine featured a photo of Richard working with a Sphynx in Santa Monica. Considering he was in striking distance of Manhattan the same weekend it was published, it’s a pretty amazing coincidence.

Aby-a-Day – April 14: Bring on the Terrible Twos!

Today is a pretty big day: Jacoby is two years old today!


I know for most cats, their second birthday is no big deal, but in this case…well…Gun-Hee never made it to two years old (although his littermate, Rusty, did – barely). I knew that since Jake’s litter had a different mother, and therefore a different genetic make-up, the likelihood of him getting sick with FIP was slim…there’s still that fear lingering in the back of your mind that you can’t ever quash completely. So, Jake turning two is a cause for celebration!


It’s pretty funny how well-known Jake is. He got a virtual cupcake on his Catster profile from Toki Nantucket, and this morning at work I got this email from one of our assistants in China: “Today is Jake’s 2nd birthday. Say happy birthday for me to this good-natured guy! Have a great day, Kevin”


Tonight I made him a special cat food can “cake” with everyone’s favourite flavour, Friskies Tuna and Egg and gave him his birthday toys – I admit freely that I went a little overboard in the gift department this year as far as he’s concerned. I also have some presents for both him and Kylie (her birthday is April 24), for which we’ll have to have a combined party at some point between now and Easter.


I found out Jake’s litter was born on April 16, so he’s been my kitten since birth. He woke me up this morning, biting my hair and pulling my earrings. Last night, we were watching television and heard the sound of aluminum foil crinkling in the kitchen. We both turned our heads in time to see Jake drop the piece of foil my husband had waiting for the oven to preheat. The “oh crap – busted!” look on Jake’s face was solid gold. I know there are some people who could never live with an active Abyssinian force of nature like Jake…but I couldn’t imagine not having Hurricane Jacoby in my life!


Mmm! Tuna and Egg cake!

Six months ago today…

Gun-Hee was born six months ago today, on September 16, 2006. Three months ago today, on December 16, I took Gun-Hee home for the first time.

Here he is earlier tonight, a big six-month-old boy.

Before and after the Operation

Yesterday was the Big Day, the day almost every kitten faces…Gun-Hee went to the vet to be neutered.

Blissfully unaware, he spent the morning of the operation engaged in typical kitteny behaviour…

Playing on the cat tree…

My little boy’s growing up!

My camera card got corrupted. Not sure how that happened. But I took some photos of Gun-Hee on our way home tonight, riding the T…there was one totally awesome one, but it was one of the ones that got corrupted.

These are the only two that survived:

Gun-Hee will be six months old on Friday (and at the same time, we’ll have been together for three months). Tomorrow, he goes to the vet to have the operation. Gun-Hee is going to the vet between 8 and 8:30 tomorrow, and when he comes home, he will be slightly less than he was before.