Aby-a-Day – 14 Juni: All Angel’s birthdays (Flashback Friday)

As you saw from Wednesday’s post, Angel turned 12 this year. When we got her from Purebreds Plus Rescue, they didn’t know her birthday, so I chose 11 June as the day she could have been born on. Last year, I got confirmation that she was most likely actually born on 4 July 2007, but my dad’s birthday is the 4th of July, so I just keep celebrating on 11 June. She was a year and three (or two) months old when I adopted her, so we missed her first birthday…but here is a photo of me with her on her second birthday.


Angel on her 3rd birthday…still not used to those candles.


Here is Angel and me on Angel’s 4th birthday.


Angel’s 5th birthday fell on a Monday, so we celebrated with Hipstamatic photos.


Look how proud Angel looks to be 6 years old!


Angel’s 7th birthday was her first in our new apartment, and she had her cake on the window seat.


Angel couldn’t wait to eat her 8th birthday cake! I’m surprised she didn’t singe her whiskers!


Her 9th birthday was our last in Boston. She seemed a little intimidated by all the candles.


So, of course, Angel’s 10th birthday was her first in Sweden.


Last year’s birthday…I can’t remember what was going on with the candles. Either her birthday took us by surprise, so we used whatever oddball candles we had…or I was just matching the colours. And now she is 12…that’s a pretty incredible accomplishment.

Reggie hunts with StarClan

Sad news from my friend Kim…her fawn boy, Reggie, died yesterday. He had several tumours in his organs and a polyp in his nostril. He was only 13½.

Kim adopted Reggie and his sister Cheri when they were 10 years old after their human went into an assisted living facility. She got them from Northeast Aby (and Somali) Rescue (NEAR) just before Christmas, 2015. Sadly, Cheri died from the same multiple tumours in multiple organs only a couple of months after Kim adopted them.

Here is Reggie last October on his last birthday (which was celebrated late because Jacoby’s Uncle Clancy had just died. He was so adorably crosseyed, and a drooling, purring cuddler. I’ll miss seeing his photos. My heart has joined the Thousand, for my friend has stopped running today. Sleep well in Tuonela, lovely Reggie.

Abys are Everywhere: FosterCat Spaghetti Dinner in Pittsburgh

I just had to share this poster for FosterCat‘s pasta dinner fundraiser this weekend for two reasons. One, it’s for a good cause, and two…it makes me giggle every time I look at it:

Yeah, I could see Jacoby doing that. He’ll do anything for food. If you’re in the Pittsburgh area and want to eat some spaghetti and help some kitties, check them out!

Abys in Need: Louis in Greensboro, NC – Back with his Breeder!

This super-sad story came through the Adopt-an-Aby email list this evening:

I have an Abyssinian Male, 9 yrs old, very typical Aby, vocal, loving, great with kids that I need to find a new home for. We are located in Greensboro, NC. If anyone is interested in giving him a stable forever home, please contact me. Vet reference required.

I just had my first child, am a single mom, and staying with a family member. I have had Louis since he was 6months old.
He is very unhappy! My brother is making me keep him in a semi-heated (barely warmer than outside) sunroom. He has dogs in there as well. One of the dogs is large Border Collie, male, unfixed, he has shown aggression toward Louis, and I am fearful for his safety. It is a very bad situation. I wish I could afford to get my own place again but I will probably be here for at least the next year or so. I need to find Louis a loving home where he can be cared for better than I can right now. This breaks my heart. I am very desperate at this point and need to find something ASAP.

Poor Louis! I don’t like the sounds of that dog, or that sunroom…Abys hate to be cold! There’s not a photo of him right now, but if I get one I’ll pass it along.

If you can help this poor guy, contact Jessica Cecil by email, or phone her at 336-255-0012 or 404-422-7688.

EDIT: Good news! Our friend Selina, who also lives in NC, told me:

I just spoke with Jessica and Louis has been taken back by his breeder!!! She told me that someone had reminded her that she did have a breeder contract & it probably said that the breeder would take the Aby back. So apparently he is back with his original breeder (who she located on Facebook – and who told her that, last night, Louis slept with her daughter!)

