Aby-a-Day – 21 Februari: Our friend Summer is in a movie! (Cinema Sunday)

Our Somali friend, Summer is in a movie! Take Me To Tarzana was released yesterday. It is a dark and slightly surreal movie about a pair of millennials who want to stick it to their evil boss… and unearth something bigger and more bizarre along the way.” Because Covid, it’s not in theatres, but you can download or stream it from such sites as iTunes, Google Play, YouTube or Amazon.

Summer and her human actually did get to see the film on the big screen in November at a film festival. Remember drive-ins?

You can watch the trailer (which does not include Summer, sadly) on YouTube.

Aby-a-Day – 24 Juni: Tentacle Kitty (Miniature Monday)

Last week I happened to go to our local second-hand shop and found an interesting plushie.


Intrigued, I looked at the tag, and it said “Tentacle Kitty, Second Edition.” Second edition? What? A pink kitty-squid with a cute little nose has been a thing long enough to have a second edition plushie and I have never heard of it before!? How is this possible?


Turns out, Tentacle Kitty was created in 2009 by a husband and wife team in Oregon. There’s a webcomic about her and a cast of other multi-limbed kitty characters. Not sure how I missed a cartoon kitty for ten whole years…but I’ve found her now! And she only cost 29kr (about $3 USD).


Izaak seems to really like her, too. Or maybe it’s just that her tentacles remind him of his snake.

PS: Today is Cat World Domination Day. Be sure to go and celebrate it with our Somali friend, Summer!

Other People’s Abys – Calendar Cats

Look who was on my Page-a-Day Calendar today! Luna, the lovely Somali from Belmont, MA (not too far from Boston)!

Somalis like to engage. Alert and curious, the breed’s dramatic, foxlike appearance, with big ears and bushy tails, is complimented by their zest for fun and play. And much like their Abyssinian cousins, Somalis look both elegant and untamed. They also love their people and flourish when affection is returned.

I know Summer will agree with all of this!

Aby-a-Day – June 3: Summer’s Meet and Greet

On Friday night, Summer the Somali had a party in her hotel room and invited all her friends.


I got to meet a lot of other cat bloggers including the people behind GloGirly, Sometimes Cats Herd You, and Random Felines, among others.


Summer and her human were wonderful hostesses.


Not only was there champagne, but there were Hello Kitty party favours for everyone!



Summer kept one of the Slinkies for herself, though.


I thought this was cool: Look at Summer’s bowl! It’s an Aby! It was a gift from her breeder.


Summer reminded me so much of Jacoby! Somalis and Abys are so much alike…Somalis are just floofier! I know I said that the other day, but I was just fascinated with what ruddy fur looks like when it’s long.


Summer reminded me so much of Jake that I had to check in on him with the PetCube! Can you see him and Angel in my art room?

Aby-a-Day – June 2: Wordless Tuesday (A perfect hostess)






Aby-a-Day – May 31: Behind the scenes of a Somali blog

If you read Summer’s blog, you’ll notice that it’s written by Summer herself.


Her human merely assists her in her blogging endevours.


But I’m sure you wonder: does Summer really do all her own blogging?


Well, I’m here to tell you that yes. Yes, she does indeed.


(The phone screen is blacked out to prevent spoilers.)

Aby-a-Day – May 28: Meeting an old friend

Guess who I met today?


None other than our friend Summer and her human!


It seems like we’ve known each other for years – and we have, online – but this was the first time we’ve met in person.


Summer is every bit as wonderful as she seems to be from her blog. She really reminds me of Jacoby. Look at her smile!


Her feet are really floofy, though, compared to Jake.


So is her tail!


She was so happy to be here with her human and all her adoring fans.




We had some fun with a feather at the Hauspanther craft table tonight.


I really wished I had been able to brink Jake. I wish they could have met. The best I was able to do was this.


Which of course is nothing like the same thing thing at all.

Chanan at work

I love when I find random Abyssinians on the internet. I was actually looking for photos of Persians from the 1960’s (their noses were different back then) and I came across this Photo of Richard Katris (aka Chanan) and an Aby:

It’s part of a slideshow about the Cotton States CFA show in 2008 published by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Not sure how I missed this…but then, I wasn’t really doing this blog on a daily basis back in 2008.



Recently, our friend Summer the Somali met Richard, too. Apparently, she wasn’t the best model, but I can’t wait to see her photos! This isn’t Summer, but I got to watch Richard work with another Somali at one of the shows we went to in Groton, CT, a few years ago.



