Aby-a-Day – December 14: Racy Mooner at the World Show

One great thing about the World Show was seeing old friends again.


Like Racy Mooner, her mother Twyla, and their human, Lisa-Maria.


Racy, Twyla and Lisa-Maria were actually working at the show.


Lisa-Maria was selling the Sturdi Walking Vests she and Racy helped design.


Racy and Twyla were the models.


Racy seemed a little dismayed that her mom was sharing the spotlight with her.


She needn’t have worried.


Racy is always the star!


Besides, modelling isn’t as glamourous as it’s cracked up to be



Racy sat on the table with the merchandise and basically did what Abys do.



She helped.


At least, I think she was helping.


Lisa-Maria was busy explaining the harnesses, helping people find the right size for their cats, and selling them to a steady stream of customers.


Meanwhile, Racy showed off how great the harnesses are.


Together, they make a great team!

Aby-a-Day – May 25: Home sweet new house

Jacoby’s black SturdiShelter, usually referred to as his “house,” was originally purchased used for Gun-Hee back in 2007. It was originally meant to be used only for cat shows, but it quickly became a combination clubhouse/time out tent for Gun-Hee and we kept it set up all the time.


Gun-Hee considered the tent his personal lair. He would steal things – like packages of hot dogs – and carry them back to his den for safekeeping.


Shortly after Jake’s escalator accident, the tent was reinstated and quickly became Jake’s dining room. Given that Jake’s been using that tent every night for three years, it’s been getting a bit worn. And his ability to push the zippers open with his head hasn’t helped the tent’s longevity.


We started latching the zippers closed so he couldn’t get out, but that didn’t stop him from trying. And in trying, he’s started to wear through the mesh next to the zipper.


I patched the worst hole, but there are at least two more holes starting. Unless I can come up with a way to really fix the mesh and not just patch it, his tent needs to be replaced.


Of course, Jake does have the leopard-print tent that he got for his birthday last year, but I kind of want to keep that one in good shape for cat shows, and the leopard print is a little busy for our living room. It was starting to look like I’d need to buy him a new tent, but they’re a little expensive. I’d gotten very lucky – and found some awesome deals – finding the two tents we have on eBay six years apart. I wasn’t sure I could get that lucky a third time.


But I did. At the Seacoast cat show in Concord earlier this month, a navy Sturdi single show shelter was one of the items in the silent auction. I saw a chance to get a new tent for a lot less than full price.


And I actually managed to win it!


I also saw an advantage to setting up a single rather than a double. When Jake eats in his house, he really only uses one side. He eats on the floor and then hangs out on the hammock until we let him out.


So the new tent takes up less floor space and serves the same purpose, but Jake doesn’t feel any less comfortable in there.


There’s another advantage to the single: it has a side door, and the side door is set in only canvas, not mesh. I set the new tent up with the main mesh door facing the wall and only let Jake in and out though that side door. So far, it’s been working really well. He hasn’t tried to push the zipper open yet.


But does Jake like his new fort?


Oh, yeah. I’d say he’s definitely already quite fond of it.

Aby-a-Day – October 19: “Zip” (Saturday Photo Hunt)

This week’s Photo Hunt subject is “Zip.”


Jacoby can open zippers from the inside.



It’s kind of a problem, actually.


If I don’t latch the zippers on his house with a clip, and he finishes his dinner and decides he wants out to check out everyone else’s bowls, he just pushes his way out.











…he’s out! He does this every time we feed him now. It’s getting kind of old…

Aby-a-Day – September 12: Home sweet home

I cannot fully express how much Jacoby loves his SturdiShelter. We call it his “house” and his “mancave.”


He eats all of his meals in his house, and he loves it so much that sometimes we forget he’s in there! We’ve been known to forget and leave him in there all day while we’re at work or all night while we’re asleep, but he never seems to mind.


Of course, he is always happy to be let out…but he doesn’t always rush to escape his mancave. Quite the opposite, in fact.


And the best part is that his love of being in his SturdiShelter at home means he also loves being in his SturdiShelter at cat shows!


Although at shows, he loves being in it almost too much. Sometimes it’s hard to get him out of it when we need to be in a ring!

Aby-a-Day – August 9: Jake’s new Sturdi-Shelter (Fashion Friday)

You may remember that Jacoby got a leopard-print Sturdi-Shelter show cage for his birthday.


Well, last weekend’s show was the first time he got to use it.


He was a little confused by the leopard print pattern though.


He kept trying to go into Gumby’s burgundy cage next door. Which makes sense; he’s used to his black house, and burgundy looks like black to cats.


But the doors on Gumby’s shelter are solid clear plastic, and Jake’s doors are solid mesh on his black cage (and half mesh on his leopard cage), so he’d sit and stare at her house trying to decide if it was his or not.


Once he figured out the spotty one was his, he had no problems.


Jake’s a very unusual Aby in that he will stay in his benching cage even if the door is wide open. He loves being in his house so much, he see it as his lair, his den, and his safe place. This is because his house is always set up at home and he eats all his meals in there, I think. That and his shelter at home also has a heating pad inside.


He just loves his house!


In fact, he loves it so much he didn’t want me to pack it up to go home.


He sat on top of the carrier back and looked at me like he was daring me to put it away. Such a funny cat!

Other People’s Aby – Racy Mooner, official spokescat for Sturdi-Products

This is kind of cool: our friend Racy Mooner is the feline spokesmodel for SturdiProducts!


SturdiProducts is the company that makes the show cages almost everyone uses at cat shows these days, and they also make carriers, folding litter boxes, and all sorts of other products designed specifically for travelling with and showing cats (and small dogs). I’m endlessly impressed with their products and was lucky enough to meet them in person at the CFA Annual last June.


Racy is another Aby star! It seems we have a “Cat Pack” of famous Abys…Jacoby “Strollercat”, Toki Nantucket the Etsy model, Jafari the jogging cat of Vancouver, Louis and Rosie the leash prodigies, and now Racy (who is also the daughter of a Feline Agility superstar).


Guess I’ll have to update this cartoon I drew, eh? And change the title to include non-Ruddies…