So he’s out of the sunroom, away from the dog, and living the good life with his breeder. Hurrah!

Abys in Need: Magnolia and Susana in NC Need a New Home (EDIT: Adopted!)

Edit: Good news! These two girls found a new home – together – this afternoon!

Thanks to Merry, Hobbes and Louie for this heads-up:

Two beautiful Abyssinian cats lost their owner in a fatal car accident and need a good, loving forever home. Magnolia is 4 and Susana is 2. They are both spayed and up to date on their shots. We would like them to go together but will entertain other options to get them into a good home.


(If I had to guess, I’d say Magnolia is the red/sorrel and Susana is the ruddy…)

Please call Phil at 919-619-6803 or email Storkman7@aol.com.

How sad! This is the sort of thing I always worry about with my kitties. I don’t know exactly where in North Carolina these two girls are, but I think they’re somewhere around the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine in Raleigh.

Abys in Need: Two females in Lansing, MI (Plus one)

I got this email last night from one of my Aby mailing lists:

“I own a feline blood bank. We obtain cats from various different situations, screen them for infectious diseases, isolate them and eventually use them as blood donors until we can find them a forever home. We received a call about a year ago regarding an Abyssinian cattery whose owner died. We took in four adults hoping at least one would be a type B. None were and only one, despite good nutrition, treatment for several GI parasites and good husbandry, is large enough to act as a donor. One has found a new home but we still have two
females we need to place. They are both very nervous and shy but do seek attention. We do not have much information on age but one is probably closer to 7 or 8, the other 3 to 4. They are not particularly attached to each other but, they both get along fine with other cats. We spayed both and they are current on vaccinations.”

There aren’t any photos of the two girls, and I don’t know what colour they are. But if you’re interested in giving one or both of them a forever home, contact Kathleen Edsall, DVM – Nine Lives Blood Services
Work Phone: 517-367-6050, Cellphone: 517-410-3350
Email: kathedsall@yahoo.com

Just after I posted this, I got another email about another Aby in Lansing:

Lansing, MI – Adult female Abyssinian. “Needs loving home. Adult female (small, only 6 lbs) Abyssinian. Rescued and ready for a forever home. Spayed and up to date on shots. Needs quiet home. Gets along with cats. Don’t know about dogs. Very nervous cat but seeks affection. Prefer home experienced with Abyssinians.”

There was a note on this: “Note: I don’t know whether this is one of the Abys from the bloodbank listing or not. She might be.” There also isn’t a photo on this Craigslist ad, and if you’re interested, email: mtgvj-3212365934@comm.craigslist.org.

Abys in Need: Abyssinian and Egyptian Mau in Iowa Shelter

Stories like this always make me sad. Two seven-year-old bonded buddies, King Louie the Aby and Little Dragon the Egyptian Mau, are looking for a new home in Iowa. They’re being fostered on behalf of the Animal Rescue League of Iowa in Des Moines. It doesn’t say why these two gentlemen are in need of a new family, but they’ve been homeless for over a month already.

King Louie is a purebred red/sorrel Aby. He’s a little chubby, and he’s the shyer of the pair.

Little Dragon is a striking silver Egyptian Mau, and he’s said to be “like a dog” in many ways.

According to the website: These guys are a friendly pair who make themselves at home quickly. Dragon, a purebred Egyptian Mau, is the more affectionate, outgoing and vocal of the two. It may take a little longer for him to warm up, but once he does, he’ll be your best bud! He actually acts like a little dog sometimes — he likes being roughhoused, head-butted and scratched. Louie, a purebred Abyssinian, is a watcher-on-the-sidelines. He observes everything, and you can see how intelligent he is as he considers every situation. These boys are a great pair and love each other very much. They need a very quiet home with either older kids or no kids and preferably no other pets. Louie has a tendency toward bladder crystals, so he will need to be on special food for the rest of his life.

If you know anyone in the area who needs a couple of lovely boys, please contact Carol at cgriglione@arl-iowa.org.