Look who’s on the CFA homepage!

Meg emailed me yesterday to let me know that Jacoby is featured on the CFA website’s homepage. Check it out:

The CFA sent out an email asking for photos of cats “dressed for winter,” but I didn’t know what they were going to use them for. Now I know!

Jake’s Therapy and Show Book

I just made a little photo book showing Jacoby in action at cat shows and on therapy visits.

Click here to view this photo book larger

I’ve been taking various print outs of his magazine appearances and the Herald pages in a presentation book along with all our Pet Partners certification papers, but I think this little book will be a lot more handy. I used the silly Southwestern theme because his namesake, Jacoby Ellsbury, is a Native American…and it looked nicer than most of the other themes they had!

Funny photos from Facebook

I just wanted to share a couple of funny pictures that have been posted on the Abyssinian Cat Club on Facebook recently. They were just too good to keep to myself!

Sheyrl Harmer Landstrom posted photos of her two Aby kittens dressed up in American Girl clothes by her daughter (yeah, I never did that as a kid. Ever). This one of them cuddled in their pajamas under the covers of a little kitten-sized bed was so irresistible, I just had to add a LOLcat-style caption.

This is my friend Barb’s blue torbie Aby Sky, stealing cherries…I love the Aby grabby hands in action!

Derick van Vuren posted this one a few weeks ago of what happens when you leave a motion-activated camera on while you’re at work:

I have a security camera that takes a picture if it detects something and emails the photo to me. This is the photo I received: Nala slapping the camera!

Finally, this one…I can’t stop giggling at this one. I think we’ve all felt like this around our Abys. This is Debbie Walton’s Maine Coon kitten surrounded by Abys; her caption was this:

AGGGGHHHH…. I am surrounded by these short coated NUTTERS….
Human says they are called Abyssinians…. I think they are all Tasmanian Devils!

The Abyssinian Cat Club on Facebook has almost 2500 members…there are some absolutely amazing photos and stories posted there.

Good news, bad news

As I’ve posted many, many times in the past, I love the Page-a-Day® Cat Calendar. I’ve been getting it since I was in high school; I’m pretty sure I started with the 1982 edition, which was something like the second or third one (they used to number them but I think they stopped when they got to twenty).

I think I’ve been entering photos I’ve taken of my cats almost as long. I’ve mailed them photos, I’ve sent in CD-Roms, I’ve emailed my pictures. And in all those 30-ish years, they’ve never chosen one of my entries. My sister did, in 2001; her red Van shorthair Juneau was featured on October 22 that year.

So you can imagine the thrill that ran through me when I opened my mailbox this morning and saw this:


I knew what it was instantly. Ive never gotten a letter from Workman before, but I’ve memorised the contest rules by now, and they say that winners will be notified by mail if their photos were chosen. So I knew.

Excited, I opened the envelope to read:


“…We are very happy to inform you that your cat Jacoby has won a spot on the 2013 Bad Cat Wall Calendar in October and in the 2013 Bad Cat Page-a-Day® Calendar on October 12…”

Um…BAD cat?


I mean, granted, it’s a Page-a-Day calendar…but it’s not the Page-a-Day calendar.
And October 12th next year? Is a Saturday, which means that Jake’s photo will only be on half the page, since they share weekends between two cats’ photos.

Still, after all these years…I’ve finally gotten a photo into a Workman Page-a-Day cat calendar!

And before you ask…I have no idea which photo it is. I can’t remember for the life of me what I submitted this year. I thought I sent in the mistletoe hat picture, but I’d imagine they’d use that around Christmastime, not October. I’ve been wracking my brain, but, I don’t know what photo they’re using. I know I did a post back in January about submitting a photo of Jake in his tuxedo with a can of Planter’s Peanuts, but I can’t recall if I actually sent that one in or not. Guess we’ll just have to wait for the calendar to come out.

Aby Shopping: Not to toot my own horn, but…

…I’m going to toot my own horn.


I made one of these Kor water bottles for myself, and I didn’t realise at the time that it was going to be available to anyone to purchase…but, it is!


Here’s a close-up of the photo of Jacoby; I made it as large as I could on the bottle.

Kor water bottles are really awesome. I think they may be the best water bottles I’ve ever used. They have a nice handle, easy-access lid that’s attached, nice drinking opening…and this really cool thing called “stones” by which you can put a photo or any flat item under the lid where you will see it everytime you drink!

Their stones are made of some kind of waterproof paper, but they’ll have a way to customise them yourself on their site, and, they’re water-resistant, so you can laminate the photo and it’ll be fine (at least, mine are, so far). CafePress only has two colours available, Fuschia and Blue, but you can buy replacement rings and caps for the stones and adapt the colour at least a little.

What’s more, if you order before midnight PDT TONIGHT, you can get 35% off with code #TA3541120!

Speaking of shopping…OMG THIS SHIRT YOU GUYS!!!


Thanks to Donnad for the heads up! You see, I have this shirt! I got it at the TICA show in Providence back in March, and everytime I wear it, people ask me where I got it…and all I could tell them that a cat show vendor was selling them at a show I was at…which works if they’re cat show people but is pretty useless otherwise. However, thanks to Donnad, I have a link to give people!

The one thing about this shirt is that the cat’s eyes? End up right over your boobs. I make a joke of it: “Hey, my eyes are up here…oh, wait.”

Other People’s Abys: Happy Mother’s Day

It’s very apropos that Mother’s Day falls smack dab in the middle of kitten season. This week, there have been some amazing photos that I just have to share.

The first comes from Debbie Dixon of Crystalpaws Abyssinians via the Unusual Abys list:


I thought I’d share this picture that I took earlier today of our “pile of kittens.” We have four litters at the moment ranging from nearly eleven weeks to six weeks old – more than we would usually have. The older litter of five were not planned – their mum, Tas (Crystalpaws Fawn Fantasy) was keeping Frodo (Crystalpaws Frodo Baggins) company for a couple of weeks over Christmas before being spayed, they showed no signs of mating but she suddenly became a little rounded in shape just before she was booked into the vet!

It’s all good fun!!

Next, this adorable little photo was posted by Lucia Neimann on the Facebook Abyssinian Cat Club.


I love her caption: “It’s nice on my mom’s back. Adina’s boy 8 days.”

My friend Molly from Tigerflower Abyssinians sent me this amazing set of photos. They were sent to her by Laurel Healy of Healying Cats.


Isn’t Aby parenthood wonderful?





I’m afraid poor Bella has a sleeping disorder that makes her fall asleep immediately after eating. She had her front legs in the food and just didn’t have the energy to clean up AND move away from her plate.

This last one is also from Molly…and while it’s not really Mother’s Day related, it still makes me laugh every time I look at it.


She sent it with a single word: “IMITATORS!” Ha!

Other People’s Abys – Congratulations to the 2011-2012 CFA season Aby Grands!

The CFA show season runs from May 1 though April 30, and this weekend’s shows were the first of the new CFA year.

A total of 72 Abyssinians earned the title of Grand Champion or Grand Premier during last year’s show season, and you can see all of them on Christine Ruessheim’s site.

Parade of Aby Grands 2011-2012

The slideshow runs in alphabetical order by cattery name, and I’m sure you’ll see a few familar faces!