Aby-a-Day – 31 May: Never too young to start a bad habit (Thursday Things)

When you read those breed descriptions of Abyssinians, they never tell you about the food obsession. They all have it, to varying degrees. Alfred chews through anything plastic because he’s learnt there’s food in plastic (except when there isn’t; he’s also chewed through a packet of ground black pepper and a bag of laundry detergent). Angel runs to the kitchen whenever you cut something up with a knife and cutting board, hoping for bits of raw meat (even if I am only chopping onions or cucumbers). And Jacoby, well, he’s the worst. He’ll steal food right under your nose if you aren’t careful!


As go the older cats, so goes Lorelai.


Bear in mind, nobody really taught her how to do this. No one needed to. Cats learn by observation, after all.


I think she’s getting an A in this life lesson.

Happy Aby Holidays: Christmas Tree Crash & Wrap Battle

I love the title of this video: “Abyssinian Kittens discovered; no remorse.”

See? It could always be worse…And then there’s this little holiday video, starring Morgana the Aby and Mookie the tabby:

Happy holidays!

Aby-a-Day – February 8: Laissez les bons temps rouler (Friday Flashback)

I still remember when I got these photos. Jacoby had been with us 19 days, and my husband took and texted me these two photos.


This one he called “Fun Times.”


And this one was called “Yeah, So?” They’re two of my favourite photos of Jake…and they also depict the moment when we realised how damn smart he is.

For the record, he pulled out every single roll of toilet paper from that cabinet. We had perforated paper for quite a while.

Aby-a-Day – Day 349 of 365

15 December 2006 is when we brought Gun-Hee home. This was, of course, ten days before his first Christmas.


And his first Christmas tree.


He waited until Christmas night before trying to climb the tree.


But once he figured it out, we couldn’t keep him on the floor!


It was really high up, too! The predecessor to the tree we have now, I believe this tree was 7′ tall. I guess I’m lucky Jake’s never gotten it into his little Aby brain to climb the tree…

Cats in Cahoots

We have this foldable show cage, but we leave it up all the time so that Gun-Hee and Tessie are used to it. Gun-Hee uses it like a sort of club house. We used to put him in it when he was naughty and now, when he knows he’s being bad, he just runs into the cage (which works because we’re like, aw, how cute he knows he’s bad and he’s punishing himself).

So Kylie rarely goes into the show cage. But the other morning she was in there and Gun-Hee was watching her from outside. Then, I heard crunching. I reach in and…lo and behold, two chewed-open bags of treats! These had been in a pocket of the cat show bag, jammed way in there. So I’m sure Gun-Hee worked on them to get them out of there, and when he did, he took them over to his cage because he knew it was “bad.” Then he goes tells Kylie there’s treats in his cage, can she please go open them so they can eat them?

Abys are smart. He figured out how to unzip his cage at the last show; we have to put little carabiners on to keep the zippers together.

Bad Kitten Rising

In the morning, while I’m getting ready for work, Gun-Hee tends to get on a special kind of roll.

From going on top of the computer to play with the cherry blossoms…

To playing in the sink while I’m trying to brush my teeth. Funny how he doesn’t mind getting wet if he’s the one initiating it!

Gun-Hee on the Lamb

We’ve been ordering groceries online from Peapod and getting them delivered. This works well, but sometimes not seeing exactly what you’re buying leads to some surprises. Over the weekend I was shopping and noticed that they had Australian Semi-Boneless Leg of Lamb (5-7lbs ) legs of lamb on sale. Well, I like lamb, it was an excellent price ($1.99 per pound!), we have one of those food sealers and room in the freezer and the leg has less fat to cut off than other cuts. So I ordered one.

I wasn’t really prepared for how huge this thing was going to be. It was closer to the 7lbs than the 5, and I swear it was as big as the cats. And as for semi-boneless? It had an entire hip joint and part of a femur, so I can only guess the “semi” referred to the fact that the bones had been cut. It was also sheathed in a half-inch of solid fat; yes, the leg is a leaner cut, but it’s not fat-free…the fat is just all on the outside and easier to remove. So I got out a knife and just went for it.

