Aby-a-Day – 23 February: Office sketching – Part 3 (Cartoon Tuesday)

And now, some notebook doodles of Jacoby!


It’s funny, but without even looking at the dates, I can tell which sketches are Gun-Hee and which are Jake. They may be half-brothers, but they look different.


Like this one. It could easily be either one…but something about the ears and the sassy expression tell me it’s Jake and not Gun-Hee.


Of course, I did a sketch of Jake at this most recent meeting, too. Here he is!

Aby-a-Day – 16 February: Office sketching – Part 2 (Cartoon Tuesday)

Here are some more sketches of Gun-Hee that I did during meetings at work.


I really like this one. I think I actually used it as an icon back when I was active on LiveJournal.


Not sure what this is…I think I was trying to draw Gun-Hee as Peter Hasselbom’s infamous Raptor Kitten.


A little drawing of Gun-Hee with a ball.


And then there’s this one – before I got married and before Gun-Hee died – with me and my Best Cat in our wedding finery. I never got the chance to do this, though. Maybe I will with Jacoby when Björn and I have our Swedish wedding.


Last but not least, this little scene – which actually happened. Gun-Hee was standing over my head while I was sleeping and he sneezed all over me…Thanks, kitten.

Aby-a-Day – 9 February: Office sketching – Part 1 (Cartoon Tuesday)

A couple of weeks ago, I had to go to a meeting in our Manchester office, and I brought along my notebook in case I needed to write anything down. I’ve had this notebook ever since I started working at this company back in 2007, and, looking back through the pages, I discovered a lot of little margin sketches starring Gun-Hee and then Jacoby.


Some of my little drawings are super simple. I’ve always done little drawings while taking notes. Somehow, looking at them helps me remember what was said. I wish I still had some of my old high school and college notebooks!


Some are much more detailed. Tessie occasionally makes an appearance, too.


This was doodled shortly after our first Seacoast show, where Tessie was the Best Household Pet in the show. She won a plaque.


Apparently I had an editorial comment on one part of this meeting…

Aby-a-Day – December 7: My little workmate (Miniature Monday)

It’s kind of nice to have a little friend in the office.


Mini-Jake helps me type…


And pick out music to listen to while I work.


I have a lot of toys on my desk…

Aby-a-Day – September 30: Take Your Kitteh to Work Day (Friday Flashback)

The whole thing about Google earlier this week reminded me of the time I brought Jacoby to my office with me.


He was 3½ months old here, and he seemed to really enjoy himself.


Good sunbeams in that office (we’ve moved since then).


And lots of windows to look out of.


The only thing he didn’t like about my office was my Flat Cat!

More photos of Gun-Hee at work…

Here are the rest of the photos of Gun-Hee visiting my office last Thursday…


I love this one…He’s not really looking at anything,
but it looks like he sees something fascinating.


I think it’s cute, him sitting at my desk.


Here he is visiting my co-worker Julia.


I love this chair – it’s the only one we have like it. It looks good on Gun-Hee.


In the conference room…


…and at John’s desk, pretending to be the boss.

Gun-Hee as LOLcat

This is the first batch of photos of Gun-Hee at work. These four I deemed worthy of LOLcatness. Since we’re in the office, I thought that the “Sucessories” style was particulary apropos…

This is what happens when cat meets office.


Gun-Hee is with me all day at work!

At work I have my Office Assistant turned on. I have it on “Links,” the cat. He meows and purrs and does all sorts of catly things…

He’s also a solid golden brown with a bit of white…he reminds me of someone…

You have to admit, there is a resemblance…

He even wears a blue collar! And the meow does sound a lot like his. I think whoever programmed this has an Abyssinian.