Aby-a-Day – 25 Maj: Goodbye, FooPets (Cartoon Tuesday)

Yesterday, I discovered something very sad. FooPets, the online game I discovered 11 years ago and fell in love with because it featured Abyssinians, has shut down completely. Rumour>/a> has it that when Flash stopped being supported, the game stopped working and/or the original creator (a veterinarian) just didn’t renew the domain. I used to have a shortcut on my browser and I accidentally clicked on it yesterday; trust me, do NOT try to visit the site. It now directs to some…unsavoury images.


I hadn’t really checked in on my flock of Abys since last year, but I always thought about them.


The main reason I stopped going to the site was because they got rid of my favourite thing, Heart Park, which is the closest thing I ever found to a cat-themed online role-playing game.

jakey1.45.09 AM

It was a simple game, really, but I liked it.


You could even have kittens!


I wish I had taken screenshots the last time I visited the site. My main apartment was a loft in Cambridge with a view of Boston! I never thought about it going away, so I never took any of that view.

Abys are Everywhere – Gambling Abys

You may recall a post I made about two years ago when I discovered a cat-themed slot machine with Abys on it.


Well, guess what? Now you can play this game on your computer or on your phone! Just go to DoubleDown Casino and you’ll see Kitty Glitter (and the Aby) as the featured game.


It’s exactly like the real slot machine you find in casinos.

kitty glitterIMG_1812

Just much, much smaller.


And you don’t play with actual money…just virtual play money.


Which is too bad since I have over $60 million on this game…

Abys are Everywhere – Luck be an Aby tonight

Since the cat show was in Groton, CT, we decided to go to Mohegan Sun for dinner and a little fun.

I like to play penny slot machines, and I look around the casino to find a game I like before I sit down. So you can imagine my reaction when I saw a Kitty Glitter slot machine!


Obviously, the sign on the top wasn’t what attracted me; the last player’s screen, however, was another story.


Okay, so…white Persians, Torties with White, Siamese (with green eyes, whoops), and…oh, hello there, tawny-coloured cat with bright golden eyes!


Not sure if they meant him to be an Abyssinian or a Somali (his neck is shaggy, but his tail – which you can see when three or more line up – is decidedly not brushy), but hey, it’s definitely a member of the tribe.


There are 6,300 slot machines at the three casinos of Mohegan Sun…leave it to me to find one with an Aby!


Angel and Gun-Hee had five babies!


They’re awfully cute.


I’ve given them all Warrior names: The girls, Poppykit and Pansykit, are named for flowers, and the boys, Maplekit, Ginkgokit and Cedarkit, are named for trees. It’s silly, I know, but it’s so exciting.

Little Aby Foo-Foo…

Back in July, I discovered FooPets, and their virtual Abyssinians. Since then, I’ve been playing with my Foo Abys.


I started out with Jakey…and now I have Angel, Gun-Hee and Dillin. It’s actually a pretty cool little website, and the animals are quite well done. The Abyssinians, especially, are very detailed and carefully researched. The site was created by a veterinarian, and FooPet owners need to feed, water, groom, play with and, yes, even walk or scoop the litter boxes of their online pets. You can also pet them, and their reactions to his are rather realistic:


Doesn’t that look familar?

One of my absolute favourite aspects of FooPets is a little game called “Heart Park.” It’s just so much fun to make the little Aby run, jump and swim in the park, collecting hearts. And the park is just so pretty: flowers, trees, tall grass, hills, a pond…Take a look:


jakey1.45.09 AM

When he leaves the pond, he has to take a moment and shake himself. It’s pretty adorable. If you’re careful, you can even break out of Heart Park and run around the outside landscape, which is just as detailed and realised as the scenery inside the park.

jakey1.22.54 AM

jakey1.19.35 AM

jakey1.27.30 AM


Here’s a video of Jakey running though Heart Park, and while it’s lo-res and kind of crappy, it shows the action in the game really well.

Another thing that you can do with your FooPets is breed them. There are rules, and it’s expensive and time-consuming (just like real life!) but it’s also kind of fun. Right now, Angel and Gun-Hee are expecting a litter which is due today:


I can’t wait to meet the kittens!

Abyssinian Book For Your iPhone

As you may have figured out, I regularly search places for Abyssinian stuff. One of these places is the iTunes store. I posted a while ago about the virtual Aby app.

I discovered another one: The Abyssinian eBook. I bought it, but I haven’t tried it out yet. It’s probably pretty basic; it says it gets it’s info from Wikipedia, so who knows? But it’s another way to put an Aby on your iPhone, which is good enough for me. Check it out at the iTunes store!

Hm…maybe someday I should learn how to make an app with my Aby-a-Day photos…

Want to take an Abyssinian wherever you go? There’s an App for that.

Browsing free iPhone apps on iTunes today, I came across quite possibly the best (if useless) app ever: Petting Cat Really Abyssinian.

There’s a bit of Engrish going on in both the iTunes Store listing and on their website (it’s made by someone in Japan), but you don’t really need language to play with the Aby. The animation isn’t bad (it looks like online roleplaying game animation), and the cat actually looks and moves like an Abyssinian (as opposed to being a generic “cat”).

There’s a free “Lite” version and a paid version that costs $2.99. If you have an iPhone or iTouch, and you want a virtual Aby, check it out.