Aby-a-Day – February 5: “Nobody in football should be called a genius. A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein”

If you’re not located in North America (where I hear they are actually having winter), you may be aware that today is something akin to a holiday: It’s Super Bowl Sunday.


Of course, the reason that it’s a big deal in our household is because it’s also Puppy Bowl Sunday!


As I’ve posted in previous years, Angel loves the annual Animal Planet football alternative.


But really, she only really cares about the Kitty Halftime Show, and who can really blame her? The kittens are awesome.


She gets so excited, she thinks the toys are right there!


These last two are really blurry…



…but they were so cute I wanted to include them. She really gets into it!


Jacoby doesn’t pay much attention to the television, especially compared with Angel, but he does get interested in the actual Puppy Bowl part of the show.


Although, he might have just been curious about the new Tweeter they added this year.

Aby-a-Day – February 6: Super Sunday

Finally, it’s the big day! It’s time for Puppy Bowl VII and the infamous Kitten Halftime Show!

This is a tradition with Angel; she was captivated by the romping kittens in 2009 and last year.


When it started this year, she was actually napping in front of the television.


She woke up soon enough to watch the kittens play!


She loves the Kitty Halftime Show.


Jacoby needed a little help getting as interested as Angel was.


And even Tessie wanted to play with the kittens when the confetti started falling during the Grand Finale!

Aby-a-Day – Day 38 of 365

Superbowl Sunday is one of Angel’s favourite days…she just loves the Animal Planet Kitty Halftime Show!

This year, she watched it from the top of the cat tree. I thought Jacoby was going to be all in the screen, but he didn’t seem to notice the kittens or their toys. I recorded it, though, so maybe he’ll pay attention when I replay it.



Angel was really fascinated with the kittens last year, too.

Angel-a-day/32 of 365

Angel watches the Animal Planet Kitty Half-Time Show!

She was very interested in the kittens playing!