Aby-a-Day – 1 Juni: A birthday frame-up (Swedish Saturday)

Today is my birthday! Not a very eventful one (that’s next year), but a birthday nonetheless.


Most of the “celebrating” will be done next week, as Björn has to work this weekend, but next weekend we’ll be at a cat show. But I did get a gift: Björn had my magpie print framed! It’s an unusual size, so he had to have it done custom.


A bit of backstory, now, since apparently I never really posted about the magpie tattoo that was my introduction to my fabulous artist Linus. When I went in for the very first consultation, I was hopeful that the person I met with could really do magpies with Japanese maple leaves really well. Well, walking up to the house, the first thing I saw was a gorgeous red Japanese maple tree planted in the yard. Then, I went inside, and saw a trio of gorgeous prints, including the magpie at the top of this post. Then I met Linus, and when I mentioned that I loved the magpie print, he proudly told me that he had drawn it!


Well, needless to say, I knew I had found my artist! Here is the finished tattoo…these are actually Yellow-Billed Magpies, which are only found in the Sacramento/San Joaquin valley of Northern California, where I grew up. Everywhere else, magpies have black beaks. This is similar to my Western Grey Fox tattoo, which is also a native California species.


Whilst trying to capture my newly-framed print, of course somecat had to come investigate…


Okay, I think the frame is Singapura approved!

Aby-a-Day – 9 December: A surprise encounter at the show (Cat Show Sunday)



On Saturday, there were four Singapuras entered in the show. Izaak is now old enough to start earning titles, and he was up against three of Stellan’s cats. He wasn’t nominated, but he was up against a Singa who won at the Scandinavian Winners Show last spring! Little SW IC S*Kustens Chi Sarà Con Te was the BIV (Best in Variety) Singa and nominated both days. She was even Best in Show on Saturday!


But on Sunday, a fifth Singapura was entered in the show! And not just any Singa, either…SE*Melur’s Mistle, Logan’s half brother and another kitten from Naina, the Singa Björn brought back to Sweden with him in 2016!


Of course, Zak and I had to go meet him and his human, Charlotte! Mistel lives in Norway now.


Even more interesting, Charlotte breeds Maine Coons. So it’s a cattery full of Maine Coons…


…and one Singapura. The smallest cat breed living with a pack of the largest cat breed. Apparently, Mistle holds his own. I am not surprised.


Mistel and Zak are both in Class 9, the Open class for unneutered cats over 10 months old. Mistel is about a month older than Zak, so he was judged first.



Zak and I watched whilst we waited our turn.



When he got on the table, Zak really turned on the charm.


I mean, he really turned it on!

He also made sure that the judge wrote only nice things about him.



He was quite helpful, as you can see.


Because there were two Singas in the same class, only one could get the certificate. And, on Sunday, it was Zak who won the CAC (Certificat d’Aptitude au Championnat de Beauté). Mistel was Ex1. Yesterday, Zak had no Singa in his class, so he got his CAC by default. When he gets one more, he will be a Champion.


Meanwhile, Lorelai was the only blue Aby in the show. She is still in the Junior class (she turns 10 months old tomorrow), so she still only got EX1s. Our next show in Örebro in January, she will also be competing as an adult.


Rory wasn’t up for the nomination on Saturday at all, but on Sunday she really enchanted her judge.


She was up for the nomination with two adorable Devon Rexes.


A little blue-silver and white tabby girl…


And a copper-eyed white girl.


The judge, Glenn Sjöbom, was truly torn. I swear, he took at least ten minutes to decide which of these girls to nominate. In the end, it was the white Devon…but he said that this was the hardest decision he’d had to make all weekend.


All in all, despite not getting nominated, it was a fun weekend. Our friend Anna and Peter’s Aby Bonk earned his Supreme, and it was great seeing all our friends. And that’s really the point of the whole thing, isn’t it?

Aby-a-Day – 12 May: Show Season Surprise!

Yesterday I got this email from Meg:

Which…OMG! Jacoby is a Top Ten Abyssinian in Premiership for the 2015-16 Show Season! Which means that, last year, along with being the 21st Best Cat in Premiership in the North Atlantic Region (Region 1) among all breeds, he’s also the 8th Best Abyssinian in Premiership throughout the CFA worldwide! It’s also ironic because, three years ago, Meg and I tried to get Jake to hold onto his 10th Best ranking, only to have him lose it the last weekend of the season. He was 11th Best Abyssinian in Premiership for 2012-13…but there’s no ribbon for that.


Do you think Jake’s newfound fame will go to his head?


Yeah, right.



Aby-a-Day – August 27: Wordless Wednesday (Surprise!)


Aby-a-Day – June 22: Sunday surprise!

