Aby-a-Day – 24 Juni: Tentacle Kitty (Miniature Monday)

Last week I happened to go to our local second-hand shop and found an interesting plushie.


Intrigued, I looked at the tag, and it said “Tentacle Kitty, Second Edition.” Second edition? What? A pink kitty-squid with a cute little nose has been a thing long enough to have a second edition plushie and I have never heard of it before!? How is this possible?


Turns out, Tentacle Kitty was created in 2009 by a husband and wife team in Oregon. There’s a webcomic about her and a cast of other multi-limbed kitty characters. Not sure how I missed a cartoon kitty for ten whole years…but I’ve found her now! And she only cost 29kr (about $3 USD).


Izaak seems to really like her, too. Or maybe it’s just that her tentacles remind him of his snake.

PS: Today is Cat World Domination Day. Be sure to go and celebrate it with our Somali friend, Summer!

Aby-a-Day – May 31: Behind the scenes of a Somali blog

If you read Summer’s blog, you’ll notice that it’s written by Summer herself.


Her human merely assists her in her blogging endevours.


But I’m sure you wonder: does Summer really do all her own blogging?


Well, I’m here to tell you that yes. Yes, she does indeed.


(The phone screen is blacked out to prevent spoilers.)

Aby-a-Day – May 28: Meeting an old friend

Guess who I met today?


None other than our friend Summer and her human!


It seems like we’ve known each other for years – and we have, online – but this was the first time we’ve met in person.


Summer is every bit as wonderful as she seems to be from her blog. She really reminds me of Jacoby. Look at her smile!


Her feet are really floofy, though, compared to Jake.


So is her tail!


She was so happy to be here with her human and all her adoring fans.




We had some fun with a feather at the Hauspanther craft table tonight.


I really wished I had been able to brink Jake. I wish they could have met. The best I was able to do was this.


Which of course is nothing like the same thing thing at all.

Thank you, Sparkle

Sad news indeed from one of our closest friends…

Sparkle the Somali is very, very sick.

Sparkle and her human have been a HUGE inspiration to us and our blog. I was hoping to see her and Summer together, but if it is not to be…well. There will be a bright new star in Silverpelt when she goes to hunt with StarClan.

Know that we love you, Sparkle, and Summer may be taking over your blog, but she will never take your place.

Bittersweet Candy Bowl

I recently discovered Bittersweet Candy Bowl, a cartoon about cats and dogs in high school. But you know I wouldn’t mention it here without good reason…And, as a matter of fact, one of the main original characters is a Somali! His name is Paulo, and he’s just so over-the-top brash and annoying while at the same time being also sensitive, loyal and romantic you can’t help but adore him.

There’s also an Abyssinian character named Abbey (short for Abraham).

He and Paulo don’t really get along, but they have friends in common, particularly Daisy, a half-Selkirk Rex, half-Ragamuffin cheerleader.

Abbey and his sister Molly had a rough start in life, but he looks so much like Jacoby I can’t not love him.

He even has the stripe down the back of his tail!

Paulo has an occasionally-updated Twitter account (@HotSomali92) with more “followers than he deserves.” I asked him if he knew @Sparklecat…

Abbey has one, too…even less frequently updated (@Abbeyssinian).

Of course, being the cat geek that I am, the comic hooked me in because most of the cats (and dogs) are actual breeds. Besides Paulo the Somali and Abbey the Abyssinian (and Daisy the Selkirk Rex-Ragamuffin, there’s Mike the Korat, Lucy the Khao Manee, Sue the European Burmese, David the Chocolate Lab, and Augustus the Siamese. What got me addicted was the story, the wonderfully told drama of teenage love and strife peppered liberally with humour. The artist, Veronica Vera (aka Taeshi), has been drawing it since she was a teenager and it’s fun to watch her style grow along with the characters.

I had the good fortune to participate in a live drawing stream this past Friday. Taeshi drew requests for longtime club members and also for people who purchased a book during the stream.

I asked for Paulo and Abbey together, and I got to watch Taeshi draw this picture of them on Mother’s Day (it’s kind of a sore subject with them)…It was really interesting to see how another artist draws their cartoon, especially since she also uses Photoshop as her art program.

Be warned, though…this comic is really addictive. Especially Paulo.

Abys are Everywhere – Kiipi and Sketsi on a Finnish Blog

Just had to share Abyfriend’s Sanna-Leena’s fawn Sketsi and red Kiipi featured on a Finnish blog called kissankujeita:


The blogger, Sonja Pekkonen, owns Hugo, the ruddy who is Kiipi’s father.


Sonja takes some marvelous photos!


This is Sketsi…and you can see a bit of Sanna-Leena’s tattoo on her arm!

Just wanted to share a little Finnish goodness after today’s bronze medal hockey game!

Other People’s Abys – Call me Ishmael

Thanks to Abyfriend Wendy, I’ve found what appears to be a new Abyssinian blog: Call me Ishmael: A story of an Abyssinian cat and his accessories.

And this is the photo that started it all. It looks like this blog has just started, but it will be interesting to see what sorts of hats Ish wears over the holidays!