Aby-a-Day – 3 July: Paw & (dis)Order: Abyssinial Intent (Cartoon Tuesday)

In memory of cousin Taz, I am re-running his and Jacoby’s best cartoon appearance: Paw & (dis)Order: Abyssinial Intent.


It started as a random comment at the Mansfield show in 2012 and grew into…well, this. Meg had brought a little girl called Tiger Lili, who had Jake and Taz all het up. So she became the star of the cartoon as well. Taz and Jake were wearing collars because Meg had gotten them both collars to wear; Taz’s had a sort of flower on it.


Originally I was thinking they’d be Briscoe and <aCurtis, but they ended up being more like Goren and Eames (Taz being Eames, of course).


Annnd…I couldn’t resist throwing in a David Caruso joke, because who doesn’t love crime procedural mash-ups?

Aby-a-Day – October 15: Abyssinian overload!

When Jacoby and I went to the NEMO show last weekend, we were delighted to see that there were four Abys entered in the Premiership class. I think this is the biggest Aby Premiership class we’ve ever had in our show career.


The other Grand Premier, the red Aby on the end, #109, was none other than our old friend Garçon, visiting from Florida! He and Jake split the finals; out of the eight rings, Jake made four and Garçon three (one judge did not final an Aby at all). The other two ruddy girls were Premiers, not Grand Premiers.


What was even more fun was that we were all benched together, too. Here’s what all the Abys looked like when they were at “home.” In the cage between Jake and Garçon (on the end) is Meg’s kitten Monty – you’ll see photos of him later.

Aby-a-Day – May 9: “Impressive” (Saturday Photo Hunt)

This week’s Photo Hunt subject is “Impressive.”

Jacoby started showing late in life compared to most show cats. He started showing when he was almost 2, and now he’s 6 years old. At the Seacoast show last weekend, he made four out of ten finals, placing 10th, 8th and 3rd best Allbreed and 5th best in a Specialty Shorthair ring.

Some would say this is impressive. Most show cats retire by the time they're 2 years old.

NativeDcakeseacoast2015C09492 2

However, Jake is nothing compared to a Siamese in the North Atlantic Region. GPD, NW, RW Minghou Native Dancer of Tayohme, a seal-point Siamese neuter, is almost 11 years old, and he is still a regular fixture at cat shows.

NativeDcakeseacoast2015C09497 2

Seen here with his owner, Sandra Hogan (in blue), and his breeder, Pat Muise, Danny has been at least a Regional winner, if not a National winner, in CFA every year he’s been shown. He is the first Siamese to earn the “Grand of Distinction” title.


When a judge comes to take Danny out of his cage, Danny goes right for the shoulder and hugs the judge as he’s taken out. Here he is with Russell Webb.


Even though he’s 11, he’s really clear and his body is really light for a Siamese. As Siamese age, they tend to get darker, and their body colour tends to blend with their points. Danny has managed to keep a pale body. He’s also managed to keep his boyish figure all these years.


(Notice who’s in the background, waiting his turn!)

NativeDcakeseacoast2015C09570 2

At the show last weekend, Danny had a cake in his honour, because he was a national winner for the last CFA show season.

NativeDcakeseacoast2015C09511 2

NativeDcakeseacoast2015C09515 2

Like any celebrity, Danny was asked to put his pawprint in the frosting of his cake.

NativeDcakeseacoast2015C09531 2

NativeDcakeseacoast2015C09530 2

I think he really enjoyed that.

NativeDcakeseacoast2015C09553 2

It was really cute, too. I don’t know who got that piece of the cake – probably his owner.

NativeDcakeseacoast2015C09556 2

Both his owner and his breeder are really proud of him. And I think his breeder is really happy to be able to see him all the time.


Danny is an impressive Siamese, and an impressive Grand Premier. Some people think Jake is too old to show…but if an 11 year old Siamese can keep showing – and making finals – why shouldn’t Jake? His colour has only gotten better as he’s aged…although I don’t take him to enough shows to earn a Regional or National CFA title, at the age of 6 he still holds his own in the show ring.

