Aby-a-Day – 21 April: You CAN teach an old cat some new tricks! (Swedish Sunday)

I apologise in advance for the blurriness of these photos, but I was lucky to capture them at all!


This actually started before Jacoby died, but last week was the first time I managed to have my camera ready.



You see, Angel, who will be twelve this year, has actually started playing with the younger cats!I haven’t seen her play with another cat voluntarily since Jake was a kitten!


But here she is…




…playing chase and catch with Lorelai! And Angel started it!



It’s truly amazing.


The old lady’s got some moves!


Rory, having escaped up the hallway, returns to see where Angel is.


“Where are you, Angel..?”


Oh. Hello.


Sometimes Alfred and Izaak join in; it’s not just a girl thing. Still, it’s so wonderful to watch Angel play with the other cats on her own terms as opposed to someone chasing her.

Aby-a-Day – 17 October: Wordless Wednesday (Some planets must be mad aligned right now)



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Aby-a-Day – 24 February: Wordless Wednesday (This just happened…)


Aby-a-Day – November 25: Wordless Wednesday (Wait…WHAT?)

NEMOjakeTK_IMG_0264 1



NEMOjakeMG_IMG_0480 1

Abys in Need: Sebastian in Houston, TX

And just when I was feeling good about Aby rescue…

“Are you freaking KIDDING me!?”

This is Sebastian. He’s an 11-12 year old red male and…well, here’s the email:

“Owner just told me she cant wait any longer and is taking him to shelter…he is 11-12 years old. Child is allergic, I have courtesy posted him, but we don’t adopt out of area and the only inquiries we have had have been out of state, I think she got tired of waiting for us to find him a home. She asked us to screen apps. “

Yeah don’t get me started because I don’t even…she wants them to screen the applicants, but she’s going to dump him in a shelter because she doesn’t want to wait for the rescue to find him a good home? And look at him! He’s gorgeous!

“Fine. I’ll go somewhere I’m appreciated.”

Apparently they’ll only do adoptions within Texas. But that’s a big place…someone’s bound to need an Aby in the Lone Star State, right? If you’re interested, please email Connie Peacock.

Cousin Toki…on Failblog? Wait…what?

Not sure how this happened. Definitely a “good news/bad news” sort of thing: cousin Toki was featured on Failblog: Poorly Dressed yesterday.

Poorly dressed? Really? Considering Toki dresses better than most people at your average strip mall, I really wonder how, exactly, he is “poorly dressed.” And, word of warning, some of the comments on that Failblog entry are pretty crass; not exactly NC-17, but they’re definitely in “Two and a Half Men” territory. There is one, though, that calls him “Steve Jobs, reborn” which makes up for the rude ones.

But, yay, more international exposure? Even bad publicity is at least publicity? Right?

Other People’s Abys: I’m just going to leave this here because I don’t even…

This was posted on one of the Aby lists this evening:

I have many abba’s for sale and they are mails an some are femails. They have all been decalwed front and nack and they will not reuin the fernichure. THey are all lovely spade abba’s indian kittens. Contact me for sail prices. hey are bred in our own apartment I have good breedings and they are lal feirnedlyand they have no more claowa.

Please note that I did not edit this. However, what I think it says is:

“I have many Abys for sale and they are males (some females). They all have been declawed front and back and they won’t ruin your furniture. They are all lovely spayed and neutered Abyssinian kittens. Contact me for prices. They are bred in our apartment. I have good breeding and they are all friendly and they have no more claws.”

Yikes. I’m sorry, but you lost me at declawed. I can’t imagine declawing an Aby. Jake and Angel, as handsy are they are, never use their claws. They’re kept trimmed short, but even so, they rarely come out except on scratching posts. I’ve had people who meet Jake assume he’s declawed because he’s so soft paws.

The poster is purportedly from Denmark, a country in which declawing is illegal (it is, thankfully, illegal in most countries outside of North America), which makes it all the more…disturbing.

Naturally, it’s raised a lot of comments, mostly of the “I hope this is some kind of a joke” variety. I have met cats who have been declawed and it’s…double plus ungood. The original poster hasn’t commented again, yet, but I just wanted to share this with you.