Here, Richard checks the shots he’s taken of a red-point Birman.


Jacoby has been photographed by Richard twice: once just before he became a Grand Premier back in 2011…

And again in 2012.

I love watching Richard work. As I’ve said many times, I’m a total fangirl. He’s one of my heros, my idols, my inspirations…and that’s really true. Growing up in California in the 1970’s, I remember seeing his photos when he was starting out. He’s become one of THE cat photographers in the country (there are others, but he was really the first). And not only that, he’s utterly and completely just a nice guy. I love talking with him. He has a million great stories that he’s happy to spin for you as long as he isn’t working.


You’ll often see him wandering about the show hall with his camera, taking candids and chatting. I’ve had some great conversations with him; once, he gave me tips on my new SLT camera, and then at the Seacoast show in Concord, NH, we shared tricks we use in Photoshop to touch up cat photos.





And he doesn’t just do portraits! Here he is talking shots of an Egyptian Mau kitten in the agility room at the CFA Annual in Quincy, MA.




I got to see him again at the World Show in Philadelphia this past November. Sadly, it was much too busy to really have time to chat. Perhaps I’ll get a chance again if he’s at the Seacoast show in May. Maybe I’ll even have Jake’s photos taken again!

He doesn’t take photos of humans often, but it’s been known to happen…I even got my photo taken with Jake once! Of course…I was in costume, but still. One of my all-time idols took a photo of me and my cat. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Aby-a-Day – February 22: National Walking the Dog Day

Yeah, you read that title correctly. Apparently today is “Walking the Dog Day.” Well, screw that.


According to Jacoby, Angel and Summer the Somali, today is “Walking the CAT Day!”


On Monday I took Jake and Angel out in the snow for a little winter experience.


This was Angel’s first time in snow.



I had some boots for her, but considering the struggle I had to put her coat on, I didn’t try to put them on her feet.


Jake wore his boots but he didn’t like them.


Well, he liked them in that his feet were warm and dry, but he doesn’t like things on his feet, especially the one back foot that was injured in the escalator incident.


These photos are actually from after we went out in the snow. I’ll post the other photos of our outing later this week.

Aby-a-Day – December 7: Somalis at the World Show

There were a lot of Somalis at the World Show, especially in the Red Show.


In the Red Show, there were two Somali kittens, three Somalis in Championship, and SIX Somalis in Premiership.


Seven Somalis were actually entered in the Red Show’s Premiership class, but one was absent. I’m not sure which one it was, because I was too busy paying attention to the other end of the shorthair alphabet.


This is GPr Camelotte’s Sir Alexander in Kathy Black’s ring. He was 13th Best Shorthair Cat in Premiership in her ring (Jake was 15th).




Kathy Black also finalled a blue Somali, GPr Sunfox Foolinyourself of Desert Moon. He was her 3rd Best Cat in Premierhip.


These two are Sir Alexander again (#424) and Premier Jaywhiskers Annika (#425).


And here’s Sir Alexander and Foolinyourself together in Kathy Black’s final ring.


The little red girl in this photo is Premier Camelotte’s Little Red (#426).


Little Red ended up being the best Somali in Premiership in the Red Show. The Ruddy is our friend Sir Alexander – I got a lot of photos of him, as it turned out!


The Premiership class in the Red Show was special in that there was a representative of all four colours in the same class. Here is the fawn, a spay, Premier Sunfox Mademoiselle of Desert Moon with Wain Harding. She is the half-sister of Foolinyourself.


We also saw our friend Pippi (she was entered in the Purple Show, one of only two Somalis – both in Premiership – entered in that show) and GPr Kimbelot’s Toberone, who wasn’t entered in the show but who was attending as a CFA-Iams Ambassador Cat. Toby really deserves a post of his own, so stay tuned for that.

The Somalis entered in the Red Show were:

Ameusin Sir Galahad, ruddy male (Best Somali Kitten in the Red Show)
Ameusin Sir Lancelot, blue male (these were six-month old brothers)

Ch Ranjana’s Wotan of Gules, ruddy male
GCh Gunsmoke’s Big Easy, ruddy male (Best Somali Champion in the Red Show)
Ch Jaywhisker’s Sir Lance of Camelotte

Pr Pypurz The Wind Beneath My Wings, ruddy neuter
GPr Front Range Leonard H. McCoy, ruddy neuter (I think he’s the one who was absent)
GPr Camelotte’s Sir Alexander, ruddy neuter
Pr Jaywhiskers Annika, ruddy spay
Pr Camelotte’s Little Red, red spay (Best Somali Premier in the Red Show)
GPr Sunfox Foolinyourself of Desert Moon, blue neuter
Pr Sunfox Mademoiselle of Desert Moon, fawn spay

And the Somalis entered in the Purple Show were:

Pr Jaywhiskers Uhura, ruddy spay
GPr Kimbelot’s Ahyoka Sunshine Pippi, ruddy spay (Best Somali Premier in the Purple Show!)