So this morning, when I checked my email I found this in amongst the spam:


Your cat, PELLBURN JACOBY STEALIN HOME has won the following awards in TICA’s Northeast Region:



Your certificate may be picked up at the Northeast Regional Awards Banquet to be held at the Yarmouth House Restaurant, Yarmouth, MA. If you are unable to attend the banquet, you may arrange for someone else to pick up your award(s) for you or you may request the certificates be mailed to you by emailing or calling Francine Hicks. Awards will be mailed after your request and the receipt of a suggested donation to the region to offset mailing costs.


All Best of Breed winners, Top 20 in each category including top 20 LH and SH cats are featured in the slide show during the awards ceremony. Please send your picture to Suzanne Philbrick. All information regarding the Regional Show and Banquet can be found at our own Northeast Website.

I hope to see you at the Cape for our year end celebration!!!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Francine Hicks
TICA Northeast Regional Director”


So Jake’s a regional winner…in TICA! Who knew? I think we only went to two TICA shows this season…we certainly weren’t trying for a TICA regional award…but look what happened! I don’t know if I’ll be able to attend the banquet in person (it’s on September 6th), but what a nice surprise!

A double surprise from Westchester

I’ve been waiting for the points from the Westchester cat show to show up on TICA‘s TDS Online system so that I could apply for Jacoby’s Grand Champion Alter Title. If you recall, he had enough finals to Grand, but enough points to Double Grand after the second day of the show.

Or so I thought. He earned his Champion Alter Title at his first TICA show, the Salty Cats show in Providence in March, 2012.

However, according to TICA, Jake earned his Grand Champion Alter title on Saturday at Westchester.

And on Sunday, he DID earn his Double Grand! I must have miscalculated somewhere (not hard to do: it involves math), or misread the rules or something, but I’m just happy that he did earn his Double Grand. I have to admit, it was a little discouraging to go to a two-day, 14 ring show last year and not make one. Single. Final. ALL weekend…I’m pretty psyched about this, to say the least.

That’s the one interesting thing about TICA as compared to CFA: once a cat becomes a Grand Champion (or Grand Champion Alter), he can continue collecting points to become a Double, Triple, or Quadruple Grand Champion, and from there, the highest title of Supreme Grand Champion (Alter). You can see where I got confused:

Champion Requirements for Titles:
CH/CHA: 150 points from 2 different judges, plus one final
GRC/GCA: 500 points with 3 finals, 1 in Top 5 Specialty or Top 10 Allbreed
DGC/DGCA: 1000 points plus 1 final in Top 5 Specialty or Top 10 Allbreed
TGC/TGCA: 1500 points plus 1 final in Top 5 Specialty or Top 10 Allbreed
QGC/QGCA: 2000 points plus 1 final in Top 5 Specialty or Top 10 Allbreed
SGC/SGCA: 3000 points plus 1 Best Cat as a QGC/QGCA/QGM

The points and the finals are cumulative, so the 3 finals and the 500 points include the 150 points and the final you earned to get the Championship. I think that may be where I messed up my math in tracking Jake’s points and finals. In any event, I trust TICA’s computer, so if they say he’s a Double Grand, who am I to disagree?


Congratulations to Jake though…Grand Premier, Double Grand Champion Alter, and Therapy Cat!

It’s all good news

Remember when I posted last month that Jacoby’s photo was selected to appear in the 2013 “Bad Cat” calendar? Well, on Friday when I went to the post office, there was a box from Workman Publishing.

Well, naturally, I thought it was my copies of the Bad Cat Page-a-Day and the Bad Cat Wall Calendar. So imagine my surprise when I opened the box and found this:


Holy crap! After, literally, 30 years of loving the Page-a-Day Cat Calendar and sending in my photos for their perusal…I’ve finally made it!


And how! He’s a “Winner of the Week,” and they’ve given him an amazing write-up. Just look at it! They even mention this blog!

I’m over the moon. First Your Cat magazine and now both the Bad Cat and the Good Cat calendars! 2013 is the Year of the Snake, my year…and it’s looking to be a very good one indeed.

Aby-a-Day – October 5: Royal colours (Fashion Friday)

I’ve been working from home this week, which has been nice because I get to spend all day with the cats. However, I haven’t been checking my mail as often as I usually do. So when I checked it today, I got some lovely surprises.


Our friend Kim send us some Royal Canin goodies, including this festive bandana!


Can you believe this face?


Tell me he isn’t hamming it up for the camera!


There were also some cute red-and-white mousies and the coveted Royal Canin Aby bowls, which I haven’t had time to photograph yet. Canadian Thanksgiving isn’t until Monday, but I’m thankful to Kim today. Thank you!