Aby-a-Day – 2 Mars: Surprise snowfall (Swedish Saturday)

We had a surprise snowfall last week, so I let the cats outside. Jacoby was eager to go outside…until he saw the snow. Then he noped right back up the stairs to our door. Alfred was a little better…he went outside, but the snow was still falling, and he didn’t seem to like that.


But Lorelai…


…Rory ran straight out into the snow with zero hesitation, stopping to visit her beloved rug rack first.


She loves going outside more than she cares about being cold or having wet feet.


Look at that happy tail!


If you look closely at the background, you can see Izaak next to the apartment building, where no snow had fallen. He wants to be outside with Rory and me…just not in that wet white stuff.

Aby-a-Day – 28 Februari: Our three seconds of Swedish fame (Thursday Things)

When we went to the Ädelkatten show in Västra Frölunda back in December there was a celebrity spectator in the show hall.


Glenn Hysén is a retired footballer, manager and commentator who, along with his sons (also footballers) Tobias and Anton and his wife Helena, go to places around Göteborg and film their interactions for a Swedish reality show. It’s a bit like the Kardashian show, but less sleazy and more silly.




Of course they captured typical scenes from a typical cat show…the last cat, the Cornish Rex, is our friend our friend Sully!

peterHhysens14.06.57 copy

They also caught my friend Peter on film as well.


I am not entirely sure what they said, but from the video, they did a good job capturing a show.


They even covered a final.


Our friend Stellan, one of the top Singapura breeders in Northern Europe, was the emcee for the finals, so of course he was featured on the show.


And so were we!

bjorncocozakhysens14.15.07 1

They actually filmed us for a while, and interviewed Björn, but all we got was about three seconds.


But hey, we were on television! In Sweden!

You can see the cat show segment here; it starts at 23:08, but you can’t fast forward though the ads (you can jump to the beginning of the third segment, but you have to watch the ads). The link will work on computers in North America, but not on phones.

Aby-a-Day – 8 Februari: When Emma first met Angel and Jacoby (Friday Flashback)

Emma first met Jacoby and Angel when she came here to celebrate her sixth birthday in 2016, a month after I moved here.

jakeemma-emmas6thC09243 2

jakeemma-emmas6thC09239 2

Emma, of course, fell in love with Jake.

jakeemma-emmas6thC09180 2

I mean, why wouldn’t she? He is such a charmer.

jakebjornemma-emmas6thC09204 2

She was mesmerised by him.

angelemma-emmas6thC09165 2

Angel is always a tougher nut to crack…but Emma loved her, too.

angelemma-emmas6thC09162 2

She went to pet Angel, and Angel didn’t run away, which is something for Angel.

angelemma-emmas6thC09160 2

Angel was so sweet with Emma. It’s like she knew how much Emma loves cats and let her love on her.

emmabjorn-emmas6thC09152 2

emmabjorn-emmas6thC09146 2

Björn loves it when she comes to visit, even if she says she’s going to see “cats…and Pappa and Kalle.”

jake-emmas6thC09257 2

What does Jake think about Emma coming to visit us?

jake-emmas6thC09256 2

He’s definitely a fan!

Aby-a-Day – 3 Februari: “Snowflakes are one of nature’s most fragile things, but just look what they can do when they stick together” (Cinema Sunday)

As I have posted the last couple of days, we’ve gotten some snow.


It’s beautiful.


And really deep. This is my foot in the snow. At some other points, the snow was almost to my knees.


You can see some really wonderful things in the snow. Here is where some crows, magpies and jackdaws congregated. I love the wing prints.



I let Alfred, Lorelai, Izaak and Jacoby out to play in the snow. Jake basically took one look at the snow and said, “NOPE.” He went back into the apartment. But Freddy explored the snow for a while.











Freddy slogged through the snow like a champion.


But he did leave these skidmarks close to the front door when he was finished.


Zak was…less than thrilled with the deep snow.



Although, to be fair, Zak's legs are not as long as Freddy's.


Still, he slogged along in the snow like a champion.


But he was clearly more happy to be in the cleared out areas.

Here’s a video of Zak in the snow. I apologise for my nose sniffles.


Rory was also running about in the snow. I posted most of those photos yesterday.

But here is a movie of Rory running in the snow, with a bonus leap through the snow.

Aby-a-Day – 2 Februari: “We build statues out of snow, and weep to see them melt” (Swedish Sunday)

Today we had a day outside, playing in the snow. As I posted yesterday, we finally got a bit of snow.


So today, Lorelai and I built a snowcat!


(Okay, it was mostly me. Rory just ran around in the snow most of the time.)


I haven’t made a snow-thing in forever. I think it was when I was living in Somerville in the early 2000’s.


It’s harder to do than I remembered!


Especially the muzzle with whiskers. It’s hard to put sticks into snow!


All in all, though, I was pleased with my sculpture. Several neighbours complimented it.


Before I got the gravel eyes set, Rory came to assess my work.


Not sure she approved…


…But hey, it looks like a cat, and that’s what’s important!

Aby-a-Day – 12 Januari: A moment in the sun (Swedish Saturday)

These are photos from the backlog, from May 2017.


Angel loves the balcony and always has. She loves to sit in the sunshine out there.


And I know Angel doesn’t get as much attention on this blog as the more outgoing Jacoby, the sillier Alfred, the stout Izaak, and the wild free spirited Lorelai…but she’s the oldest member of our cat family, and whilst she may not seek out the spotlight the way the others do…she’s important.


We love you, Angel!


“Great. Now can I enjoy my sunshine in peace?”

Aby-a-Day – 25 December: The sole of Christmas (Cartoon Tuesday)

In Sweden, the main Christmas celebrating is done on 24 December. After the ritual of Donald Duck, the presents are opened and then dinner is eaten.


The traditional Julbord, which Björn’s mother orchestrated every year to perfection, consists of pickled herring, smoked salmon, hard-boiled eggs with kaviar,


the Julskinka (ham with mustard), boiled potatoes, Janssons Frestelse (a sort of potato casserole with anchovies), cabbage rolls (which I can totally get behind because they’re also a Russian thing), handmade köttbullar (meatballs – ours were moose, lamb and wild boar),


Prinskorv (sort of like hot dogs, but better), a ball of cheese and bread, and a cheesecake.


This was our first year assembling the feast ourselves, and the first we have done at home instead of going to Jönköping. Beer, wine and shots of aquavit are usually drunk before, during, and after the meal, but this year we also added my kickass eggnog with rum, tequila, whiskey and hazelnut liqueur. Because, hey, let’s start our own traditions! (I also introduced the hanging and filling of stockings, which we open on Christmas day, because that was MY tradition. I still have the stocking I was given on my very first Christmas, when I was six months old.

The one Swedish Jul tradition I am not completely onboard with is the Christmas Day dinner of lutfisk served with potatoes and peas. Not that lutfisk is bad…it’s just bland. It’s basically like eating hard-boiled egg whites. Which is great, I love hard-boiled eggs. Just not necessarily for Christmas dinner. And I don’t really like peas all that much, either. We would always eat it at Björn’s mom’s house…but this year, we are having goose and starting our own tradition (which also includes the oranges my mom always used to put in our stockings).


The first Christmas I spent in Sweden, I drew this silly little drawing of a “lute fisk” as a joke for Björn’s brother…and today I got the idea to update it a bit with Abys. And a Singapura. Just a sketch for now, but…Happy Christmas, everyone!