It was really impressive to see that many Somalis in one place. I mean, usually when we go to shows in the Northeast, there are more Abys than Somalis – if there are any Somalis entered at all. I just wish I’d been able to see more of them over the course of the weekend.

Special note for Summer: Five of the Somalis, one in the Purple and four in the Red, had a parent who was from Tajhara!

Thank you, Sparkle

Sad news indeed from one of our closest friends…

Sparkle the Somali is very, very sick.

Sparkle and her human have been a HUGE inspiration to us and our blog. I was hoping to see her and Summer together, but if it is not to be…well. There will be a bright new star in Silverpelt when she goes to hunt with StarClan.

Know that we love you, Sparkle, and Summer may be taking over your blog, but she will never take your place.

Aby-a-Day – January 2: Jake meets Sparkle (sort of)!

For Christmas this year, I made a Somali plushie for Sparkle.


I used a really cute pattern I found on DeviantArt by Kapuschati for the body and tail.


I used a different pattern for the head, though.



I thought the tail on this pattern would be fun to make on a Somali.


I know how hard it is to find stuffed Abys, so I thought Sparkle’s human would really appreciate a plush Somali.


What was not appreciated was my taking photos of something other than Jacoby.


He hates when I do that.


He heard the camera shutter and had to come check it out.


And, of course, deflect the attention from the plushie to something more important.


Like Jake!



He always needs to be in the photos.


At least until something better to do comes along.

Aby-a-Day – October 5: “Spark” (Saturday Photo Hunt)

This week’s Photo Hunt subject is “Spark.”


The only thing I can think of for this one is our friend Sparkle, a Somali and Jacoby’s very distant cousin. Jake does a pretty good Sparkle impression when he wants to, too.


We have both Sparkle’s books, and Jake really loves them.



He’s read them both cover to cover.



And, I’m sure, he’s gotten some really good ideas from them.


Jake also reads Sparkle’s blog every day.


Although he seems a little too interested in looking at the photos of Sparkle in her mermaid costume…

Purring or Not Purring? How well do you know your cat?

Sparkle posted this amazing quiz on her blog today inviting all readers to guess whether or not she’s purring in ten different photos. In it, she taunts, “Sounds easy, right? I bet none of you get 100%!”

Well. Guess who has two thumbs and got ’em all right? This girl!

Truth be told though, it was tricky. I guess I can just read ruddy faces. Jacoby often hisses and purrs AT THE SAME TIME at cat shows. He’ll be purring because I’m holding him, but hissing at another cat. I didn’t know cats could do that, to be honest, until I met Jake.


I don’t know how Sparkle made that quiz, but I’ll play, too. Here’s a mini pop quiz: is Jake purring in this photo?

Aby-a-Day – March 7: Friends and Family at the TICA show

We had a wonderful surprise at the TICA show in Providence last weekend…we ran into our friend Matthew from the Mansfield show last August!


Jacoby remembered him, too.


Sadly, we didn’t see him until the very end of the second day, as we were packing up to go home.


Still, it was awesome to see him again!



We also met this red Abyssinian named Eastwick Deja Reve of Khamsin. His father is Anubis Lew Zealand – Cousin Taz’s brother!


What’s interesting is that his mother is from Finbheara – Finbheara Be Witched of Eastwick. I have been doing some sleuthing and I suspect that Angel may be from Finbheara and Abytopia.


And it was a strange thing, because Deja Reve is a two-eyed boy, and Angel is a one-eyed girl…but his face really reminded me of Angel’s.


This is an extreme zoom-and-crop, and it’s pretty grainy as a result, but doesn’t he look a bit like Angel in this photo? It definitely gives my theory that her mother is a Finbheara cat a little more credence!


Last but not least, I have a couple more photos of our friend Sparkle’s relative”Bones” (aka RW, NW SGCA Front Range Leonard H McCoy)!


His grandmother is Sparkle’s mother – Tajhara Tina Turner! They live on opposite ends of the country, but they’re only a generation apart. Isn’t that amazing?