It took me about twenty minutes to trim the fat and carve the thing up into freezable meal-sized portions. As soon as I unwrapped it, Gun-Hee was swarming (if you don’t think a single cat can swarm, you’ve never seen a determined Abyssinian) so I locked him up in his show cage. He kept meowing as I cut, with different tones, volumes and inflections, and I couldn’t resist translating, “Hey, I’m in here! Remember the kitten? Yep, still in the cage. Hey wait, where’s the kitten? Oh, right, still in the cage. What are: the plugged-in iron, your mom’s birthday, and a kitten in a cage? Things you better not forget! You guys? You are gonna let me out of here, right? Mom! Mom? You know I’m in here, right?”

I managed to cut myself while dealing with a particularly nasty bit of fat, but didn’t want to deal with it til I’d finished with the meat. Once all the packaged future meals were safely in the freezer, and the small pieces I wanted to eat were set aside, I turned on the Foreman Grill and went to the bathroom to get a Band-Aid…not realising that Gun-Hee had been let out of the cage. Next thing I hear is a loud crash, and then, “Sweetie! Gun-Hee has your meat!”

“Wait…I’m putting a Band-Aid on…what?”
“Gun-Hee took your meat and he’s running around with it!”

I finish my first aid and go into the living room, where Gun-Hee is crouched under the coffee table with the largest piece of lamb. I take it away from him and go into the kitchen, where I find the other pieces of my dinner on the floor. I’d had them on a paper plate in the centre of the stove, on top of the broiler pan that lives there part time, while the Foreman was heating up. The crash was the broiler pan reacting to the introduction of a 6½ month old carnivorous force of nature landing on it and then using it as a launching pad. Gun-Hee goes back into his cage, I rinse off the meat and pop it onto the grill…and I’m just laughing the entire time.

“Why did you leave the meat out like that?” My husband asked.
“I needed to get a Band-Aid on…and it was just there for a second while the grill was heating!” I said.
“Well, you should have known Gun-Hee’d go straight for it!”
“Yeah, well…I hadn’t realised you’d let him out…” then I collapse in giggles again. “You know, he took the biggest of all the pieces, right?”

My husband laughs too. “He took off with it, too.”
“He didn’t eat any of it though. He just grabbed it and ran off!”
“What was he thinking? He can’t have thought he’d get away with that!”





Six months on Friday

Next Friday, Gun-Hee will be 6 months old, and he’ll have been living with us for three of those months. Next Wednesday, he’s going to the vet to have the operation.

He’s an amazing cat. Physically gorgeous, and his personality is even more beautiful. I could not have gotten a better best friend had I gone to the kitten store and ordered one up custom.

Which is not to say he isn’t a complete terror and a total brat. He is; that’s part of being a lively and healthy kitten! Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s 5,000 worth of what it’s like to live with Gun-Hee.

Ooooh, shrimp! Can I have it?
(He stole, and ate, three whole shrimp while they were thawing in the sink!)

Napping with Kylie on the heated cat bed…this is a rare quiet moment.

Watching the fish…

He loves the bigscreen TV, and often tries to interact with it.
He seems to like shows with lots of dialogue.
Here he is, trying to get two of the characters on Miami: CSI to play with him…

Something fishy…

The other day, I found this packet of fish food that Gun-Hee decided to teethe on…

What impresses me the most about this is the way he chewed out around the outline of the fish on the package.

But apart from trying to eat their food, Gun-Hee is fascinated with the fish…


The St. Valentine’s Day Paper Towel Massacre

As I posted earlier, I woke up this morning to find the landscape of the kitchen almost as covered in white as the landscape outside the window. For whatever reason, an innocent roll of paper towels was brutally savaged over night.

Oh, the horror! And when I went to examine the scene more closely, the perpetrator, showing no remorse, came barelling back into the scene of the crime…

Leaving no doubt as to who was responsible for the fiberage… It was the KMD!

Happy Valentine’s Day

I woke up this morning, went into the kitchen…and discovered that, despite this being the day devoted to love and romance, sometime during the night a great battle had been waged in the kitchen and, as a result, the roll of paper towels had been brutally attacked and murdered, pieces of its flesh scattered far and wide across the floor.

Film at 11.