Abys in Need: Rocko in Acushnet, MA

Another homeless Abyssinian right in my own back yard, I’m afraid.

Rocko is 7 years old. Male purebred Abyssinian. He has a big personality but lovable.

If you are interested in adopting Rocko, please call 508-994-0220 or e-mail cricket13@comcast.net.

Rocko is available through C.A.R.E. Center for Animal Rescue & Education in Acushnet, MA and is eligible for their Senior for Senior Program; he can be adopted for a reduced fee to seniors over age 55.”

And look! He even likes to dress up!!

Abys in Need: Leo and Ruby in Oakland, NJ and a STRAY Aby in Orlando, FL

This is apparently a brother and sister, bonded pair. They are neutered/spayed and declawed.

Leo is a fawn colored, purebred Abyssinian. He is extremely affectionate and seeks lots of attention from his family. He is very bonded to his,Ruby, and they should be adopted together.”

Ruby is a red colored, purebred Abyssinian. She is an independent, sweet and quiet girl. She is very bonded to her brother Leo, so we would like them to get adopted together.”

All it says about them beyond that is to please contact Carol at 1-914-589-4575 for more information.

Now, THIS I have no words…It just turned up on the RescueMe website this afternoon. “Beautiful, young Abyssinian who has been hanging around my house. Very timid, but each day gets more comfortable. Not certain sex. One eye appears to be cloudy- blind in eye?. Have three rescued indoor cats and can’t take this beautiful, sleek creature. Please consider.” The photo really does look like a purebred Ruddy, too. I do know in Florida when elders go to nursing homes or die, their grown children frequently just turn their beloved cats out to fend for themselves because “that’s what cats do.” It’s terrible. I hope someone can help this poor Aby. For more info, contact Nan Farrell at (716) 708-5929.

Abys in Need: Abys in New York and Florida

It always seems like these come in batches…

This handsome Ruddy Aby boy was born in 2007. He is up to date with shots and is neutered. He looks to be in good shape, not overweight or underweight. He has been a pet cat all his life. He is in the general NYC tri-state area.

His owner is looking for a new home for him because her daughter has had serious lung and chest problems for the past year and it has been determined that she is highly allergic to cats.

His personality: (quote from owner) “He is the most lovable cat I’ve ever owned, and the smartest. He loves to cuddle as long as you want to cuddle with him. He still is playful like a kitten and gets along with dogs. He always comes when you call him and is just a great cat. That is why this is very hard for me, but daughter’s health comes first.”

Contact Sheila McCormack Dentico via the Abyssinian Cat Foster Network on Facebook if you’re interested in this boy.

Then we have Claw in Ft. Lauderdale. I don’t know much about Claw, but he is an adult Ruddy and he is neutered. His Pet ID is A1566171 and he’s at Broward County Animal Care and Adoption, Fort Lauderdale, FL – (954) 359-1010

Remember, all I know about these two is what I’ve posted, so if you’re interested in adopting one of these boys, please follow the links.

Abys in Need: St. Anne and Jared again…Plus Simba & Beau in New York and Sammi & Lexi in Florida

Every so often, I search Petfinder for “Abyssinians.” Most of the cats that come up with that keyword aren’t actually Abys, but there are some. And, sadly, some of them are cats I’ve seen on there before.

Like poor Jared! I posted about Jared in May 2010, and he’s still looking for a forever home. And now, as then, he has Feline Leukemia Virus, issues with his eyes and has limited vision but his spirit is very much intact. This boy is such a character, he will do all sorts of tricks for attention. He plays like no one’s business. He doesn’t realize he is sick and besides his eyes, you can’t tell either. HELP will cover all his medical expenses for his lifetime, if you will just give him the chance he deserves, he deserves his own family. Jared was born, they think, in January 2009 and, almost two years later he’s still in a foster home.


I have to admit, I was extremely surprised (and not a little shocked) to see St. Anne on Petfinder. I’m sure you all remember St. Anne, and I know several people asked about her and contacted her “owner”…but somehow, for whatever reason, she’s still looking for a home and now she’s on Petfinder. I really don’t know what to think about that.


Then we have two brothers and two sisters! The two brothers, Simba and Beau are in Albany, NY, and would love to be placed together, but the shelter understands that may not be possible so they can also be adopted separately. Their owner, who had them since they were kittens, passed away and now they need a new home.


Simba is a 14 year old male ruddy/usual Abyssinian, and


Beau, who looks like a black silver, is a 10 year old male Aby. Both brothers are neutered, FeLV/FIV negative and up to date on vaccines. Both of them very affectionate, playful and love to have people around. They are great with children, too but the shelter isn’t sure how they would be around other cats or dogs since they’ve only been with each other for their whole lives.

For info or to adopt Beau and/or Simba, please contact Susie Burnett at jake1@nycap.rr.com or call her at 518-462-8575.


