Aby-a-Day – March 25: Wordless Wednesday (Angel is weird)















Aby-a-Day – February 20: Blood is thicker than water (Friday Flashback)

Yesterday’s post about Jacoby’s fascination with the laundry closet reminded me that Gun-Hee had a similar fascination.


He was a little more into the laundry than Jake is, though.




And I mean that literally. He would sit in the washer…at least, until I turned on the water. Of course, I always checked before I did that…but sometimes, starting the machine was the only way to get him out of there!



He also liked to bite the knobs.


Abys are so…weird.

Aby-a-Day – February 19: Helping paws

Jacoby has the oddest fascination with the laundry closet in our apartment. I have no idea why it holds such fascination for him, but he just loves going behind the washing machine. He did it in our old apartment, and he still does it.


He’s super sneaky about it, too. You can call him and call him, and he won’t come out. I have no idea what he does back there.


If you use food, you might get a reaction. “What, mom?”


“Awwww….do I have come out?”

Aby-a-Day – September 28: Haute cuisine

Angel has decided she wants to eat on the top of her favourite cat tree, and not on the floor like everyone else.


Oh, I try to feed her on the floor, with Tessie, at the fancy new Hepper feeder in the kitchen…


…but she’ll have none of it.


She takes a few bites, and then runs for her tree.


Sometimes, she runs back and forth from her bowl in the kitchen to the tree. Of course, during all this, if Tessie finishes her own and is still hungry, she’ll just move over and start in on Angel’s food.


If you don’t put her food up there, she’ll just sit up there and yell at you until you figure it out.


So I have to give in, and give Angel her dinner on the cat tree. I really would prefer her to eat in the kitchen (for one thing, she likes to eat her food outside the dish, which is one of the main reasons I bought the Hepper NomNom feeder in the first place!


Look at her face: “Well, it’s about time you got the hint and brought me my food here!”


This just started recently, too. For months, she was happy eating on the floor with Tessie. I’m not sure what changed.


She’s loved the tree since we got it back in the old apartment, and it’s even better now that it’s in the window.


My husband got her started on this; for some reason, he started giving her breakfast up there and now she wants all her meals to be served on the patio.










After supper, it’s time for washing up, of course.


It’s so funny how adamant she is about eating her food up there. Thank goodness no one else is so stubborn!

Aby-a-Day – November 18: Fine boned (Hipstamatic Monday)

When Jacoby was a kitten, he loved to play with round lambbones.




That hasn’t changed a bit in 3½ years.



What’s not to love? They smell and taste good, they’re a nice shape to pick up and carry around, and they make a good loud noise when dropped and kicked around on the hardwood floor…




He likes to pick them up and play with them in our bed, too.







Until it falls off the bed (and I’m sure the people downstairs love when that happens!)…



…and he has to go chase it down!



Then it’s back to the bed so the fun can start all over again!


(And yes, I have found lambbones under my pillow. Why do you ask?)


He loves it when I play with him, too. It adds a whole different dimension to the game.


Well…he usually loves it when I play with him….


I’m not kidding when I say he loves these little bones.




Best. Toy. EVER.


Tessie doesn’t really see the appeal, though.

Aby-a-Day – October 16: Napping spots is srs bsns

We have two identical black wooden cat trees from Petco. Being, as I said, identical, they each have an identical little cubbyhole at the bottom for kitties to nap in.


Or perhaps I should say apparently identical cubbyholes, because for whatever reason, the cats only want to sleep in the cat tree cubby on the left-hand side.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone in the cubby on the right-hand side.


Even though they are, as I have said, identical.


I guess identical is in the eye of the beholder.

Aby-a-Day – Day 364 of 365

I think Jacoby is really going to miss the tree when we take it down.


It’s like his own personal fort. The new bed under there just makes it even better.

Aby-a-Day – Day 337 of 365

The other day I was explaining how great litter cabinets are, especially in small apartments, and I realised I have photos of the litter cabinet in action.