Aby-a-Day – March 4: Once upon a time in TICA (Hipstamatic Monday)

While many things in TICA are different from our more familiar CFA, at the end of the day a cat show is a cat show no matter which registry you’re in.


It’s all the same cages, and all the same tables…just different judges.




There is one big difference between TICA and CFA, though, if you’re a Somali.


In CFA, Somalis are considered a shorthair cat, and since cats are judged in alphabetical order by breed and Abys and Somalis are at opposite ends of the alphabet, you don’t ever see them in the same ring unless it’s a final.


But in TICA, Somalis are judged in the longhair class. And since they’re at the end of the alphabet in longhair, we got to see the Abys and the Somalis overlap in a couple of allbreed rings.


And that was awesome.


This handsome ruddy boy is actually related to our friend Sparkle! His name is RW SGCA Front Range Leonard H McCoy and his parents are GRC Tajhara Santana of Front Range and Tajhara Tina Turner. He is actually Sparkle’s half brother!


Can you see the resemblance?


There was also a very cute blue Somali boy in the Alter class. I had never seen a blue Somali before!


I really like being able to see the Somalis and the Abys side by side.

Aby-a-Day – January 24: National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day

Tuesday was National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day. I got to wondering…what would the cats I live with ask, given the chance?


Jacoby’s question? Oh, that’s an easy one.


Angel’s question is one I wonder about, too.


Kylie…well, Kylie’s got things pretty figured out.


And Tessie, while I know she loves living with other cats, always wants to know this when we pet someone other than her.

Aby-a-Day – January 13: Sunday surprise!

Just before Christmas, our friend Sparkle had a Fancy Feast totebag giveaway…and we won one of them!


Since this happened over the holidays, of course I completely forgot about it. Then, today, we were notified that we’d received a package and I was mystified as to what it could be – it was like getting a mystery box in the mail! And, since it was sent directly from Purina rather than from Sparkle, I didn’t remember what it was until I actually opened it, so it was a real surprise!


Jacoby, of course, claimed it immediately. So I took him for a little ride in it. It’s just his size!


He had to show me how similar his profile is to Sparkle’s.


Jake carefully examined every inch of the bag, including the handles…


…until he heard someone in the kitchen with food and suddenly needed to be somewhere else.


Kylie, on the other hand, preferred the other side of the bag, with the face of the Fancy Feast cat printed on it.


I can’t imagine why.

Earlier this week, our friend Selina gave us an honourable mention for the “Next Big Thing” award.

According to the rules, I’m supposed to thank Selina (Thank you!), and nominate 5 other kitty blogs I think are deserving. I can’t think of just five…so I’ll table that for the moment.

However, the recipient of this award is also meant to talk about an unfinished project, and I do want to do that. I know my story of Romeo and Jacoby only got half-written during NaNoWriMo, and I haven’t forgotten it. I just need to think about it and decide where I want it to go. But rest assured, I haven’t abandoned it. It’s just simmering on my brain’s back burner.

Thank you, Sparkle! And thank you, Selena!

Senior Somali Rescue, Sparkle, and Bring on the Nip!

Our friend Sparkle has a marvelous post in her blog today about our rescued Somali boy (as yet still unnamed), and in it, a link to her friend Beth’s blog House of the Discarded and her post about him. Beth actually helped Mandi get that boy out of that cold, steel place! (It’s no coincidence that “Hel” is a part of “Shelter.”)


Here’s a video of his rescue:

Be sure to check out Beth’s blog, “House of the Discarded.”

And as if that weren’t enough, in her post about Mr. Somali, Sparkle also bestowed an award on me!

This award was created by blogging kitty Nerissa, and with awards come responsibilities. This award is no different: “Firstly, you need to thank the cat who gave you this award and link back to their blog.

“Secondly, you have to tell everyone something you wanna celebrate. Something good that happened. That sort of thing.

“And lastly, you need to pass it along. You can pass it along to just one blog or as many as twelve.”

I can do that: Thank you, Sparkle! I am celebrating November: Jacoby in the news, NaNoWriMo, this Senior Somali Rescue, Calendars in my Zazzle store, Remembrance Day, and Thanksgiving.

And, I’m passing it along to Kelli, Emmy and Allie at Aby Antics, mainly because I played matchmaker with Kelli and Molly Ball, and I like to celebrate that, too. 🙂

Today is Cat World Domination Day (and also Sparkle’s birthday)


Happy Birthday, Sparkle!