If you’re in the market for an Aby kitten…

…I happen to know where you can get an AWESOME one!

Sherry, Jacoby’s breeder, sent me an email today: I have some kittens available, 3 Ruddy boys and 1 Red boy if you know of anyone who might be interested. They were born Feb. 9.

They’re about the same age Jake was when I got him. And, oh, they are so cute!

The little ruddy guy off on his own nomming his paw reminds me so much of Jake…and the little red guy is so sleepy, he’s all, “Dude…I’m trying to sleep, here…Du…hey! Tail!”

Four little boycats, the grandsons of Scar…and, tangentally, it means that there’s a good chance that Jake carries Red since Dillin does. If you’re interested, or know anybody who is, I can vouch for their personalities! 🙂

Sometimes you can believe the hype

I know I’ve said this before, but damn. Owning (or being owned by?) an Abyssinian is definitely an experience unlike any other feline husbandry situation I’ve ever experienced.

I mean, seriously: I read the breed profile on the CFA’s website, and I’m like, oh right. They’re making this stuff up.

I mean: “…however, when that mischievous playfulness moves them, they like to see what may happen when they push some trinket over the edge.” Well, Friday morning I had my cellphone on the bathroom counter while I was getting ready for work. He sees it, paws at it…I tell him, “Gun-Hee, No…” and he looks at me. And then wham! He pushes the phone off the edge. The battery comes out and everything. And he thinks it’s the coolest thing ever.

Or this: “These cats constantly seem to patrol their territory.” I realised this morning as I was getting ready to run errands that Gun-Hee knows the difference between weekends and work days. And he’s figured it out: when I get up with the alarm and get dressed right away, he doesn’t get to go with me. But if I wake up without the alarm, and hang out for a while in my pajamas, maybe work on the computer and watch some television, eat breakfast, and get ready slowly…he knows there’s a chance I might take him with me for a ride on the T and an adventure. So while I was getting ready, he was, basically, stalking me. Every couple of minutes, I see a little brown shape and eager gold eyes making sure I’m not done yet. Because if I’m not done, I’m not leaving yet. And if I’m not leaving yet, he still has a chance.

He’s wicked smart, that one. I wish it had been warmer today; I would have loved to taken him with me today.

And then there’s this: “As a breed Abyssinians seem to be able to defy gravity at times. There seems to be no place in the house where they cannot get. Frequently it appears impossible for them to reach certain perches…” Um….yeah. Gun-Hee does things no other cat I’ve ever known. In fact, he does things the other cats never even conceptualised, let alone attempted.

But no other cat I ever have known ever thought to themself, “Hm, that vent cover over the stove is kind of flat…I bet I could get up there,” let alone actually tried to do it.

(We’d been on vacation. It got dusty while we were away. It doesn’t usually look like that. Just saying.)

So yeah. They are amazing cats. But if you read this journal and think, “wow, I want one of those cats!” please look at the photos of the top of the stove vent hood and ask yourself what you would do if that was your stove and your cat…