Aby-a-Day – May 30: “Red” (Saturday Photo Hunt)

This week’s Photo Hunt subject is “Red.”


This is an easy one! Angel is a red Aby!


But it’s not at simple as that, because Angel isn’t really red. Her colour, genetically, is cinnamon, a dilute of the brown gene. True, sex-linked red in cats is a completely different gene.


You see, in non-Abyssinians, the red gene in cats is sex-linked, and only carried on the X chromosome. Females are XX, and males are XY, of course, so the Y doesn’t contribute to a cat’s colour. Red is also dominant, so if it’s present, no other colour can manifest…unless it’s on the other X in a female. So, a female can either be red-red, red-not red, or not red-not red. Males can only be either red or not-red. Red females, contrary to popular belief, aren’t “rare,” they’re just statistically less likely, since the chances to have a red female are shared with the chances to have a red-not red, or tortoiseshell, female. It’s a bit confusing, I know. Maybe that’s why the “red” in red Abyssinians isn’t really red. It’s definitely easier that way.


True sex-linked red does exist in Abys, but it’s not recognised by all registries; the CFA does not recognise it all. The true sex-linked red Abyssinian is bright orange with a red tail tip. It is important for breeders to know whether they have sex-linked red or non-sex-linked red as this will affect the breeding program. Where there is sex-linked red, there can also be tortoiseshells. Tortie Abyssinians do occur, but since the breed does not permit white, these are always brindled rather than “calico.” The combination of brindling and ticking can make it almost impossible to determine whether a female is tortie or not just from a visual inspection. Sometimes a female Abyssinian is only known to be a genetic tortie when she produces a mix of red and ruddy kittens!

Abys are Everywhere – Dr. Elsey’s Sneezing Kitten

How cute is this little guy? I found him at the top of the Catshows.US website when I went to enter the Seacoast Cat Show the other day.

I mean, how can you not follow that link to Dr. Elsey’s litter?

Abys in Need: Falstaff in Pittsfield, MA

Okay, everyone in New England who’s been wanting an Aby…I have a sweetheart for you!

“Falstaff is a purebred, neutered male red Abyssinian. He’s nearly 10 years old, but doesn’t know it. He’s athletic and figured out how to jump up onto the refrigerator where we kept his food. It’s no longer there, but we may need to keep it under lock & key!”

Hmmm…perhaps they should have named him something other than Falstaff; Abys have a way of living up to their names, so maybe Hostess Quickly nailed it when she said, “He hath eaten me out of house and home, he hath put all my substance into that fat belly of his…” Except this boy doesn’t look all that fat!

“Falstaff is located in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, which is in the western part of the state. My daughter is out of the country for an extended time. My husband has a debilitating condition, and when he retires in June, 2015, we will sell the house & move to Florida.

Unfortunately, Falstaff has scratched up our furniture & window sills. When Falstaff was a kitten (he was born in our house), he scratched on a tower, which fell over on him. Since then, we’ve tried to interest him in scratching pads, boards, etc. He’ll have nothing to do with them. He enjoys chasing laser beams and paper balls.

We really don’t want to put him in a shelter if we can help it!”

If you are looking for an older (but by no means “old”) Aby with a lot of personality, contact Helen Came at hcameandall5@gmail.com.

Abys in Need: Abe in Atlanta

This adorable guy isn’t exactly “needy” but he does need a forever home!

He’s currently being fostered by The Tucker Farm with a batch of very interesting rescue dogs.

According to their Facebook page, “Our latest foster is a male Abyssinian cat. This guy was living outside for a few months before approaching a friend. We’ve been searching for his owners, but no leads so far. He is declawed on all 4 paws, so be certainly should not be outside. He has some serious dental issues that are making him quite uncomfortable, but he is starting to settle into our crazy household.”

He seems to have made himself right at home!

They think that he is 4 years old and he is not at all afraid of dogs.

Can you believe that, as of yesterday, there are still no applications to adopt this personable boy? The Tucker Farm is raising money to have his bad teeth extracted, but after that he should be ready for an Aby household to manage. If you’re interested in him, contact the Tucker Farm via their Facebook page or through their website.

Abys in Need – Red Female in Wilkes-Barre, PA

No name, no age…but definitely an Aby.

I got this via email and don’t have any more details than what’s below.

My name is Vickie, I’m a supervisor at the Luzerne County SPCA…located in Wilkes Barre, PA. We have an Aby (at the very least 95% Aby). We received her as a stray awhile ago. She’s shy and nervous and yet very sweet and loves attention.

She’s spayed and I’m hoping there’s a local rescue closer to our facility for placement. I don’t want to see her go to just anyone unless they’re familiar with the breed. I believe she’s a Ruddy, she’s rust/white. If you have anyone that I can contact please email or call the shelter at 570-825-4111.

Well, she’s definitely a purebred red/sorrel Aby, and she looks so scared and confused! If you’re in PA and need an Aby, here’s your chance! Contact the shelter and get this poor girl without a name out of there.

Abys in Need – Chile in Texas

Got this through one of my Aby rescue lists:

“My name is Beth Jones and I am helping a shelter in Pampa, TX that has three volunteers that work very hard to get babies to safety. There is an Aby there who is already neutered.

Here is what the staff has to say about him: Chile is a gorgeous red color with slightly crossed amber eyes……makes him sooooooo cute! Personality plus…..wants to be held while purring up a storm and rubbing his cheek to yours. However, needs to be the only cat.

Chile is around one year of age. Please let us know if there is an opening for him with you! Thank you for looking, Beth 580-583-7837.” Sounds like someone is about to get really lucky! Chile sounds like a super sweetheart!