Aby-a-Day – December 4: Meeting a Legend

One of the reasons I really wanted to go to the World Show and enter the Red Show was because Wain Harding was one of the judges. (The other was because it was near Philly and I could see my sister.)


You’ll have to indulge me here with a little fangirling. Wain Harding was the name in Aby breeders when I was a cat-crazy little kid first going to cat shows. I grew up in Davis, CA and Wain was based in Berkeley, CA – only 64 miles away on I-80! – so I saw his Abys a lot when we went to shows in Sacramento and San Francisco. They were probably the Abys I saw most, now that I think about it.


I’m sure I must have seen Wain at a cat show at Cal Expo or the SF County Fair Building/Hall of Flowers when I was a kid. I may have also seen him as an apprentice judge!


Wain Harding is Bastis Abyssinians. Bastis is one of those cattery names that shows up in viturally every Aby’s pedigree at some point.


Jacoby has a solid Bastis backgound, starting with the legendary GC Bastis Zackariah, DM. Zackariah has 83 offspring known to ERoS, and there are probably a lot of his kittens that weren’t recorded there. This one cat is probably the keystone of modern Abys. I wonder if anyone can find an Aby alive today without Zackariah’s name in his or her pedigree?


Long story short, it was a pretty big deal to meet Wain Harding, no matter what Meg says 🙂


It was pretty exciting when, as Wain took Jake from the judging cage to the table, I heard him exclaim, “Wow…what great colour!” To have that be the first thing he said when he examined Jake was pretty amazing.


Needless to say, when I heard Jake’s number called for Wain Harding’s Shorthair Specialty Ring at the World Show on Saturday, I was thrilled.


I was so busy being excited and taking pictures, I don’t remember what Wain said as he presented Jake with his rosette.


When I first got Gun-Hee and wanted to start showing, I scoured the internet for information on showing Abys and discovered this article about the perfect show Abyssinian. Several Aby-centric judges were interviewed for this Q and A, including Wain Harding. This article made an impression on me, especially Wain’s comments.


Jake was Wain’s 14th Best Shorthair Cat in Premiership. This was out of 40 shorthair premiers entered in the Red Show.


I know a lot of people might think, “Only 14th place?” but this was a very stiff competition. All of the Premiers were in top form at this show, and in all honesty, I got really lucky that the other Abyssinian Premiers weren’t able to attend and Jake ended up being the only Aby in Premiership in the Red Show. All in all, Jake ended up in 40th place overall and he earned 39 points.*


The one thing I really wanted to do was get a photo of Wain with Jake and I. We had planned on getting one, but even though we were benched right across from his ring all weekend, I never managed to get that photo. Well…perhaps there will be a next time.

*On a side note, take a look at some of the cats’ names in Premiership! There’s a Manx named Jack Benny and a Maine Coon called Maine-ard G Krebbs. Two of my favourite characters! I love names like that.

Aby-a-Day – September 6: “Gray” (Saturday Photo Hunt)

This week’s Photo Hunt subject is “Gray.”


Gun-Hee was once disqualified in Wayne Trevathan’s ring because he said Gun-Hee had a gray undercoat.


This was when he was still collecting his six Winner’s Ribbons to become a Premier. As a result, he only got five at that show and didn’t become a Premier until his second show as an adult.


It was odd; Wayne was the only judge who ever said anything about Gun-Hee’s undercoat. Roger Lawrence gave him a Best of Colour at the same show, and three months earlier, Marge Collier made him her Best Kitten.


Unfortunately, Gun-Hee didn’t get to go to any more shows after that, so he never became a Grand Premier. That’s why it was so wonderful when Jacoby finally earned that title. Jake and Gun-Hee do look a lot alike…but Jake definitely has a more red undercoat.


