Aby-a-Day – 25 Januari: My Space Kotty (Hipstamatic Monday)

A while back, I signed up for a Kickstarter project for a supersonic litter box from a company in Poland. However, as sometimes happens, there have been some hiccups; this project was supposed to be finished in March, but now it’s projected to be ready to ship in December. I get it, stuff happens, but the company wanted to make it up to all the backers, so they offered us a free My Kotty scratcher. It’s a laminated cardboard scratcher, and I haven’t had many cats be interested in those…but hey, free 50€ scratcher in exchange for waiting 9 months? I can deal with that.


This all happened last week, and the scratcher arrived today (wicked fast!). Izaak immediately claimed it. I don’t know…maybe it’s a Polish thing.


Lorelai wanted to check out the scratcher, too.


Zak was having none of that, thank you very much.


He got out of the scratcher for a while, so I enticed him back with one of his mousies



That went well.


Then Dashiell came to check out the new scratcher.


Sniffing was okay…but when Dash tried to scratch it…




Dash seemed confused. “Zak, I thought we were friends!”


Then Rory attempted a sneak takeover of the scratcher.


She was fended off as well. It’s a lonely life, being the king of the new scratcher.

Aby-a-Day – 22 February: Deadman’s Curve (Hipstamatic Monday)

Jacoby loves his S-curve scratcher.



I mean, he really, really loves it.



He scratches on it regularly, every single day.


And when he’s not scratching it, he just sits on it.



Tessie will scratch it, too…but really, it’s Jake’s baby.


It’s getting quite beat up. I really need to get him a new one.


And I’m definitely going to need to bring one with us to Sweden!

Aby-a-Day – November 23: Cat scratch fever (Miniature Monday)

A regular feature at almost every New England cat show is Arubacat‘s vendor’s booth. Arty is a great guy, and I’ve come to rely on him for so many things…I end up needing to buy something he has at every show.

NEMObjdIMG_0533 1

Of course, he was at the NEMO show. So mini-Jacoby and I went to check out the goods.

NEMObjdIMG_0534 1

These little barrel scratchers are awesome. Tessie won one at the Seacoast show in 2007 when she was Best Household Pet and it still gets daily use.

NEMObjdIMG_0518 1

Arty has cat trees in all shapes, sizes and colours…including patterns!

NEMObjdIMG_0537 1

But he has more than just cat trees. I get my chamois and bay rum to groom Jake from him, as well as various other grooming supplies. He also has treats, toys and other accessories. And it’s amazing…he shleps all this stuff all over New England nearly every weekend.

NEMObjdIMG_0538 1

I don’t know what we’d do without Arty. But I’m glad we have him. Thanks, Arty!

Aby-a-Day – June 8: Checking out the Cat Style Lounge at Blog Paws (Miniature Monday)

If you saw Summer’s blog post last week, you saw her photos at the Hauspanther Cat Style Lounge.


Well, since I wasn’t able to bring Jacoby with me, I had to visit the Hauspanther lounge with Jake’s mini-me.


But I think he enjoyed it at least as much as the real Jake would have.


The first stop were the Pet Tree Houses with leaves.




I absolutely love these trees. I wish I could fit one in my apartment. Especially with the autumn foliage. Besides looking pretty, they also are very well built.



Next we played with the Jackson Galaxy Cat Crawl.



And then we checked out the Jackson Galaxy Comfy Cocoon.



CatastrophiCreations, an Etsy store, makes some awesome cat climbers, like this amazing Indiana Jones rope bridge…


…and this system of wall furniture that can be adapted and customised to your cats and your walls.


Next we checked out the ökocat litter display…but the resident flat cat didn’t seem to approve. I’m just glad that Rufus wasn’t there. That cat creeps me out (even if he does look a bit like an Aby).


This Vesper Tower cubby had such a fluffy lining!



The Vesper V-Cube is really elegant too.


I really loved My Katio which can hold a litter box or just be a little mini-porch for kitties. I just don’t think my building would allow them since we have central air conditioning rather than window-mounted AC.


I can’t for the life of me remember who made this cat tree. I can’t find it on Hauspanther’s style guide. It was awesome, though.



I really liked the Cattino cat-shaped, all-in-one cat centre. It has a bed and a scratcher in one compact, cat-shaped package!



The PurrfecTower trees were amazing. I could totally see one of these in my apartment.



Finally we checked out the CatIt Wellness Center


Mini-Jake seemed to really enjoy it. I may need to get one for big Jake!



When we were done playing with all the toys, we hung out at the Hauspanther craft table.


There were little cardboard cat toys scattered everywhere.


We even got to meet the lovely and amazing Kate Benjamin! I was flattered that she had heard of me!


