Aby-a-Day – Day 31 of 365

Angel has a very cute habit. When I give our clowder their nightly can of cat food (necessary because Angel needs a dose of L-Lysine for her FeLV), the Abys get their own bowls first, and then the other two get their plate to share.

Angel is still nervous about eating around the other girlcats (for a long time we had to feed her in the bedroom with the door closed, but she loves her canned food so very much she sticks with it as long as she can. Eventually, though, she can’t stand it any more and decides it’s time to finish eating back behind the safety of a closed door.

She walks away from her bowl and waits for me to bring the rest of her canned food into the bedroom. This is what it looks like:

Other People’s Abys – Two to Tango

I love finding Abyssinians used in advertising and packaging. This was a bag of treats Sherry, Jacoby and Gun-Hee’s breeder, brought along with Jake back in April. I saved it for his Christmas stocking.

The bag features a pair of ruddy Abys, which is awesome…although why they are Tangoing in what appears to be a ballroom dance competition is beyond me.

Those puncture wounds in the bag were inflicted by Jake on Christmas morning; apparently, he just couldn’t wait for me to open it for him.

Aby-a-Day – Day 30 of 365

It’s been cold in Boston recently, and the Snuggie my mom sent me for Christmas has actually come in quite handy. This morning, I was on the sofa watching a movie, when I felt someone cuddling behind my knees.

It was Angel!

I guess she felt I’d been posting too many Jacoby photos this week.

Aby-a-Day – Day 29 of 365

Right off the bat, I have to apologise for the quality of today’s photos. All I had time to use was my phone’s camera, and I didn’t want to miss getting any photos of this. I am so proud of Jacoby! When I got home, two of my nearest neighbours (next door and across the hall) were coming back from walking their dogs (Tank, a brindle and white English Bulldog, Kona, a black and white French Bulldog, and Sadie, a black brown and white Bassett Hound). As usual, Jake wanted to come play in the hallway when I opened the door, and I saw the two Bullies charging up the hallway. “All right, Jakey, come see your friends.

He made a beeline for Tank, who’s about the same age as Jake, but massive. I was amazed – Jake walked right up to Tank and headbutted him in the jowls! I was stunned. I said, “I wish I had a camera,” and then realised I had my iPhone in my hand.


I’m so glad I remembered it! Look at Jacoby’s body language…tail up, ears forward. These dogs may all be bigger than Jake, but he knows them, and he’s unfazed.

Here’s Jake touching noses with Kona while Tank tries to reach him; this is as close as I got to a repeat performance of the headbutt.

Just when I couldn’t feel any more proud of my little boy…he flopped over and started rolling on his back! Now, that’s a cat who’s not intimidated by dogs!

I felt so…serendipitous. I mean, it was just in yesterday’s post that I mentioned Jacoby not being as fearful of dogs as his brother Gun-Hee was. Today, he goes and proves it!

Aby-a-Day – Day 28 of 365

I wanted to train Gun-Hee to be a therapy cat, but he died before we got the chance. However, Jacoby seems to have an even more suited temperment (he’s not afraid/intimidated by dogs, where Gun-Hee was). This summer we’ll be spending a lot of time out and about, gettng used to going out and being in different environments, so I bought him a little “Therapy Animal In Training” vest. Here he is showing it off.



What really cracks me up is the way he poses for these photos. I really think he knows what cameras are for. He’s the most camera-friendly cat I’ve had since my Siamese Harri.

I mean, look at these! Tell me he’s not striking model poses!

Aby-a-Day – Day 27 of 365

We got a second mid-century modern black-wood-and-sisal cat tree at Petco at a great discount. I really like this shot because you can see both Jacoby and Angel, each on their own top platform.

That weird white flash in the far background? That’s the reflective trim on Jake’s new Land’s End coat!


Aby-a-Day – Day 26 of 365

I bought some crocheted cacti from Catzilla Crafts’ Etsy store and while I was there, I noticed an adorable crocheted cat who reminded me of someone…

I requested a few minor modifications, and the package arrived today! Here is Jacoby with his amigurumi likeness!


But what I wasn’t expecting was the special surprise she included in the package: a little rust-coloured one-eyed felt pin! Look how much it looks like Angel!

Thanks, K!