Aby-a-Day – 4 April: Dashiell meets Jacoby (Silly Sunday)

Yesterday, Dashiell was lying in a bright, warm sun puddle, and I commented that, in that light, Dash really reminded me of Jacoby in the sun. So Björn got the idea to introduce Dash to Pancake Jake.


Dash was actually a little afraid of Flat Jake.


He actually backed away from Flat Jake.


Lorelai came to see what was going on. Flat Jake sits in a window that Rory frequents, so she’s more familiar with him than Dash is.

Aby-a-Day – 19 April: ” Every time I see your face, it reminds me of the places we used to go…but all I’ve got is a photograph, and I realise you’re not coming back any more” (Friday Flashback)

There are just so many reminders of Jacoby around the house. I have plushies, T-shirts and even jewellery featuring his image.


But one big thing I have are the special plaques I made using Shutterfly.


The first one I made was to commemorate Jake’s ascension to Grand Premiership.


The second was made after Jake was featured on Page One of the Boston Herald (during a week that featured Hurricane Sandy, Halloween, the Patriots, and…some election involving an incumbent and a former governor of Massachusetts).


Then I made one to remember the time Jake was featured in the Workman Page-a-Day Calendar. That one was especially special, since I had been getting that calendar – and sending in photos – since the early 80’s.


Another plaque I made was a matched pair to honour the two-page spread Jake earned in the British cat magazine Your Cat.

All of these plaques were kept in my office when I lived in Boston, but since moving to Sweden, they are displayed on our hallway bookshelves, where I see them every day.


But I also have the ultimate souvenir…a Pancake Pet I got via Toki Poki. It’s Jake, life-sized!


Izaak was interested in the Jake-sized cutout…


…as was Alfred.


Freddy was a bit disturbed when I first got Pancake Jake out.


Cordial…but a but disturbed.

I have so many reminders of Jake…but that’s only because he was an amazing cat. I miss him so much.

Aby-a-Day – August 14: Look! Up in the sky!

I thought this was just the most awesome thing…

Toki Poki did a series of Superhero Pets trading cards, which, of course, Jacoby was involved in…

Room 16 pupils from Otumoetai Primary in Tauranga, New Zealand were sent sets of the Superhero Pets cards, and they sent back letters and drawings in response.

I love the one girl who was so taken with Jake:

“Jake is really funny!” she says, and then goes on to mention her three kitties, Ripley, Echo and Rosie.

Jonathan was also impressed with Super Jake. “My favourite card was Captain Tripod and Super Jake because he can jump really high.” Jonathan has two cats, Paws and City Puss.


I thought it was so cool that Jake got to “meet” kids in New Zealand. Someday, I would like to take him to visit schools in person as part of his therapy work, but at least he gets to do it through the magic of Toki Poki.

Aby-a-Day – March 13: No capes!

Jacoby has a new Tokipoki trading card and it’s really super!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…it’s SUPER JAKE!

Jake is a proud Canadian superhero like Northguard!

Christy, the creator of Tokipoki, invited me to have Jake join her dog Toki, the Boston Terrier mascot and namesake of Tokipoki. Together, they personify the Superhero Pets card series that is sent to cheer up kids in children’s hospitals.

Christy also had a cartoon superhero Jake drawn to match her Super Toki. I had only one stipulation: No capes! I love the way he turned out…Jake could totally be a superhero.

If you haven’t checked out Tokipoki yet, you should! You can get trading cards of your pets to give to people, and many of the cards made are also sent to hospitals. There are cards for different occasions (Valentines Day, Halloween, Christmas, Summertime Fun, etc), too. There are also cards in support of other causes, such as Breast Cancer Research (“We Paws for Tatas“). Tokipoki supports several great causes, and it’s a lot of fun!

Aby-a-Day – January 23: Who wants pancakes?!

I’d been wanting to get one for a while, so I finally broke down and ordered my very own Jacoby Pancake Pet from Tokipoki.


I got him just after Christmas and couldn’t wait to introduce Jake to his two-dimensional alter-ego.


The Pancake Jake is supposed to be lifesized, but I think it may actually be larger than Jake. Now I will have a lovely – and easy-to-pack – surrogate Jake to take along with me when I travel.


I think Jake was less than impressed, though.


“Really? Really!? Anyone can see I am much handsomer!”


Finally, though, Jake deigned to give his likeness a sniff…




“It was an accident, I swear!”


Luckily, Pancake Jake is made tough. He got a little dent, but he’s otherwise unscathed.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Jacoby!

Jacoby had a Valentine’s Day Card made on TokiPoki!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Other People’s Abys – Calendar Cats…and, we have a winner!

Today’s Page-a-Day Cat Calendar star is a Jewish Aby named Isis.


“Seven-year-old Isis is a friend to all. The beautiful blue Abyssinian loves all holidays, says Lucinda Korman of Sharon, Ontario, because that’s when guests come to her house. As the family goodwill ambassador, Isis gives ‘kisses’ by rubbing her face on visitors to make them feel welcome.”

Happy Hanukkah, Isis!

And, as promised…we have a calendar winner!


I devised a box to randomly select the winner. I had nine names, so I put 9 different bowls into an empty box, one for each name. The names were printed on bits of paper, and those were put into the bowls at random, too.


Then, I used the secret ingredient: Kitty Crack!


Okay, so it’s real name is “freeze-dried chicken,” but everyone I know calls it Kitty Crack, because it really is.


One little piece of Kitty Crack went into each bowl.


And then Jacoby was let loose on the box. Whichever name was in the bowl he ate out of first would be the winner.


A very big responsibility! And the winner is…


Phoebe! Congratulations, Phoebe – please email your address to abyaday@talonvaki.com and I’ll send your calendar out as soon as I can.


In case you’re wondering, yes, Jake got to eat all the chicken. I was kind of interested that he went for all the red bowls first. I’ve always heard that cats see blues and greens better than reds, so I kind of thought he’d go for a blue or green bowl. I didn’t look at which names went into which bowls, but I did think it was intriguing that he went for the red bowl first. He actually stepped over other bowls to take the chicken out of it, too.

(it’s a contest…and a science experiment!)


However, if you did not win the calendar, don’t despair! Email me your address, and I’ll send you Jake’s special holiday Toki Poki card!

jakey-front xmas-457back

Thank you to everyone who commented!

TokiPoki has some Abyssinian members now!

Jacoby and Angel now have memberships at TokiPoki! They chose the main photos from the ones I sent them…I guess someone is a Packers fan. Of course, Kylie and Tessie have profiles, too.

jaketokipoki angeltokipoki tessietokipoki kylietokipoki

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