The first time Jake was judged by Wayne (I think it was at the Seacoast show last year), I held my breath…but he passed with flying colours. I don’t think he finalled…but he passed!

Aby-a-Day – September 4: Hands free

It’s always so delightful when we’re at a cat show and a judge really appreciates Jacoby’s strengths.


Jake’s not a typical Aby on the judge’s table. He doesn’t play with toys. He doesn’t scratch the sisal post. He doesn’t act like a kitten.


No, Jake just stands there on the table, majestically proud, surveying the audience.


Pam Bassett, a judge from Louisana, was incredibly impressed by Jake’s show demeanour.


She was so impressed that she did something you will only rarely see a judge do with an Abyssinian: she took her hands off him and stepped away.


Far away – out-of-the-frame away!


“Well, if she’s just going to leave, I might as well sit.”


And she’s back.


She really liked the way Jake was so calm and confident on the table. She gave him Second Best Cat in Premiership in her ring.


Her best cat was this sable Burmese girl, GP Panthat Just One More of Burmay.


You’ll notice that Pam did not take her hands off of her or walk away like she did with Jake!

Aby-a-Day – August 27: Wordless Wednesday (Surprise!)


Aby-a-Day – May 11: Scenes From a Cat Show

Here are a few more photos from last week’s cat show. First, here’s Russell Webb and Jacoby during the final in Russell’s ring.





I just love watching Russell describe Abyssinians.


Jake was pretty pleased with his second best ribbon.


Here is the Persian who took Best in Russell’s ring. It’s also pretty entertaining to watch Russell describe Persians.


This cat, GP Catsafrats Stardust of Joray, is a force to be reckoned with. He made nine out of the ten finals, and he was Best Cat in Premiership in six of them!


Needless to say, coming in second to the Best Premier in Show was fairly satisfying.


For this show, I tried putting make-up on Jake’s ear spots


I used a combination of brown pencil eyeliner, brown mascara and rust grooming powder.


It didn’t make the spots go away entirely, but I do think it helped.



Jake spent a good part of the show in his benching cage, greeting his fans and making new friends.



Jake really enjoys getting pets from the spectators.


I think it might be his favourite thing about cat shows.


My favourite part of cat shows is seeing the other breeds! This is Swift-Rivers DiamondLilli, a lavender and white Oriental Shorthair – a very unusual colour. What’s more, she has the greenest of green eyes.


This is Karol Walt Whitman, a Japanese Bobtail. He’s almost entirely white except for a few spots on his ears and nose and his little black tail nub.


This little Sphynx girl, Skinzin Crystal Bald of Gillies, was at the show we went to in Stamford last year, too. She was only a kitten then – she’s grown!


Whoops! There’s Chanan the photographer passing by!


Compare that little Sphynx to this Persian, Top Shelf’s Harry Winston. It’s hard to believe that these two cats are the same species, isn’t it?


I wonder what their kittens would look like?


There was a Parade of Breeds on Sunday, and Jake was the proud representative of his breed.


He was requested specifically, which was a nice honour.


This Ocicat had something to say to the audience.


There was a Spectator’s Choice award, too. Our friend Amelia and her blue Burmese Bella took third place.


The best thing, though, was seeing Burmillas recognised as a regular breed.


This little five month old boy is Kitzn’s Stevia, a black shaded Burmilla kitten.


Isn’t he adorable?


I imagine Tessie looked a lot like him when she was his age.


Here is Kitzn’s Mickey again. He has less colour on each hair than Stevia does since he’s a tipped Burmilla.



Mickey is a year and two months old. He reminded me so much of Tessie when I first met her – we got her when she was a year and eight months old.


Ultimately, I can’t really explain what it is I love so much about going to and participating in cat shows.



I’m just glad I have a cat who likes coming along to the shows with me.

Aby-a-Day – May 9: New Year’s Tradition (Friday Flashback)

At the show last weekend, Jacoby didn’t make a final until his last ring, and then Russell Webb named him Second Best Cat in Premiership.


