Aby-a-Day – 7 April: Another city, another StrollerCat

If we lived in Göteborg instead of Skövde, Logan would be every inch the StrollerCat that Jacoby was in Boston. (Actually, Jake might be every inch the StrollerCat he was in Boston if we lived in Göteborg…but we digress.)


He is barely a year old, but Logan has this riding-a-train-in-a-stroller thing down cold.


To the point that he was so blasé about the whole stroller-on-a-tram thing that he hopped out of the stroller and rode at the back exit door.


In fact, he seemed much happier riding there than in the stroller.


I didn’t mean to take this short video (which is why it’s vertical and not horizontal) (click on still to see video on Flickr), but I am ultimately glad I did. Look what a cool public transport customer Logan is! As I told Peter Hasselbom: I guess I do have a trademark with cats I raise. And that trademark is…bulletproofness. I raise cats that can ride a train or stay in a show cage with the door open.


And that’s not bad.

Aby-a-Day – 5 April: Hanging out in the benching area

At a cat show, your cat’s cage is your “home.”


Shows in Sweden are different than the ones in the States in that everyone uses the metal cages provided by the show and decorates them with curtains. I bought this gorgeous green set from Burgardin, a Danish couple who make the best curtains I have ever seen. I even got this set on sale! We also decorate the cage with artificial pussy willows, because Logan’s registered name, Vide, means pussy willow in Swedish.


A lot of people also have these tables that hook onto the cage with chains and the little lip on the edge of the table. Björn and I made this one ourselves out of a plastic cutting board…which just happened to be the exact right colour to match the curtains!


As the tops of the metal are nice and flat, we have business cards for Lisa’s cattery and my blog, as well as a stand-up with a photo of Logan on one side and a CFA brochure on Singas on the other.


The table is not only incredibly handy, but it gives your cage a little more space. On Sunday, Björn’s friend Janne stopped by to meet Logan. Another difference with Swedish shows, as you may notice in the background, is that chairs are NOT provided by the show. Most people bring folding canvas camp chairs, and both Royal Canin and Orijen have chairs available for purchase at their ever-present booths.



This was probably the best-located show I have ever been to. It was held in Gothia Towers across the street from Liseberg, Göteborg’s amusement park music venue.


This show was also unique in that it had an online system of calling you up to the ring which they named “Call of Cat.”


The show hall had free wifi, so all we had to do was log in, find your judge, and then just wait for our number. It. Was. AWESOME.


Oh, but wait. It gets better, You all know I am a huge fan of Peter Hasselbom‘s Abyssinian photos…well…


…Now I am friends with Peter and his partner, Anna! We all had sushi together back in September 2016. This is Peter and Bonk.


Okay, Peter and I may be friends…but dude, we gotta talk about that Yankees hat…

Aby-a-Day – 16 February: Office sketching – Part 2 (Cartoon Tuesday)

Here are some more sketches of Gun-Hee that I did during meetings at work.


I really like this one. I think I actually used it as an icon back when I was active on LiveJournal.


Not sure what this is…I think I was trying to draw Gun-Hee as Peter Hasselbom’s infamous Raptor Kitten.


A little drawing of Gun-Hee with a ball.


And then there’s this one – before I got married and before Gun-Hee died – with me and my Best Cat in our wedding finery. I never got the chance to do this, though. Maybe I will with Jacoby when Björn and I have our Swedish wedding.


Last but not least, this little scene – which actually happened. Gun-Hee was standing over my head while I was sleeping and he sneezed all over me…Thanks, kitten.

Cyoot Kitten Alert! Peter Hasselbom featured on I Can Has Cheezburger

What a nice thing to see first thing this morning!

I knew this was Peter Hasselbom‘s without even looking at the credit. This is Freddo (the blue) and Brina (the fawn), from his blue girl Aella’s litter.


Peter Hasselbom can has Cheezburger!

One of his photos was featured yesterday on I Can Has Cheezburger…

It’s a photo of either Belle or Kolan, and you can see the original here, on his Flickr site.

The best photograph ever taken of an Abyssinian?

There is a website, Pictures of Cats, which, as the name suggests, features photos of cat breeds and other aspects of feline husbandry. In an article on the website, Michael from London opines that this photo, by Helmi Flick is “perhaps the best Abyssinian cat photo” because “it is so active and dynamic.”

And he’s right. It is a great photo. It really does capture the grace and athleticism of the Abyssinian. But I have to counter with this photo taken last month by (who else?) Peter Hasselbom:


I would argue that this is the greatest Abyssinian photo ever taken. Not only does it capture that grace and that athleticism that Abys are famous for, but it also captures the goofy klutziness that lurks within. Because as graceful and agile as these cats are, anyone who’s ever lived with one knows that Abys are also silly clowns with feet that sometimes more faster than their brains at times.

What do you think? What’s your ultimate Aby photo?

Other People’s Abys – Another Epic Photo by Peter Hasselbom

I know, I know…I’m a Peter Hasselbom fangirl to the max. What can I say? The man is a mythic legend when it comes to capturing Abyssinians with a camera.

Check out this recent photo of Nike showing her kittens how to do the Godzilla:

Mother Godzilla

I’m not worthy.