Finally, just for fun, here’s me with mini-Jake. My dress is from Modcloth and I just adore it.

But you can see I really missed having Jake with me. He would have loved all this.

Aby-a-Day – October 5: Let it go

So the old S-curve was getting a little raggedy, and it was time to replace it with a new, fresh one.


Jacoby was a little upset about saying goodbye to his old friend.


It’s okay, Jake. I got you a new one. You’ll make friends with it, too, don’t worry.

Aby-a-Day – March 28: Pole Dancing

When you go to a cat show, you’ll notice that each judging table has a scratching post on it. This is so the cats with stretch up and have a scratch so the judges can see the cats’ musculature and see their bodies move in order to better assess their conformation to the breed standard.


Most cats – and especially most Abyssinians – love to show off and scratch the post. This is Ataraxia Coatue – a relative of Cousin Toki!


Some Abys, like Cousin Taz’s nephew, Instincts Fire, take scratching the post to a whole new level.



Most cats just scratch the post. They don’t usually try to climb it.


Jacoby, however, never “pole dances.” He’d rather stand on the judge’s table and survey the audience.


Which is why, on Saturday in Gene Darrah’s ring, it was so funny to see Jake go up the scratching post like a regular Aby! Meg and I couldn’t believe it.


Apparently, neither could Jake. Look at his face! He seems to be saying, “What am I doing? I never do this!”


Evidently, Taz has picked up some bad habits from his cousin Jake.


As hard as Gene Darrah tried, Taz would NOT scratch the post.


But he did pose nicely. I think maybe they’re spending too much time together!

Aby-a-Day – August 20: City girl (Hipstamatic Monday)

The cats got a Cats Attack scratching post for Christmas last year.


I think it’s more of a hit with the humans than with the cats. I don’t think our lot care for corrugated cardboard as a scratching surface.


They do like to lie on the base of this post, though.


Which works out great for me, because it makes for a photogenic backdrop.

Other People’s Abys – Somali Sighting

Cate at Blanket ID found this great German cat furniture site…and some great Somali models!


I see ruddies/usuals, red/sorrels, and a really adorable little blue Somali kitten…not to mention some really sweet furniture.

Best, Worst, and “Wish List” Cat Products

In one of the (many) cat-related online communities I follow, someone asked us to answer these three questions:

1. My absolute favourite thing I’ve gotten so far for my cat/s is ____________. (Please include pic and/or link!)

2. One thing I bought for my cat and now wish I hadn’t is ____________.

3. If I could splurge on any pet product, it would be ________________.

What a great question! I thought you might be interested in my answers…

The best thing is my cats’ braided kangaroo leather tag collars, their Blanket ID tags, and their gemstone and silver name/address tags. I like having a collar on my cats; these are light and slip on and off should they get caught on something. The two tags are small, pretty…and useful.


The thing I bought that I wish I hadn’t was the Klaw Kontrol bag. Not only did it not really work on the one cat I needed it for, but she was too strong for it! She actually ripped out the zipper seams! Oh, well, lesson learned.

If I could splurge on anything for our cats, it would be a complete wall-mounted cat shelf and walkway system. I’d settle for a place with a structural interior pillar that I could wrap in sisal rope, but someday I want a catwalk system like the “cat houses” in Japan.

So, how about you?

Aby-a-Day – April 5: Out with the old and in with the new

Last week we went to Petco to pick up our usual necessities, canned and dry cat food for the girls and kitty litter (including a great big bag of that new Blue Walnut Litter that I can’t wait to try!) and while we were there, I decided it was time to replace the beloved bedroom scratchers. We have many different scratching options in our apartment, both horizontal and vertical, with a variety of surfaces from carpet to sisal to cardboard. But one of the most favoured scratching toy is the Petlinks Dream Curl, or, as it’s mostly referred to, the S-Curve. The one we had (our second) was getting really raggedy, so I thought it was due to be replaced.


I found a nice Wedgwood blue-toned one, which matches the colours in the bedroom nicely. We barely had time to bring it in and set it down before Jacoby came over to christen it!

Tessie helped, of course. Actually, everyone managed to get a scratch in before we’d gotten it into the bedroom.


Scratch, scratch, scratch…


Jake really puts his back into it!


Jake also helped me take the old S-curve (and the old simple scratching post, which was also replaced with a new Scratcher’s Delight Refillable Cardboard Scratching Post) out to the garbage room.


We actually found that little upright post in the trash room over a year ago! It was practically brand-new at the time and our cats loved it. So far, they haven’t embraced the new post the way they have the new S-curve. But I’m sure they will…it’s only been a week.


Jake seems a little sad at saying goodbye to his old S-curve…


Farewell, clawed and tattered friend.