But it wasn’t the first time this happened!


A very similar situation happened at the 2012 show…and just as he did last Sunday, Russell named Jake his Second Best Cat in Premiership!

The only difference was that the Aby Meg is showing this year, Chai, isn’t a Grand yet, so he wasn’t in the finals with Jake.


Last year, we broke with tradition a bit: Jake made more than one final, and Russell named him his Best Cat in Premiership.


Isn’t it nice to know that some traditions still exist?

Aby-a-Day – April 13: Cat Fanciers’ Federation

Last Saturday, Jacoby and I went to a CFF (Cat Fanciers’ Federation) cat show.



The CFF is one of the oldest feline registries in the United States, but it’s also one of the smallest. Originally called the Atlantic Cat Club, it was once a part of the CFA, but broke off and became their own club in 1919.



The territoty of the CFF is rather small: They only have shows in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire and Connecticut. But that also makes it very close-knit and friendly.


But the most fun thing about the show was, we got to see Buddy, Stan and Patty. You may recall Buddy (JazzyAbys Buddy Rich) earned his Grand Premiership in CFA back in August 2012, at the show at the Mansfield Holiday Inn. Well, Buddy is working on his Grand Champion Alter title in CFF.


And he almost made it, too. Despite finishing first in an Allbreed Alter ring, Buddy ended the day needing one point to Grand!


Part of the reason Buddy didn’t make that last point was that he wasn’t able to be judged in two rings since his humans were judging, too. In Stan and Patty’s rings, Jake was the only Aby.


And it was great fun to have Stan and Patty judge Jake for the first time. Ever since Gun-Hee’s first show when he was a kitten up against Fats Waller, I’ve been in awe of their cats. Wally was CFA’s Best Aby of 2008!


A good time all around in Patty’s ring! Wave to the people, Jake!


For his first CFF show, Jake did really well. He was 6th Best Shorthair Alter, 6th Best Allbreed Alter, 3rd Best Shorthair Alter and 3rd Best Allbreed Alter in his four rings.


Since he was the only Novice Abyssinian, he earned a winner’s ribbon in each ring. In CFF, it takes four winner’s ribbons to become a Champion in the Alter class…so now, as soon as I file his paperwork, Jake’ll be a Champion in his third cat registry!


This was also our first cat show since the Westchester show last November.


I think Jake kind of missed going to shows. He had a good time hanging out and meeting people. Unlike last year, though, he didn’t win the Spectator’s Choice Award (I think he came in second).

CFA’s Best Cat in Premiership 2012-13

It’s official: CFA’s Best Cat in Premiership is an Abyssinian!

GP,NW Zehnder‘s Roger* Vivier of NuDawnz (Breeder: M. Zehnder/S. VandeSande, Owner: Lorna Friemoth, Seth Baugh, Monica Zehndner), last season’s 3rd Best Abyssinian Kitten, is back this year as Best Aby Premier and Best CFA Premier!

Here he is taking a Best Cat in Premiership rosette in Darrell Newkirk’s ring at show. Well done!

I had the honour of seeing the Abyssinian Breed Council Awards presented last year. And in case you’re wondering, Jacoby ended up the season as 11th Best Abyssinian in Premiership. He just missed winning a rosette and adding a “BW” to his title…perhaps we’ll have better luck this year?

Congratulations, Roger!

(*Pronounced “Roh-GHEY”)

Aby-a-Day – May 7: Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind? (Cartoon Tuesday)

This was all Meg’s idea, inspired by Jacoby’s Best Cat win this weekend at the Seacoast Show. Taz is retired this year (having won 6th Best Premier in CFA’s North Atlantic Region as well as Second Best Aby in Premiership in CFA for the 2012-2013 show season* – Congratulations, Cousin Taz!) so Jake was on his own in the Aby Premiership class this first show weekend of the season. It was also inspired by the cartoon from this same show last year that was also Meg’s idea.


