Aby-a-Day – 22 March: You wanted a lap cat. Be careful what you wish for…(Thursday Things)

Cats and laptops…the love affair may seem like a recent phenomenon, but it actually goes back to printed books and newspapers. Cats love to sit on whatever their favourite human is reading when they want attention. The fact that laptops are warm is just a bonus. Even when the thing they sit on makes weird noises, cats love laptops. Now, I know I just posted about Logan and my laptop just two months ago, but it’s getting worse!

They’re searching for things on my computer! Although I’m not sure what “DQ9X700DXYŪ” is in Felinese.

They are also opening multiple tabs in Firefox (it was more than 30 empty tabs!) and printing things. I caught this one before a piece of paper was wasted, but they have actually printed things.


Angel has historically been the worst offender, but lately Logan has stolen her throne, so to speak. Of course, he’s a big believer in the “If not for sits, why is it made of warm?” school of thought, but he also just loves to sit on my lap. And when the laptop is on my lap, well…he’ll just have to make do, won’t he?


“I love my mommy, but her lap is busy with the hard thing. That’s okay, we can share mommy’s lap.”

Aby-a-Day – 15 March: Flash in the pan (Thursday Things)

Cats go through fads. They’ll ignore a bed or napping spot for weeks or months, and then one day, suddenly – BAM! It’s the most popular thing in the house and everycat wants to sleep there.


Jacoby is very much the faddist. He’ll suddenly start sitting somewhere and it becomes his go-to place. So recently, his place in the kitchen is our red cast-iron frying pan that lives on our stovetop.


And I thought his other obsession with this pan – licking the grease residue on it when it’s cold – was bad!


Of course, we rinse it before we use it now, but seriously…the frying pan? I just hope he never tries to sit in it when it’s still hot!

Aby-a-Day – 15 February: No touchy fishie! (Thursday Things)

Last week, I found a lovely deal on herring (sill in Swedish) – 75kr a kilo! I wanted to use it to make something Thai with rice noodles, and I found a delicious recipe for khanom jeen nam ya/i>, a delicious fish curry designed to use a strong-flavoured, oily fish such as barracuda, mackerel, or herring.


While we were eating it, we left the remainder in the wok, with what we thought was a heavy enough lid on it to protect the delicious fish curry inside.



We. Were. Wrong.


Alfred managed to get under the lid and used his grabby Aby hands to reach into the wok and eat my delicious fish curry.



He clearly enjoyed it. Lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, coconut milk, and all.


And then he went in for more. Reach…




…and eat.


“Don’t you tell me ‘NO,’ mom…”


Reach again…


…and eat again.




Rinse and repeat. Until we caught him, anyway.



He is shameless. But it wasn’t all him. In the photos, you can see Jacoby in the background…well he had a slightly greasy head later on. I am pretty sure that he is the one who pushed the lid off!

Aby-a-Day – 18 February: Dis iz mah fort. No gurls allowed.

Jacoby has this crazy fascination with the laundry closet.


Whenever the door is opened, he bolts into the closet and hides behind the washer. I mean, he literally comes running when he hears the door opening.


And once he goes in there, it’s nearly impossible to get him to come out. Not even treats will dislodge him from his lair.


I’ve even tried shutting him up in there for a few minutes so he can see how boring it is in there. Apparently, it’s not boring to him. He’ll stay in there as long as he can.


When he wants to come out, he just pushes the door open if it’s closed. I just don’t understand what he finds so interesting in there. There’s nothing behind the washing machine! What are you doing back there, Jake?

Aby-a-Day – March 8: Surfin’ USA

In our house, cats are not allowed on the kitchen counters. For one thing, our kitchen is ridiculously tiny, and we don’t have much counter space to begin with.


Jacoby, however, has decided that he either isn’t a cat, or that the rule about cats going on the counters only applies to the girlcats.


I really don’t know why this is. He was trained the same was as all my cats have, and honestly, he and his brother Gun-Hee are the only two cats I’ve had who regularly flout the “no counter” rule. And you can tell when they go up there when you aren’t home, because they leave footprints.



Jake will get down when I tell him to…


…but he just hops right back up again as soon as he can.


He even goes up there when there’s nothing happening. There’s no food being prepared, no dishes being put away, no cabinets being opened…yet there he is.



One of his jobs, apparently, is to rub all the things at the end of the counter.


Look at him. He’s not even embarrassed to be caught breaking the rules.


When Jake does, finally, deign to get off the counter, he sort of slithers down, taking his time. He can be such a brat!

Don’t get me wrong, the girls do get on the counter, too. Tessie, because Jake does. Angel, because she’s an Aby. And Kylie – who does it the least – will hop up on occasion. But all three girls know they’re doing something they shouldn’t, and they guiltily – and instantly – leap to the floor when you catch them at it. Jake knows he’s not supposed to go up there as much as the girls do, but for some reason…he just doesn’t care.

Aby-a-Day – July 31: Taking Naughtiness to New Heights

Jacoby has developed a new habit.


He likes to sit on top of the cabinet in the front bathroom and oversee people going about their bathroom business.



As you can see, he’s quite proud of his achievement.


“This is mine!”


I’m not sure why he likes it up there so much. He’s quite tall, and there’s not enough room for him to stand comfortably.


He can’t really sit up, either.


Come on down from there, Jakey-boy.


Of course, now Tessie wants to try to get up there, too.