Ch. Pellburn Scarlett Reet Petite – April 14, 2009 – March 2, 2011

Sad, sad news…Jacoby’s sister Scarlett has Feline Leukemia.

I got this email last night: Sad news about their sister Scarlett though, she’s recently been diagnosed with Feline Leukemia! Noone else in the house has it. Other than the possibility of her getting out of the gate last November when the snow blower guy didn’t shut it properly, I have no clue as to how she could have caught this virus 😦

Unfortunately, Scarlett is not doing so well now. She had gained some weight and was feeling alright, but she hasn’t been eating as much and just yesterday I sensed she was starting to have trouble jumping up to the places she liked to rest at. Today, she can’t even walk straight, she’s leaning to the right, swaying and bumping into things as she tries to walk. Getting into the litter box is even hard and I switched it to the kitten size with low sides. I’ve called the vet and I’ll bring her in tomorrow at 4:30 – time to join her daddy Scar 😦


Jake using his sister Scarlett as a pillow when they were both around 4 weeks old…I’ve never met her, but I will miss her.

Jacoby’s an uncle!

I was looking at ERoS at all of Jake’s siblings and littermates, especially his older brother Pellburn Buddy Guy Slippin’ In.

And I discovered that Buddy Guy has fathered three kittens! Two were born on October 9, 2009: Baby Face Nelson (a ruddy boy) and Machine Gun Kelly (a ruddy girl). He also has a red single boy born on January 6, 2010…Red Suprise!

I think it’s kind of cool that my Aby is an uncle now.