Gun-Hee a day/120 of 366

This is the first thing I see when I get home from work.
Gun-Hee at the door to greet me.

Gun-Hee a day/119 of 366

I was taking a picture of something. This is what I got.

Gun-Hee a day/118 of 366

One of Gun-Hee’s fans, Muffin from Connecticut, sent
these photos of her in her Gun-Hee Tote Bag.

Now this? Is a true Gun-Hee fan! You go, Mo!

Gun-Hee a day/118 of 366

Typical scene, any day between April and October when the Red Sox are playing.

Gun-Hee a day/117 of 366

Gun-Hee finds some interesting places to nap!
This is way under a desk in the bedroom.

Gun-Hee a day/116 of 366

Extreme close-ups of Gun-Hee outside.

Gun-Hee a day/115 of 366

Today is Kylie’s birthday!

Here’s Gun-Hee celebrating his sister’s birthday.

Gun-Hee a day/114 of 366

More of Gun-Hee outside…

Gun-Hee a day/113 of 366

Gun-Hee watches the traffic at the base of the Broadway (now Jim Kelley) Bridge.
He is the only cat I’ve known to be so unafraid of cars.

Gun-Hee a day/112 of 366

Gun-Hee hiding behind a bush outside.

…Well maybe I don’t need to hide anymore…

Gun-Hee a day/111 of 366

Gun-Hee meets Jack the Boxer puppy.

Jack seems more afraid of Gun-Hee than the other way around!

Gun-Hee a day/110 of 366

We ordered pizza tonight.
I heard a sound in the kitchen.

I went to investigate.

Yeah. That’s what I thought.

Gun-Hee a day/109 of 366

Gun-Hee as interpreted by me, on a box to .

Gun-Hee a day/108 of 366

There’s a certain kind of dental treats by Petrodex that Gun-Hee just loves. I mail-order them in bulk and an order came in last week.

Here is Gun-Hee investigating the bag.

It’s like he can smell them even in their vacuum-sealed packages, I have no idea.

A bag is isolated from the rest of the herd…

Nom nom nom…

Gun-Hee a day/107 of 366

I just thought this was a really cute photo.

Gun-Hee a day/106 of 366

Gun-Hee is such the urban sophistiCAT…

He knows how to ride elevators.

Gun-Hee a day/105 of 366

Reasons Why Not Everyone Should Have a Aby chapter XXVi:
Yesterday, I packaged up my wedding favours. I decided I’ll mail them down to my future sister-in-law at some point because they’re delicate (not fragile, but too delicate to want to try to take on the plane). So they’re in a shoebox with lots of bubble plastic, with a big elastic around the box to keep it closed, doubled over in a criss-cross. So in the middle of the night, I hear this “plunk” sound. Over and over: Plunk…plunk…plunk…

I wake up and look over and there’s Gun-Hee, over near the box. As I expected. Pulling on the elastic.

“Gun-Hee, NO” I hissed at him…And he stopped: What?

…and I settled back to sleep. The minute my eyes were closed…Plunk…plunk…plunk…

I got up and put a book in front of the box, so he couldn’t get at the elastic anymore.

Gun-Hee a day/104 of 366

Gun-Hee poses with our concierge, Chris.

Gun-Hee a day/103 of 366

Gun-Hee is so affectionate.

Gun-Hee a day/102 of 366


Gun-Hee at sunset.