A suprise from the late Scarface Cat Pacino

Sherry, Gun-Hee’s breeder, called me on Friday to let me know that her girl, Catalina had just had kittens last Tuesday. Three kittens, she thinks two are boys and one is a girl. But here’s the thing: they’re Scar’s kittens. He’d bred with Catalina before he died, but Sherry didn’t think Catalina got pregnant. Catalina also didn’t show for a really long time, and Sherry didn’t realise she was pregnant until a couple of weeks ago.

I want one of those boys so bad. I want to name him Jacoby and he could be Angel’s BFF.

Angel-a-day/101 of 365

Angel is most affectionate in the morning, when we aren’t really awake. It’s adorable.

Angel-a-day/94 of 365

Extreme close-up on Angel’s missing eye.

Angel-a-day/91 of 365

My little April fool loves to play with things no-one else sees.

In this case, it’s her playing with her dry food.

She picks out one piece of kibble…and then “hunts” it, “kills” it, and eats it.

It’s so much funnier in real life.