Aby-a-Day – 8 Mars: Here we go again…(Medical Monday)

So, we got a little bad news last week…Lorelai’s boyfriend Ritchie has been neutered.


Because of snow, medical issues and other things in January and February, we weren’t able to organise another meeting with him in Stockholm.


It’s really disappointing, especially since, this time, I absolutely saw it happen, more than once. And he was such a lovely, sweet boy. They would have made wonderful kittens. So now we need to find another boy for Rory. Siiiiighhh…who knew it was so hard to get a cat knocked up?

Aby-a-Day – 21 December 2020: Is she or isn’t she redux (Medical Mystery Monday)

Well, yesterday was three weeks after I saw Lorelai and Ritchie actually mating.


My friends and the books both say that, around the three-week mark, she should be “pinking up”…and, once again, I really cannot tell.


Although, when we were taking these photos, her nipples did seem to be easier to find…so maybe?

Aby-a-Day – 3 December 2020: Things we saw along the way (Travel Thursday)

Because of the pandemic and me being in a high-risk group, I haven’t travelled much at all this year. This trip to Stockholm was the first one I’ve taken anywhere since we took Lorelai to meet Io back in July. It was nice to see new and different things again!


There had been some snowfall, and at a rest stop, I saw these lovely frosted leaves.


On the road at dusk (around 15:00), there was this incredible moonrise.



Considering I took these photos through the windows of a moving car, I think they turned out rather well.


On Saturday, we went into Stockholm city to do some shopping. We passed by the Royal Palace, already decorated for Jul. I love the concrete lions guarding the entrance.



As luck would have it, whilst I was taking that first photo, the Royal Guard happened to pass by!


I took this one on the way back when we stopped at an ICA to get a snack. It was closed, but if we hadn’t stopped I wouldn’t have gotten to see the historic Åsgården.


Still, out of all the things we saw last weekend…this was definitely the best!

Aby-a-Day – 30 November 2020: The no-tell hotel (Hipstamatic Monday)

So, as I posted on Saturday, Lorelai met a boy in a hotel. At first, she didn’t like him at all.


On Saturday night, Rory was grooming herself suggestively…and Ritchie was watching appreciatively.


Then Rory caught him watching her.


Ritchie instantly looked away. “Who, me? Nope, I was looking at this suddenly very interesting ceiling.”


Then, at approximately 07:48 am on Sunday morning, I was awakened by a thumping and cat noises (and a need to pee). The thumping was due to rolling around the shoes underneath our suitcase, but yeah, when I woke up, sexy times were happening under our bed.


Bow chicka bow!


After their tryst under our bed, the lovebirds went to the space under our suitcase, where the shoes had been, pre-all the rolling that woke me up.


I actually watched a mating cycle, including dismount, and there were at least two others that I didn’t see, so I think we may have touchdown this time!

Aby-a-Day – 28 November 2020: No one else was in the room where it (hopefully) happened (Special Saturday)

Yesterday, we drove to Stockholm so Lorelai could have a “date” with her new beau, S*Cat’s Claw Rock Star Ritchie.



Ritchie looked pretty keen to meet her when he was still in his carrier.



Rory was pretty interested in him, too.


So we opened Ritchie’s carrier’s door so they could meet face to face.


It didn’t go great…Rory growled and hissed at him.


So, not exactly love at first sight.


Ritchie, ever the gentleman, withdrew to the shower.



Where he proceeded to try to woo Rory with his cuteness.


He really went all out, too.


From her perch on the counter, Rory watched everything Ritchie did. But did it work? Was Rory impressed?


Since we left them alone together in the bathroom to interact without human intervention, only time will tell.