Aby-a-Day – May 14: Other Abys at the Seacoast Show

The fun thing about cat shows is meeting other Aby people. At the Seacoast show, I met Matt Baker from Diva Abyssinians in Baltimore.

mattabyseacoast2015C09278 2

mattabyseacoast2015C09280 2

He brought two Abys with him. One was a Ruddy girl, CH Diva’s Next Best Thing.

mattabyseacoast2015C09274 2

Isn’t she pretty?

mattabyseacoast2015C09264 2

mattabyseacoast2015C09259 2

She looks like a kitten, but she’s 2½ years old!

mattabyseacoast2015C09269 2

Matt calls her “Cuddles” – look at those grabby Aby hands!

mattabyseacoast2015C09247 2

The other Aby he brought was CH Diva’s Ulterior Motive, an 11 month old red.

mattabyseacoast2015C09249 2

He is the son of son of GC, BW, RW Shera Len Killian Red.

mattabyseacoast2015C09243 2

Now here’s the fun part: We saw his father back when he was a kitten in 2011 at the Groton, CT show where Jacoby Granded!) Like I always like to say, the Aby world is small indeed.

The Abyssinian world is a small one, indeed

Looking for a link to explain the traditional Abyssinian grooming trick of bay rum and a leather chamois the other day, I discovered Abyssinian Club – a Worldwide Society of Abyssinian Breed Admirers. Not sure how I avoided finding this site before, to be honest! It’s a pretty informative site and I’ve added it to the “Aby Friends” link on this blog.

However, while I was checking it out, I clicked on the Abyssinian Colours page…and whose photo do I see but Haro’s Jake of Eszencia, aka TJ, aka Jacoby’s paternal grandfather! Not only that, but the photo was taken by Sherry Pellerin, Jake’s breeder.

I thought that was pretty incredible. What are the odds?

And yes, while Jacoby was named for Red Sox player Jacoby Ellsbury, the name “Jake” is also a family name on his father Scar’s side of the pedigree.

A new friend on Catster!

I have profiles on Catster for all of our cats, and today I got a friend request from an Aby named Toki who lives in NYC.

His mom found me because I posted on the “Cats who act like Dogs” group. I accepted, of course…but not without a friendly reminder that Jake was named after a Red Sox player…Though that shouldn’t be a problem, since his full name is Nantucket!

Even cooler? He’s from Instincts cattery. That’s the Jacoby’s mother is from – her full name is Instincts Santa Catalina of Pellburn. They’re related!

(Instincts tend to name their cats after islands…now the name Nantucket makes perfect sense!)