Other People’s Aby – Racy Mooner, official spokescat for Sturdi-Products

This is kind of cool: our friend Racy Mooner is the feline spokesmodel for SturdiProducts!


SturdiProducts is the company that makes the show cages almost everyone uses at cat shows these days, and they also make carriers, folding litter boxes, and all sorts of other products designed specifically for travelling with and showing cats (and small dogs). I’m endlessly impressed with their products and was lucky enough to meet them in person at the CFA Annual last June.


Racy is another Aby star! It seems we have a “Cat Pack” of famous Abys…Jacoby “Strollercat”, Toki Nantucket the Etsy model, Jafari the jogging cat of Vancouver, Louis and Rosie the leash prodigies, and now Racy (who is also the daughter of a Feline Agility superstar).


Guess I’ll have to update this cartoon I drew, eh? And change the title to include non-Ruddies…