Angel on her way in…


Digging around a bit…



What I didn’t get was her bolting out of the cabinet, the bathroom and the bedroom as fast as she could. Ever since Kylie played her “sneak attack outside the litterbox” game with Angel when we first brought her home, Angel is super nervous about using the litterbox. She almost never uses the front bathroom (this is where Kylie prefers to pull that trick, because it’s got a blind corner), over two years later, and she really prefers to use the box in the bedroom bathroom when the other cats are locked out of the bedroom.

She will pee on the sheepskin rugs, piles of clothing on the floor, and in the blankets inside the little show cage/cat fort (which, I remember, is one reason we put it in storage) if she feels that she can’t get to the box “safely.”

During the first week we had her, Kylie and Tessie (who were very unwelcoming to her for several months after her arrival) “treed” Angel on the kitchen counter. I found her up there when I got home from work, cowering next to the microwave next to a little poop. She was so afraid of the big girls that she pooped on a cold hard countertop instead of hopping down and using a litterbox. After that, we sequestered her in the bedroom when we weren’t home.

That’s why it’s so wonderful to watch her thrash Jacoby. She could mop the floor with Kylie or Tessie, too – she’s by far the strongest cat we have. We can’t do anything to her that she doesn’t want done. Our vet doesn’t nag us to brush her teeth because she knows how strong Angel is.

The dynamics between female cats is fascinating. Before now, I’ve never had more than one female. It’s really different from having male cats, even if they’re neutered or spayed.

Aby-a-Day – Day 126 of 365

You know how some cats bring you dead animals they’ve killed as presents? And you know how a lot of indoor cats just love to bring their favourite toys with them into your bed?

And don’t Jacoby and Angel both look so very enthralled by whatever that is that Jake brought to the bed and they’re now playing with?

Yeeaahhhhh…no, I’m not going to actually tell you what that is (although if you look at the original size of this photo on Flickr you can tell exactly what it is), but I will tell you that Jake got it out of the bathroom trash and it was full of little holes.

And I was, quite rightly, disgusted. But it was still pretty funny.

Aby-a-Day – Day 108 of 365

Jacoby is the funniest little cat. He picks things up and carries them around in his mouth, like a dog, more than any cat I’ve known. I’ve had cats who’d carry specific things around, like furry mice or sparkle balls, but Jake picks up everything and runs off with it.

Case in point: the other morning while I was getting ready for work, Jake hopped up on the counter, picked up a little bottle of antibacterial hand gel in a little rubber case, and started to run off with it.

The bathroom door opens in, and with the bottle in his mouth, he couldn’t pull the door open enough to get out with his trophy, so I was able to get a couple of photos with my phone.

After this, I opened the door to let him out. He immediately took the bottle to the bed to play with it. I don’t know why, but with every boycat I’ve ever had, the very best toys always ended up in my bed.

Aby-a-Day – Day 92 of 365

When Angel gets going, she turns into a purring and kneading machine. She gets into a zone and just goes to town.

Here she is kneading my Snuggie like a madcat.


Aby-a-Day – Day 31 of 365

Angel has a very cute habit. When I give our clowder their nightly can of cat food (necessary because Angel needs a dose of L-Lysine for her FeLV), the Abys get their own bowls first, and then the other two get their plate to share.

Angel is still nervous about eating around the other girlcats (for a long time we had to feed her in the bedroom with the door closed, but she loves her canned food so very much she sticks with it as long as she can. Eventually, though, she can’t stand it any more and decides it’s time to finish eating back behind the safety of a closed door.

She walks away from her bowl and waits for me to bring the rest of her canned food into the bedroom. This is what it looks like:

Funny girl!

When I adopted her, Angel’s foster mom told me that sometimes she’d see Angel playing with invisible things in the air that she thought might be shadows in her good eye.

I hadn’t managed to catch her doing this, until tonight. She’s on a roll, batting at things only she can see. It’s adorable.