Aby-a-Day – 2 Mars 2020: Two-fer (Medical Mystery Monday)

The last time I posted about Angel’s dental situation, she only had three canine teeth left.


Last night, however, I needed to give her medication…and I noticed she’s lost another of her fangs!


I have not seen any teeth lying about, so I have no idea when or where she lost it. I suspect she may have swallowed it.


So now she’s down to two teeth…and one eye.

Aby-a-Day – 11 Mars: The rest of Lorelai’s vet visit (Medical Monday)

Last week I posted about Lorelai’s first visit to Min Vetrinär.


But that wasn’t the whole story.


We took all the Abys to the vet that day. This was before Izaak joined our family, of course.


Alfred got busy exploring the doctor’s supplies.


Freddy! That’s marked “biohazard” for a reason! Get your face out of there!


Oh? It’s my turn?


Wait…a shot? Nobody told me about a shot…


After the shot, Freddy was a little jarred.


But he had his new little sister to cheer him up.


Next up was Angel.


Being the oldest cat, this was definitely not her first rodeo.


But that doesn’t mean she enjoys it.


She took her vaccination like a champ, though.


The last cat to be checked out was Jacoby.



He is always so good at getting his shots. Like everything else he does…he’s just bulletproof.


I wanted the vet to take a look at Jake’s teeth.


He’s an Aby, a breed known for bad teeth…but he was nine years old and had never even had a cleaning. When Angel was his age, most of her teeth were gone already.


But Jake has awesome teeth. Partly because he lets me scrape and brush them…but partly because he just got lucky in the genetic roulette.


All in all, a pretty good day at the veterinarian.

Aby-a-Day – 26 May: I have no teeth and I must chew (Silly Saturday)

You may recall my post a while back about Alfred’s obsession with chewing. A favourite is rawhide sticks covered with dried lamb or duck, but I also give him Matatabi sticks and dried turkey feet (our kitchen floor looks a bit interesting). Well, now it’s become a kind of fad amongst the LunaTicks. Jacoby doesn’t really get why Freddy likes it so much, but he’ll steal the chewsticks or rib bones and gnaw on them anyway.



But there’s one cat I never thought would jump on the chewing bandwagon.





I mean, she only has THREE TEETH! But there she was, the other day, carrying one of Freddy’s chewsticks around the apartment and chewing on it when she felt safe to do so.


Teeth or no, nevertheless, she persists.

Aby-a-Day – October 1: Toothless Carnivore

There is one thing that can turn Angel from a skittish kitty to a fierce and fearless cat.


Raw meat!


Angel absolutely loves raw meat, especially beef and lamb.



She does have a bit of a hard time with eating it, though, since she only has about nine teeth left in her head. She also likes to touch it with one paw to make sure where it is before she eats it. Sometimes, she’ll even bat it around a little, so she can “hunt” and “catch” it.


Even though it takes her a little longer to eat her raw meat snacks now, than it used to, she still defends it ferociously.


Although, she prefers to be given her meat someplace that’s protected from the other cats.


Nom, nom, nom…all gone!

Abys in Need: Abe in Atlanta

This adorable guy isn’t exactly “needy” but he does need a forever home!

He’s currently being fostered by The Tucker Farm with a batch of very interesting rescue dogs.

According to their Facebook page, “Our latest foster is a male Abyssinian cat. This guy was living outside for a few months before approaching a friend. We’ve been searching for his owners, but no leads so far. He is declawed on all 4 paws, so be certainly should not be outside. He has some serious dental issues that are making him quite uncomfortable, but he is starting to settle into our crazy household.”

He seems to have made himself right at home!

They think that he is 4 years old and he is not at all afraid of dogs.

Can you believe that, as of yesterday, there are still no applications to adopt this personable boy? The Tucker Farm is raising money to have his bad teeth extracted, but after that he should be ready for an Aby household to manage. If you’re interested in him, contact the Tucker Farm via their Facebook page or through their website.

Aby-a-Day – July 3: When is it time to go to the dentist? Tooth hurty!

As I’ve posted in the past, Angel hasn’t got the best teeth. She gets Feline Oral Resorptive Lesions (FORLs) and she’s already had two extractions, when she was four years old.


Now she’s seven, and she just had another extraction. She went to the vet today to get a tooth that was not only being resporbed but was dissolving in her jaw. That tooth was in pieces in her mouth, held together by her swollen gums. I’m pretty sure this was a Stage 4 lesion: Extensive dental hard tissue loss (cementum or cementum and enamel with loss of dentin that extends to the pulp cavity); most of the tooth has lost its integrity.

There are several theories as to what causes this in some cats and not others. Of course, one is that some breeds are more prone to this than others, with Abyssinians, Persians, Siamese, and Oriental Shorthairs heading up the list. However, I think it Angel’s case, it may be due to her rocky start in life: “Viral infection at the time of tooth development leading to a defective and susceptible tooth.” Since other parts of her obviously had problems with viral infections when she was a kitten, it makes sense to me that it would have affected her teeth, too.


My vet is awesome in that she gives us a “Dental Report Card” for each cat after every cleaning, regardless if there are any extractions involved. In this photo, the “before” shots are on the left and the “after” shots are on the right. Look at the circled tooth – that’s the FORL! See how little of the tooth you can see compared to the same tooth on the other side of her mouth? And it was painful, too; Angel didn’t even want her chin touched. It didn’t seem to affect her appetite, though.


She had bloodwork done before her procedure on one arm, and she had IV fluids and anaesthesia in the other. She was also prescribed a new pain medication I’ve never heard of before: Onsior. Onsior was only approved in the US fairly recently (April 2012), and it works differently from most NSAIDs in that it specifically targets tissues that are inflamed. It’s also especially easy to give to cats, which is an important aspect of any feline medication.


Despite everything, she was pretty perky when she got home. And she was hungry since she had to fast and couldn’t have breakfast.


She wasn’t really in the mood for Jacoby’s shenanigans, however.

Aby-a-Day – May 30: Wordless Wednesday (My, what big teeth you have!)