Aby-a-Day – 22 Januari: Answer your cats’ questions day!

Today is Answer Your Cats’ Questions Day! I did this last year with Pyret, Angel, Jacoby, Alfred and Logan, but this year we lost Pyret and Logan and gained Lorelai and Izaak, so…I thought I’d do it again this year.


Angel’s question, whilst about a different Singapura, is the same as last year…


No, seriously.


Jake’s question is fairly basic…


Cuddly Freddy has a friendly, helpful question.


Zak asks me this question every single day.


Everytime I go into the kitchen.


Finally, Rory just wants to know one thing…

Aby-a-Day – 22 January: National Answer Your Cats’ Questions Day

Today is National Answer Your Cats’ Questions Day in the US. I did this five years ago with Jacoby, Angel, Kylie and Tessie. But now we have Logan, Alfred and Pyret, and of course, Angel and Jake are five years older…so let’s see what they want to know now.

First off, Freddy would like to know…


And also:


Meanwhile, Logan wants to know this about birds:


He also wonders…


Jake very seriously asks:


And all three boys are dying to know this…


As for the girls…Angel only wants to know…


And Pyret…well, Pyret has only one question:


I am afraid I have no answers for most of these questions…

Aby-a-Day – January 24: National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day

Tuesday was National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day. I got to wondering…what would the cats I live with ask, given the chance?


Jacoby’s question? Oh, that’s an easy one.


Angel’s question is one I wonder about, too.


Kylie…well, Kylie’s got things pretty figured out.


And Tessie, while I know she loves living with other cats, always wants to know this when we pet someone other than her.

Best, Worst, and “Wish List” Cat Products

In one of the (many) cat-related online communities I follow, someone asked us to answer these three questions:

1. My absolute favourite thing I’ve gotten so far for my cat/s is ____________. (Please include pic and/or link!)

2. One thing I bought for my cat and now wish I hadn’t is ____________.

3. If I could splurge on any pet product, it would be ________________.

What a great question! I thought you might be interested in my answers…

The best thing is my cats’ braided kangaroo leather tag collars, their Blanket ID tags, and their gemstone and silver name/address tags. I like having a collar on my cats; these are light and slip on and off should they get caught on something. The two tags are small, pretty…and useful.


The thing I bought that I wish I hadn’t was the Klaw Kontrol bag. Not only did it not really work on the one cat I needed it for, but she was too strong for it! She actually ripped out the zipper seams! Oh, well, lesson learned.

If I could splurge on anything for our cats, it would be a complete wall-mounted cat shelf and walkway system. I’d settle for a place with a structural interior pillar that I could wrap in sisal rope, but someday I want a catwalk system like the “cat houses” in Japan.

So, how about you?

Gun-Hee’s Mailbag

A reader asks: Would Gun Hee eat a pizza if I put tuna and sardines on it? lol

Lets see…yesterday for breakfast my husband had bacon, eggs and a bagel. Gun-Hee ate a piece of all three and then had a go at the coffee (which Dmy husband didn’t let him have because the last thing Gun-Hee needs is caffeine). I had a hamburger, chips and salsa, and a lowfat ice cream sandwich for dinner…he wanted all of that too (except the salsa). So the answer is he would eat a pizza. Regardless of what is on it. 🙂

Feel free to ask a question…