Finally, we have Sammi and Lexi, two sisters in Wildwood, Florida. Sammi (who I think is the ruddy/usual girl) is 7 years old and is a very affectionate cat who will sit up at her perch (designated as “her space”) and greet visitors at the shelter. She is a cat that needs to be in a house with few cats as she does not bond with other cats or dogs. She likes to be brushed and probably will be a good companion.


Her sister Lexi (and, I think, the blue) is 5 years old and is living in a foster home rather than at the shelter with her sister. She has settled in well there and sleeps with her foster mom and has the run of the house. So, while she seems shy in the photo, you can see how much a little extra attention and love will affect a cat. It doesn’t say why these two girls are looking for a new home, but they are both spayed and up-to-date on their vaccinations. For more information, contact the Wildwood Ranch Cat Rescue of Central Florida at 352-748-5260.

Abys in Need: Abby in NYC lost her human and her home

‘Tis the season…for Abyssinians to need new homes for the holidays, apparently. I got another email this afternoon:

I would like to alert any Aby people in New York City that I have just placed a wonderful 4 year old ruddy Aby on the City Critters Petfinder page. She lost her person and is in need of a loving forever home. Unfortunately the circumstances seemed to make havoc with her waistline and she is in need of proper diet and excercise…but she is extremely beautiful and very sweet. If any New York people are interested they can go to www.CityCritters.org and click on our Petfinder list. Of course I can be contacted at Ellie9k@aol.com. Thank you so much for your assistance.

Abby looks quite distraught at being in a shelter, poor girl! Anyone in the New York area in need of an Abyssinian, here’s your chance!

Of course, in my little dream world, I’d adopt both her and St. Anne and let them be Angel’s new A-girl posse. Sadly, I’m not allowed to ask Santa for any more Abys in my stocking!

Aby-a-Day – September 22: Unadoptable is in the eye of the beholder

This week is “Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week”, into which category Angel inexplicably falls. For some reason, people just don’t want to adopt one-eyed kitties, even when they’re purebred Abyssinians. As her foster mom told me, “People are funny about (missing) eyes. Either it doesn’t bother them, or they just can’t handle it.”


Angel is a rescue, and because of her history she does have some quirks (like occasionally peeing on piles of fabric left on the floor) and idiosyncrasies that perhaps some cat owners wouldn’t want to deal with, but let me assure you, the fact that she has only one eye has nothing to do with her being a good kittypet.


And even though Jacoby tends to hog the spotlight around here, Angel would like to remind all of our readers that she is alive and well. She just doesn’t do these cat show thingies, and she’s perfectly happy staying home. Besides, let’s face it, Jake can be a bit of a drama king.


Let it never be said that Angel is not talented: here is her impression of Wayne Gretzky on the ice when an enforcer is heading his way and the referee happens to be looking in his direction. Pretty good, eh?


So don’t worry about Angel…she is just spending some quality time with Tessie while Jake and Kylie go to the shows.


Well…okay, maybe Angel’s not completely thrilled about that last one.

Abys in Need! New York and Arizona, plus some from an earlier post

Finally got a chance to look at Petfinder and see if there are any more Abys in shelters. And I found some good news…and some bad news.

First, the good news: There aren’t that many new Abyssinians in shelters.

I found three boys, Bentley, a possible Red Aby with a cauliflower ear (probably from a hematoma); Tilt, a possible Ruddy Aby; and Hugs, a Blue Aby. These three boys are all at the SPCA of Westchester in Briarcliff Manor, NY. While I’m sure that Hugs is a purebred Aby, I’m not positive Tilt and Bently are, but it’s hard to tell from the photos, so keep that in mind.




I also found Delilah, she’s a 4 year old purebred Ruddy Aby who’s had her front paws declawed. She’s a rescue from AJ’s Best Friends Purebred Cat Rescue in Ahwatukee, AZ, and she’s in a foster home right now.


The bad news, however, is that Jared, CJ and Abbi, the Abyssinians in Need I posted about back in May still have not found their forever homes.

And in case you were wondering…no, not every cat that’s listed as an “Abyssinian” on Petfinder is actually an Aby. While I am sure that Mr. Pooh in Toronto is a lovely cat with a wonderful personality, he’s just not an Abyssinian.

Abys in Need: Benin, Asmara and Botswana

Anyone in the New England area want to rescue an Abyssinian? The Potter League for Animals has three of them who need homes!

Look how sad they look in their cages:



Botswana – they call her an “Aby Mix” but she looks like a purebred Red to me.
She looks like Angel with two eyes.
They’re all spayed or neutered, too. I can’t imagine anything sadder than an Aby in a cage, and I can’t believe a shelter has three young, purebred Abys at once. So if you know anyone who needs an Abyssinian in their life, spread the word!

Edit: Benin isn’t on the list anymore…I hope that means he’s been adopted!