Aby-a-Day – 15 April: Tag, you’re it! (Fashion Friday)

Last week, I posted about Angel’s new leash. I also got everyone new collars, and Jacoby and Angel also got new tags!


I’m working on getting them silver tags, made by the same person who made them before, but she hasn’t been able to do it yet, so I had these made by Jen at K9 Stamp Art.


These are brass, and the lettering is done in colour, which I think is a nice touch. They have crystals embedded instead of gemstones.


I also got Pyret a collar, BlanketID tag, and a nametag. Pyret’s colour is yellow (Angel’s is purple and Jacoby’s is green), and she’s never worn a collar before, but I thought it would be nice for her to fit in with the Abys.


All the tags have our new Swedish address on the backs, too…just in case someone sneaks out the door.

Aby-a-Day – January 6: Tag, they’re it! (Fashion Friday)

I’m a huge fan of Blanket ID tags. I mean, what’s not to love? They’re small, durable, colourful, attractive, made in Canada and donate part of their profits to help animals. All that, and they help protect your pet if he or she gets lost. What’s not to love?

Well…they didn’t have the perfect purple tag for Angel. Or the right red tag for Tessie. Until Cyber Monday. That’s when their online store started offering their new line of Mascot Tags.


Look at this purple crown tag!


Isn’t it just perfect for Angel?


I think the crown really suits her.

They also had the perfect tag for Tessie. Tessie is named after two different Red Sox “anthems,” and therefore her collars have always been red or red with blue.


And look! a red tag with a blue star on it. How perfect is that?


Tess seems pretty pleased with it, and she can’t even see red all that well.

He didn’t really need a new tag, but I got Jacoby a Mascot tag, too.


But only because they had a green tag with a blue ribbon on it!


I thought the ribbon would be a nice way to commemorate his Grand Premiership.


Kylie’s the only one who still has her original tag. I just haven’t found her another one that suits her as well as her little pink and flowery “Tea Cup” tag.

Don’t worry about the old tags…the nice thing is, you can reregister them for family or friends’ pets. Which is what I did with our “retired” tags for Christmas presents this year (with new collars…of course, the real gift is the membership and the donation, not the tag itself).

Very Aby Holidays – Colourful Name Tags That Are More Than Just a Pretty Face

Even if your cat is an indoor cat who never goes outside unattended (or even attended, for that matter), a collar and tag are still an important thing to have. Accidents can happen, and even the most agoraphobic cats can find themselves on the wrong side of a door. Of course, microchipping is a great way to protect your cat, but even chips have their shortcomings. Microchips are invisible and require a special reader to identify the animal, and most people who find your cat won’t know if there’s a microchip present or not.


Blanket ID, a Canadian company, has come up with a clever and attractive solution to this problem. Their tags provide access to vital information to ensure the return of your pet quickly and safely. Through Blanket ID, when your pet is lost, email broadcasts with photos are sent to to local SPCA, shelters, hospitals, and other local BlanketID members. Currently, this broadcast service operates throughout North America. The tags are small, lightweight, silent, scratch resistant, waterproof and come in a variety of great designs and colours, and can be easily updated online. Their customer service is also just amazing; Martin and Cate will answer emails quickly and they’re wonderful to deal with.


Another favourite of mine, Rossi Pet Tags, has a huge selection of engraved tags, with more fonts and graphics than any other tag company I’ve found yet. More than just collar tags, I use these on their carriers as an extra ID. I have also made a bunch of these for myself, and put them on my own bags and on my camera. They can be engraved on both sides, and there’s a huge selection of fonts and small graphics to further personalise your tag. Check with Jennifer if you have something special in mind; as you can see on Angel’s purple star, they were able to engrave Korean characters as well as English.

Aby-a-Day – Day 53 of 365

I have a confession to make: I’m utterly addicted to Etsy. It’s just incredible; any handmade thing you can imagine, from anywhere in the world, all in one place.

So one of my projects has been to build the cats perfect collars and tags. It started with custom kangaroo leather braided tag collars by HitideCreations in British Columbia. These are great for cats because they’re light, thin and they slip on and off over their heads (no buckles). Then, the perfect tags, by two artists: MakeYourDogSmile and PatsDesign. These are 4 different metals, aluminum, brass, copper and silver. The small silver tag is a symbol for each cat; the other three have our phone numbers, their names, and our apartment number in case they get out into the hallway.

Then, a little gemstone from AddADangle, and a bronze hook to hang them all from UnkamenSupplies.

Here’s how they look on the Abys:

Angel has a collar braided from four different purples and an Amethyst dangle. Purple goes so well with her cinnamon fur. Her silver tag is a pair of angel wings.

And here’s Jacoby’s. His collar is green and his stone is a Peridot. His silver tag is a shamrock since he lives in Southie.

Tessie has a red and blue collar with a (real!) Ruby gem and a butterfly on her silver tag (her registered name is Bes Butterfly), and Kylie has a collar in pinks and white with a gorgeous Pink Opal and hearts on her tiny silver tag, in case you were curious 🙂

Gun-Hee’s my star!

I got Gun-Hee’s star tags back from Brad the Engraver. They are wonderful!

And on the back…

The backside was engraved by a company out in Western Mass, Rossi Pet Tags. They’re wicked cheap – $3.99 a tag with free shipping! – and they have 60 different fonts and several little graphics that can be added to the tag. They’re anodized aluminum tags, and they come in several different colours and shapes. Easily the best tags I’ve found yet…I use engraved tags for everything, too: luggage tags, ID tags for cameras, jump drives, computer bags…I’m sure I’ll be ordering more. Especially since they tell me they’ll soon be able to do Korean characters…

Putting the birthdate on the back of the tag is a bit of a tradition. I had sterling silver tags made for Harri, Sigrid and Patrick made over 10 years ago with their names and a jewel in the front, and their birthdates on the back; since I had two lines, I figured I might as well continue the tradition.

All of the cats have three tags: The name/address/phone number tag (which is on a separate tag in case the info changes), closest to the chest, with the wording facing in; then the Rabies tag, which, despite when they got the shot is a blue flower on all four cats (some are from 2001, some are from 2005) because those look the nicest. Their current tags are attached to their carrying bags, just in case.

Then their individual tag in front. Patrick has his silver tag with a synthetic Emerald in it. Tessie has a little enamelled Red Sox logo. Kylie has a small pewter heart with her name on it…and now, Gun-Hee has his star with his name in Korean (replacing the Bakelite one we got made in Seoul, which is starting to chip and which I don’t want to get ruined).

Perhaps someday, I’ll get Gun-Hee a silver charm like Patrick’s…probably the next time I go to Korea.

Making a name for Gun-Hee

Today I got Gun-Hee’s new tags, engraved with his name in Korean. Thanks to Virgil at Florin Ghita Jewelers, I found an absolutely awesome guy in the Jewelry Building, Brad Keimach, who made up a template of Gun-Hee’s name in Hangul. Now, I can have it engraved on, well…anything, really, inexpensively. So you know I’m busy thinking up all sorts of things that need his name on them…

It turned out so well!