Aby-a-Day – Day 312 of 365

These are some photos I’d completely forgotten, from the first time I brought Jacoby to the office with me. It happened to be on his four-month birthday, August 14, last year. I wanted to see what he’d do when he met my Flat Cat



Back off, you threatening stranger!


But then, of course, he goes to make friends…so much for Mr. Tough Guy!

Aby-a-Day – Day 118 of 365

This past Saturday was the only warm, non-rainy day in about two weeks, so I took Jacoby on his first big outing to Boston Common.

He did so well and I am so proud of him! He was unfazed by people, dogs, little kids…I’m thrilled, because if he was that composed on his first trip to a very public park, it bodes well for his becoming a therapy cat.

Here is Jake with a very nice young man named Benjamin.


Aby-a-Day – Day 59 of 365

Angel is a very social cat and is much happier living in a home with other cats than she would be as an only cat – this was true in her foster home and living with us. However, she’s easily intimidated by other cats.

Here’s Angel with Jacoby and Tessie…Tessie makes her a little nervous, but Jake’s there, making her brave.


Aby-a-Day – Day 29 of 365

Right off the bat, I have to apologise for the quality of today’s photos. All I had time to use was my phone’s camera, and I didn’t want to miss getting any photos of this. I am so proud of Jacoby! When I got home, two of my nearest neighbours (next door and across the hall) were coming back from walking their dogs (Tank, a brindle and white English Bulldog, Kona, a black and white French Bulldog, and Sadie, a black brown and white Bassett Hound). As usual, Jake wanted to come play in the hallway when I opened the door, and I saw the two Bullies charging up the hallway. “All right, Jakey, come see your friends.

He made a beeline for Tank, who’s about the same age as Jake, but massive. I was amazed – Jake walked right up to Tank and headbutted him in the jowls! I was stunned. I said, “I wish I had a camera,” and then realised I had my iPhone in my hand.


I’m so glad I remembered it! Look at Jacoby’s body language…tail up, ears forward. These dogs may all be bigger than Jake, but he knows them, and he’s unfazed.

Here’s Jake touching noses with Kona while Tank tries to reach him; this is as close as I got to a repeat performance of the headbutt.

Just when I couldn’t feel any more proud of my little boy…he flopped over and started rolling on his back! Now, that’s a cat who’s not intimidated by dogs!

I felt so…serendipitous. I mean, it was just in yesterday’s post that I mentioned Jacoby not being as fearful of dogs as his brother Gun-Hee was. Today, he goes and proves it!

Gun-Hee’s big day out

It was a really nice day today, and I had some errands to run. I hated to leave Gun-Hee at home, so…I took him with me. We walked to the post office (he rode in his backpack carrier because I had boxes to carry) and while we waited for our number to be called, I let Gun-Hee out to explore on his leash.

It was then that I discovered, to my dismay, that I had left my camera card in the card reader at home. No photos of our big day out! But I used the camera on my phone to capture these, at least…

The post office was a little busy; there were some little kids running around and a baby crying, and several people…but he handled it like a champ. He wasn’t fazed at all! He just explored as much as I would let him. He got also got to meet some of the regular postal workers I see on a daily basis, which was nice; they’d been hearing about him for months!

After we sent our packages off, we got on the red line to go to Cambridge. Gun-Hee is really starting to love riding the T. We managed to get a single seat at the end of a car and I let him out, but I’d only allow him to go on the windowsill or my lap. He was okay with that…and when we got to Charles/MGH he got to look out the window, which he loves.

We got off at Davis; I needed to pick up some more L-Lysine for him. It was kind of nice, going to the vet when he didn’t have an appointment. It was a chance to show him that something bad doesn’t necessarily happen to him every time he goes in there.

We went to my apartment; he napped on the cat tree while I went to Porter Square to do some shopping. Then, after a little lunch, we got back on the T and headed south. I let him out on his leash on the train again, and when we got back to the building I didn’t bother to put him back in his carrier; I just let him ride in on my shoulder. He walked on the elevator all by himself (I was so impressed!) and then we walked back to our place.

The other three cats sniffed the new smells off of him while I put away the groceries. Then he crashed out on his heating pad bed – big day for a little kitten!

But I am so proud of him. He was so good today. Only a couple of people asked if they could pet him, and when they did he was very gracious. And I was impressed by the number of people who came up to me and asked, “Is he an Abyssinian?” I guess the general public is more up on their cat breeds than I gave them credit for.

I know part of it is his personality…but part of it, too, is the bond that he and I are developing. I can take him out and ask him to do these things because he loves me and trusts me…and he does the things I ask and ends up enjoying them because he trusts me and knows I wouldn’t ask him to do anything that would hurt him. It’s a heady feeling…scary, but all together awesome.

Cat about town

I took Gun-Hee on the T today. We rode the Red Line, from Broadway to Porter Square. I managed to get one of the single seats, so when we got settled, I let him out of his carrier (he had his harness and leash on, of course) so he could sit on my lap.

He enjoyed it immensely. He didn’t stay on my lap (what Aby would?), but I kept him on the seat, either on my lap, shoulder, or the window sill to my right. As we approached Charles MGH, I set him on the window sill, and tapped the window so he’d look outside. The sight of the Charles River was most interesting to him, as were the cars driving alongside the train.

A few people (interestingly, mostly male teenagers) were enchanted by the well-behaved kitten. One, as he got off at Harvard Square, said, “Bye, kitty.” “Say ‘goodbye,'” I said to Gun-Hee, who, to my parental delight, immediately meowed in response. I’m sure that kid will remember that for a while.

Then, when the announcement, “Next Stop…PORTER SQUARE,” came over the PA system, I held open Gun-Hee’s carrier and “clicked” at him, saying, “Come on, get in your bag.” Again, to my proud delight (and not a little surprise), he promptly clambered down off my shoulder and into his carrier.

He’s an endlessly amazing little kitten.

Gun-Hee’s Second Vet Visit

Nobu was as interested in Gun-Hee as Gun-Hee was in him.

He weighed 4.5 lbs; he gained 35% of his weight since his first visit less than a month ago.

He hid under my jacket waiting for the doctor, and struck this pose.

The best shots were after we were done. Gun-Hee needed to check out this tree while I paid the bill.

This is what happened when a Rottweiler puppy came in.

Puffy tail, ahoy!

He also checked out the glass brick window.

It seems that no matter what he does, he’s photogenic.

Gun-Hee is the only cat I know who has fun at the vet!