(*In case you were wondering, Jake was the CFA’s 11th Best Aby in Premiership, just out of the Top 10. So we’ve got our New Year Resolution set for this season!)

(Click cartoon to embiggen, or you can view all cartoons in Slideshow mode on Flickr.)

Aby-a-Day – May 5: Jacoby’s shiny new year

The CFA show season starts on May 1.


The first show of the new CFA year, in New England, is traditionally held in a hockey arena in Concord, NH.



It’s always a really great show. There’s a lot of food, a book sale, an awesome raffle and a silent auction, and often Feline Agility, all in a great, airy (if a bit chilly) space. Chanan is also there, and it’s always great to talk to him. I actually had I had a major squee moment when I showed him a lenticular card I’d made of Jacoby using two of his images.

He was impressed that I’d matched the two photos so perfectly (Jake’s paw seems to move, but Chanan’s signature doesn’t), and then he showed me something he’d done to a photo on his computer, and then we got into a conversation about Photoshop and I showed him a trick I use all the time (the bandage) that he’d never tried. After that discussion, I have to admit, I rushed back to Jake’s cage as giddy as a teenage girl at a Beatles concert. It was awesome.



Since Jake was entered in the show, we couldn’t do a lot of costume changes, but he did manage to show off a little of his wardrobe.


The best surprise, though, came – as it so often does with Jake at cat shows – at the end of the second day.



He won Best Cat in Premiership in Russell Webb’s ring! His second Best win!


What a great way to start off the new season!

Jacoby’s Nephew the Superstar

Hinka Chapman posted some awesome news on Facebook the other day…

( Photo copyright Dick de Gier Photography)

Eszencia Dylan has achieved the title of Supreme Master Grand Premiere, the highest scoring achievement in the Canadian Cat Association!

Dylan is Jacoby’s littermate-brother Dillin (Pellburn Johnny Dillinger)’s son, and Jacoby’s nephew. It seems like all the boycats in their family are all destined for greatness.

Congratulation, Dylan!

Aby-a-Day – October 9: Paw & (dis)Order: Case Closed (Cartoon Tuesday)

All’s well that ends well.


I couldn’t resist throwing in a David Caruso joke. Although, technically, he’s more of a Red than a Ruddy.

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Aby-a-Day – October 2: Paw & (dis)Order: Forensics (Cartoon Tuesday)

I love when Goren goes off one one tiny, boring detail.


Definitely a case of not seeing the forest for the (cat) trees, I’d say.

Aby-a-Day – September 25: Paw & (dis)Order: Discovery (Cartoon Tuesday)

One little joke at a cat show blossoms into a four-panel cartoon story arc.


This is based (loosely) on Goren and Eames. When I told her the plot, Meg said that “Lili will probably insist that it be all about her.” So, we’ll see.

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Aby-a-Day – September 18: Paw & (dis)Order: Abyssinial Intent (Cartoon Tuesday)

This started out as a joke during the Mansfield show; someone (a judge?) said something about the Aby colour classes being “different but equally important” which of course led to me cracking wise about crack about “These are their stories,” and finally ended up with Jacoby being cast as Lenny Briscoe and Taz as possibly Mike Logan, but more likely Rey Curtis.


It kind of mushroomed from there. This is part one of four…

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Aby-a-Day – September 11: Girl Trouble (Cartoon Tuesday)

At the show in Mansfield, Meg brought a just-turned-8-months girlcat called Tiger Lili. Lili, while adorable, set off both Jacoby and Taz, both of whom were unusually grouchy. They hissed at the judges! More than once!


Lili, like most girls, was oblivious to the effect she was having on the two seasoned showcats.

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Aby-a-Day – September 4: Eyes on the Prize (Cartoon Tuesday)

It seems like each cat show Jacoby and I go to inspires at least one cartoon!


Especially if Meg and Cousin Taz are also attending.

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