Aby-a-Day – April 8: Other Abys at the Stamford show (Hipstatmatic Monday)

The show Jacoby and I went to in Stamford a couple of weeks ago was a pretty good one for Abys. There were two Aby kittens, three Abys in Championship, and two Abys in Premiership (Jake and Taz).


Usually, shows are so hectic that I never have time to watch other rings, but this show had a more relaxed pace. This is Cousin Taz’s nephew, Fire, who Granded on Saturday and spent Sunday showing as a Grand Premier.








He’s pretty relaxed on the judge’s table, as you can see.





He had a lot of fun with the scratching post in Lois Jensen’s ring!


This is John Rutherford’s Ataraxia Coatue. She’s a sweet little ruddy girl, just a little younger than Fire. She’s related to our friend Cousin Toki Nantucket!



She’s growing into quite the little drama queen, don’t you think?



It looks like she shares Jacoby’s escape artistry!

Aby-a-Day – March 28: Pole Dancing

When you go to a cat show, you’ll notice that each judging table has a scratching post on it. This is so the cats with stretch up and have a scratch so the judges can see the cats’ musculature and see their bodies move in order to better assess their conformation to the breed standard.


Most cats – and especially most Abyssinians – love to show off and scratch the post. This is Ataraxia Coatue – a relative of Cousin Toki!


Some Abys, like Cousin Taz’s nephew, Instincts Fire, take scratching the post to a whole new level.



Most cats just scratch the post. They don’t usually try to climb it.


Jacoby, however, never “pole dances.” He’d rather stand on the judge’s table and survey the audience.


Which is why, on Saturday in Gene Darrah’s ring, it was so funny to see Jake go up the scratching post like a regular Aby! Meg and I couldn’t believe it.


Apparently, neither could Jake. Look at his face! He seems to be saying, “What am I doing? I never do this!”


Evidently, Taz has picked up some bad habits from his cousin Jake.


As hard as Gene Darrah tried, Taz would NOT scratch the post.


But he did pose nicely. I think maybe they’re spending too much time together!

Aby-a-Day – February 10: Snow show

We decided to leave for the show last night after the driving ban was lifted.


I was glad we did. The show hall was great, and it was a hotel show, which is always so much easier. It was good to see Meg again…


…As well as Cousin Taz…


…and little Cousin Fire, Taz’s nephew.


Today was a gorgeous day, bright, clear, and sparkling white.


I gave Tessie the option of checking out the snow (I gave Jacoby the same option, but he didn’t even want to get close to the open door without one of his coats on).



She was not a fan.


Jake, as usual, made a great first impression…




He’s always so congenial in the ring.




But he actually did really well today. Out of five rings, he ended up making three of the finals, placing 8th Best Allbreed, 7th Best Allbreed, and 4th Best Shorthair Specialty.


In fact, in his last ring, the judge, Marsha Ammons, said, “I’ve seen this cat in the media!” Meg and I said, “Yep, he was on the front of the Herald. He’s Strollercat.” I ask judges to sign all of Jake’s rosettes, and Marsha wrote “Congratulations to Strollercat” on her rosette. How awesome is that?


Tessie was a star in the Household Pets class. Showing HHP is fun, and different from showing the purebred classes. Many judges ask the exhibitors to come up and tell their cat’s story. That’s always interesting.


One thing almost every judge said was that they could tell Tessie had been at a few shows because she handled it like a pro. But actually, she’s only been to two shows before today, and those were back in 2007.


There was a rescue Chinchilla Persian in HHP, too. It was interesting to see her next to Tessie, since Asian breed actually started with an accidental mating between a European Burmese and a Chinchilla Persian. You can see that Tessie does have some Persian in her ancestry (along with Abyssinian, of course).



Tessie was the star of the day. She was named Best HHP in three rings, and took 3rd Best and 8th Best in the other two! I was so proud of her. She’s going to be 10 years old this August, not that you’d ever know it to look at her.


You go, Tessie girl!

There was one disappointment, though. John Rutherford from Ataraxia Abyssinians was meant to be there – in fact, he was meant to be set up on the other side of me! I’ve not met him yet, and he’s Cousin Toki’s breeder…it would have been nice to finally meet him. Ah well, perhaps next time.

