Aby-a-Day – November 24 – Breed sketches (Cartoon Tuesday)

I found these sketches I did during a therapy visit at Tufts last year with Jacoby, probably around the time some patients did portraits of Jake.


On this one, I was explaining how different the body types and skulls of different breeds are. I also explained how ticking on an Abyssinian hair looks.


Then I was asked if I had any other cats, so I drew Angel, Kylie and Tessie and showed how different each of them look – both when compared to Jake and when compared to each other.

Other People’s Abys – Nigel the therapy cat

One of our friends, Nigel and his human Janet, were featured in a news story on Houston TV because of their work as a therapy team!

I simply love the fact that Nigel has the exact same stroller (in the exact same colour) that Jacoby has.

When she posted the link to the Abyssinian Cat Club on Facebook, Janet thanked me and Jake for being the inspiration for her and Nigel to start visiting nursing homes.

Janet is actually a veterinarian, too, so she has a medical background which helps when you’re doing therapy visits.

You can watch the entire segment here.

I love this photo so much…I can’t wait til March when Jake and I can try to get our certification renewed again. Thank you Janet, for sharing this!

Fashion Friday: Embroidered Abys

My friend Lee does some wonderful embroidery. She has patterns for several breeds of cats and dogs, including, of course, Abyssinians.

You can order embroidered items from her online shop or on eBay. This shirt was recently for auction on eBay, but I think it’s still available.


She will also do your own shirts if you send them to her. I had our therapy shirts done with our names and her “Aby and Heart” design, and I love them. We have the Pet Partners logo on the other side, and it makes us look like a very polished team. If you’re interested, you can contact Lee by email.

Aby-a-Day – September 17: Wordless Wednesday (Visiting with Vincent)






Aby-a-Day – August 11: Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’… (Hipstamatic Monday)

When we’re on our way home from a therapy visit, Jacoby can’t seem to stay in his stroller.


He’s perfectly content to sit nicely in the passenger section on the trip there, but on the way home, he wants to get as close to the sidewalk as possible.


His particular stroller is a three-wheeled model, with a little platform over the front wheel.


I’m pretty sure the pet stroller designers didn’t plan for that platform to be used as a seat.


Jake loves sitting down there, though.



He’s gotten really good at holding on and ignoring the traffic.


He just cracks me up. Most cats wouldn’t even want to ride inside the stroller on a busy bridge like the one near our building, let alone sit over the front wheel!

Aby-a-Day – August 4: Silly Selfies (Hipstamatic Monday)

After our visit at Tufts on Thursday, I couldn’t resist taking some selfies of myself and Jacoby.



Jake was in such a good mood, purring and kneading and headbonking and rolling around in his stroller, I just had to try to capture it for posterity.



Easier said than done!



Especially since Jake wanted to rub all over my phone when I held it out for a photo.



It’s really hard to get a good shot when someone’s bonking the camera with their head!



Interestingly enough, Huffington Post just featured a video of a “greedy” Abyssinian who begs for headbonks and, when he doesn’t get them, reaches out and pats his human’s face. Yeah, I have no idea what that’s like at all.



Love is blind, especially when it headbonks your glasses off.

Aby-a-Day – August 2: “Cloudy” (Saturday Photo Hunt)

This week’s Photo Hunt subject is “Cloudy.”


After 16 years of living on the east coast, I still can’t get used to cloudy summers.


Jacoby doesn’t mind clouds…as long as they don’t drop rain on him!