Aby-a-Day – 14 May: Logan’s last professional photos

At the Scandinavian Winners Show, Logan had his second set of professional photos taken.

I had absolutely no idea that they would be his last set of professional photos.

I mean, look at him! He doesn’t even look sick in these photos.

This one, he’s talking with that voice of his…I can still hear it.

Hard to believe that only two weeks later, Alfred and I said goodbye to him. He’s so alive in these shots! It’s only slightly ironic that I got them one month to the day that he died.


But the best part is…


…while the photographer was snapping his photos…


…I was taking photos of Logan getting his photo taken!


I think it’s kind of cool to see both sides of the same photo session.


I haven’t tried to match up my photos to the professional’s.


I’m not sure I ever can, but I am so glad to have both sets of photos.

Aby-a-Day – November 7: Bottoms Up! (Friday Flashback)

I didn’t even know this photo existed until this summer!

This is Jacoby…this photo was taken by Gary Weekes in Fredericton, NB, before Jake came to live with us…I think he was about 8 weeks old here?

Jake isn’t the only Aby kitten Gary has photographed, either. I don’t know who these two are…but I bet Sherry does!

Edit: Sherry DID know – the smaller one is Scarlett (Jake’s sister) and the larger kit is either Jake or his brother Dillin. Sherry also sent me another photo of little Scarlett…

Aby-a-Day – October 27: Ready for his close-up

One of the best things about cat shows is the raffle table. Some of the prizes are really great, and there’s actually a decent chance of winning the prize you’re interested in. At the NEMO show, I bought 100 tickets and really wanted to win two prizes: the Thundershirt on Saturday, and the photo session with Bille Axell, the show photographer, on Sunday. Coincidentally, these were the two prizes I won!

The photo shoot was the most awesome prize I’ve ever won at a cat show raffle. Jacoby’s had a few professional sessions at shows, including two with my idol, Chanan, but this was one of the most fun.

Part of the fun was that the raffle winners were announced before all the judging was completed. Bille is a candid photographer as well as a studio photographer, so he was more than willing to take some extra photos as part of my prize package.

Russell Webb’s finals hadn’t been announced yet, and Jake has historically done well in Russell’s rings. This year, we’ve seen him at two shows (Seacoast in Concord, NH back in May, and Sanguine Silver/Half Moon in Boxborough in August) he was Best Cat in Premiership and Second Best Cat in Premiership. So I asked Bille to wait to see how Jake did in Russell’s shorthair specialty ring.

And it was worth waiting for…Jake was Best Shorthaired Cat in Premiership on Sunday!

Bille was also very open to suggestions and improvisation, which made it that much more fun. When he asked what colour background I wanted, I suggested we use Jake’s signature leopard print instead of the conventional solid. Bille thought that was an awesome idea…and I think it turned out really well.

Bille also thought it would be fun to take a few shots of Jake with my camera. I love these.



Bille also let me take a few photos of him taking photos of Jake.





If you’ve ever wanted to know what it looks like behind the scenes of those amazing studio portraits you see of cats online and in magazines…well, this is what happens! And be sure to check out Bille’s website to see more of his wonderful photos!

Aby-a-Day – May 12: “The hardest working cat in Boston”

The other day, my friend Lee, who also does pet therapy, asked me if she could interview me about Jacoby’s participation in the BAA therapy event we went to a couple of weeks ago for an online magazine. It was published yesterday: “A Purr Massages the Heart: A Therapy Cat Story From The Boston Bombing.” I think it’s a wonderful article; I always feel so awkward when people interview me for articles about Jacoby for some reason. I like how she wrote it from Jake’s point of view, and there are some really nice comments on it, too.


On Friday, we got a certificate in the mail from Pet Partners for that visit!


Look how proud Jake is! I swear he’s smiling in this photo.


We also just got some professional therapy photos taken by Picture People (we had a Groupon for a portrait sitting). We got some wonderful shots, two of which I’m using on a new set of therapy cards to give to the people we visit.




Some of them turned out really great!



Others are pretty dorky. But I’m glad I paid extra to have the CD of all the photos taken in our session, because they really do show the bond he and I have.


And that makes this a pretty good Mother’s Day post, too.