Aby-a-Day – February 7: Deviant Art

DeviantArt is one of those websites you’ve heard of and seen, but you may not really be familiar with. You’ll most often come across it while doing a Google Image search. Its name may make you think it’s something…well, deviant…but really, it’s an artist’s site, in much the same way that Flickr is a photographer’s site. It’s kind of like being back in art school, except it’s online and worldwide. Everyone is so amazingly creative and dedicated to their art, it’s easy to feel inferior and inadequate. There are a lot of incredibly talented people out there.

Jake from the Gazette

I’ve been a member for a few years now, but recently I’ve gotten more active, and I’ve started posting some of my artwork. Like this quick sketch, based on a comment made by Cousin Toki’s human, Julie. This is Jacoby as a reporter…

Toki Nantucket the Newsie

…And this is Toki, selling the newspapers Jake writes for. There are all kinds of artwork like this to be found on DA. Animals, especially, are a favourite subject for DeviantArtists. This is one of my absolute favourites:

The Life and Crimes of Mysli Part One

“11lbs of snuggly master criminal right here”…yeah, I think a lot of Aby people can relate to that!

“Toilet Humour” by Kenket

This is another favourite of mine; I featured it here last year.

“Glowstick Abyssinian” by ESDA06

It’s really fun to see what people can imagine. I searched for “Abyssinians” (of course) and found some wonderful things. You can find the characters of Law and Order rendered in lion form, horrible puns marvelously illustrated, and home-made pushies of almost any creature imaginable. And if you are Warriors fan, you can find some amazing renderings of the characters and scenes from the books, like this one of Jayfeather and his beloved stick:

“Stick? Stick?” by AThousandPaws

(I love Jayfeather so very much…and this is exactly how I always imagine him. For the record, Jake’s warrior name would be Jaycurrent…well, until he became Jaystar 🙂 )

There are also tutorials, patterns and how-to forums if you want to try a different medium, or get better at the one you’re already using. It’s not only a feast for the eyes, but DeviantArt is also a great resource for artists. I urge everyone with a creative bone in their body (I know you’re reading) to check out this site.

Aby-a-Day – May 25: Sweet Transvestite (Fashion Friday)

Apparently, cross-dressing runs in Jacoby’s family.


At the last cat show, Meg was saying that of his three littermates, Cousin Taz was a transvestite. I actually said he was more of an Abyssinian Ryan Seacrest, so extremely metrosexual as to be only possibly gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that).


And then we had Cousin Toki last week masquerading as a pretty pretty princess in one of Julie’s tiaras.


So, call it peer pressure. Call it genetic inevitability.


Call it Jake in a dress. One of Angel’s dresses, to be precise.


Evidently, Jake’s been learning supermodel poses from Sparkle.


If my husband finds out I put Jake in a dress, I’m in big trouble. Hell hath no fury like a man with one boycat with compromised masculinity.


Shut up, Tessie.

Other People’s Abys: Abys and Tiaras (Fashion Friday Extra)

You need to check out Abyfriend Julie’s newest creation, modeled, of course, by Cousin Toki:


Princess Tiara with Swarovski crystals and sequins

Made of wire, silver trim, and horsehair mesh, with iridescent sequins and swarovski crystals. Ribbon tie in the back and elastic under chin to secure to head. Specially shaped for a cat’s head.

Awww…! Isn’t Cousin Toki a pretty princess? It kind of goes along with what Meg and I were saying about Cousin Taz’s metrosexuality at the show in Hampshire a couple of weekends ago…we were calling him the Ryan Seacrest of Abyssinians…

…Even funnier, when I Googled “I’m a pretty, pretty princess,” I found <a href="this:

I guess Abys & Tiaras is kind of a thing?

Cousin Toki…on Failblog? Wait…what?

Not sure how this happened. Definitely a “good news/bad news” sort of thing: cousin Toki was featured on Failblog: Poorly Dressed yesterday.

Poorly dressed? Really? Considering Toki dresses better than most people at your average strip mall, I really wonder how, exactly, he is “poorly dressed.” And, word of warning, some of the comments on that Failblog entry are pretty crass; not exactly NC-17, but they’re definitely in “Two and a Half Men” territory. There is one, though, that calls him “Steve Jobs, reborn” which makes up for the rude ones.

But, yay, more international exposure? Even bad publicity is at least publicity? Right?